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Evoplay Entertainment
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Evoplay is a Ukraine-based software development company that has been in existence since 2003. Run by a group of online gaming connoisseurs, the company quickly gained popularity after it developed an array of business-to-business (B2B) solutions that received recognition after they were rolled out. 
In 2017, a games development studio, Evoplay Entertainment, started its operations. It focuses on churning out top quality table games, slot machines, and instant-win games that function seamlessly on PCs and Apple or Android smartphones and tablets.

Features of Evoplay Entertainment Slots

Below are some of the intriguing features of Evoplay Entertainment online slots that keep players inseparable from their screens.

  1. HTML5: The slots are developed in HTML5 format which means that punters don’t have to download the game of their choice, to play. They can launch their preferred Evoplay Entertainment slots directly from their web browser whether they’re playing on mobile or PC. This saves on device space.
  2. 3D: Ushering in elements from a vast assortment of sub-genres of gaming, the studio has utilized world-class 3D technology for enhanced realism as it embraces the new wave of online gaming innovation.
  3. RNG: All their slots have a Random Number Generator (RNG) that sporadically outputs the winning sequences or patterns. Therefore, any form of biasness or cheating is kept at bay, as is sometimes the case with land-based slots.
  4. Role-playing Game (RPG): It’s a genre of video gaming, whereby a player controls a fictional character that embarks on an adventure in a virtual world. Evoplay Entertainment created the 1st RPG online slot (Dungeon: Immortal Evil), as the merger between immersive gaming and classic slot machines. In true RPG form, the slot encompasses a hero who bravely fights the spread of evil forces that have invaded his territory and killed his people. Now thirsty for revenge, he must take on the forces of darkness to free his land. The slot follows his journey through a mountain temple that is no easy feat because he’s battling evil creatures along the way. This culminates in a thrilling showdown with the slot game’s main boss.

The Selection Criteria of Evoplay Entertainment Online Slots 

It’s no secret that the provider churns out almost a hundred slots. Therefore, it’s easy to find yourself entangled in a web of confusion if you don’t know the important factors to look for to narrow down your search, as discussed below.

  • Bankroll Budget: Before you embark on the search for a slot game that’ll tickle your fancy, come up with a strict budget. If your budget is small, then it’s best to select a game that permits smaller bets to avoid quickly depleting your budget. And, you’ll prolong your gameplay sessions and get a feel for the payout frequency and amount.
  • Bonuses: Slot machine bonuses add an entertainment factor that most players crave. So, select Evoplay Entertainment slots that are packed with the most bonus rounds triggered by wilds, scatters and other slot’s features, as these also trigger more payouts.
  • Theme: With a multitude of titles to choose from, making a decision can be daunting. And, as much as you’d want to try them all, it can be impossible. So, think about the theme that appeals to you and make a choice based on that.

Popular Evoplay Entertainment Slots 

Below are some of the titles that are a hit with players.

  • Robin Hood: Maid Marion along with merry men will greet you when you load this game that has more than 20 paylines and five reels. The amazing bonus symbols, like wilds and re-spins, make Robin Hood a worthwhile slot machine, not to mention the 500X payout if you place the highest possible bet.
  • Fruitsland: If you gravitate towards fruity slot machines, then Fruitsland, that contains 9 paylines, is right up your alley. For landing five lemons on an active pay line, the game gifts you with 4000 credits. The non-fruit icon represents the game’s wild and can replace all other symbols to form winning patterns.
  • Egypt Gods: With five reels and nine paylines, this game immerses you into an ancient tomb where you’ll find eye-catching symbols that are the key to handsome payouts and bonuses like free spins that could trigger more wins if you’re lucky. Landing the Eye of Horus across two reels awards you 2X your wager, whereas a full line is worth a mind-blowing 5000X your stake. As is the case with other Evoplay Entertainment slots, winning sequences are formed from the leftmost to the rightmost reel on an activated paylines. With the lowest bet of 0.09 per spin, Egyptian Gods caters to low budget players.

The Perks of Playing Evoplay Entertainment Slots Online for Free

While players have the option of playing for free or with some real money on the line, below are the benefits that come with playing Evoplay Entertainment slots for free.

  • No losses to worry about: One of the issues you may encounter when you play online slots with real money is that you win some and you lose some. Therefore, if you don’t have some cash to spare, then you can easily find yourself in a tough financial situation. But, when you delight in demo slots, you get to have fun without the risk of losing money.
  • Hone Your Skills: If you’re an amateur in online gaming and would like to grasp the ins and outs of slot machines, then it pays to try out the demo versions. You’ll get the gist of things and even hone your skills to a point where there’s a high likelihood of winning when you decide to play for real money, you’ll take home some wins.

To Wrap It Up 

All factors considered Evoplay Entertainment online casino games are worth checking out, more so, for punters that gravitate more towards online slots. As this gaming software provider works on adding more games to its vast selection of online games, an increasing number of online casinos will certainly include them on their platforms.

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