About us

Top-canadiancasinos.com is quite different from other casino review sites you are accustomed to. First of all, we produce exclusive content for Canadian players and make sure they get the best bonus offers and join the best casinos. On our website, you can find information about the most popular casinos and underdog ones that many people do not know about. If you are not a Canadian player, you can still visit us: Our content allows gamblers from around the world to access accurate, up-to-date, and objective information.

How It All Started

Our founding team is all semi-professional gamblers. There are other things we do to sustain our life, but gambling is both a hobby and an additional source of income for us. We have visited numerous review sites to find an online casino that is worth playing for years. However, no review site was offering special content to Canadian players. When we read the review of an online casino and visited the site to register, we saw that it did not accept members from Canada. Over the years, we learned which casinos accept Canadian gamblers. We also figured out which ones are better! Our shared experiences gave us an idea: Why don’t we share the information that we have learned from the hard way with other Canadian gamblers?

Even though we have learned this information the hard way,  you do not have to suffer the same challenge: We are the only source you need to find all the casinos that accept Canadian gamblers and offer the best bonuses.

Our Vision and Goal

Our goal is to ensure that you are getting the perfect gambling experience in a fair, secure, and fun environment. There are thousands of casinos on the internet, and many of them are a scam. The remaining ones usually only accept Europeans. The number of casinos that accept members from Canada and offer a top-notch service is very few: A special effort is required to find them. So our first goal is to identify the casinos that accept our fellow citizens and pick the best ones among them.

But as we have mentioned above, our service is not exclusive to Canadian players: You have the right to get a safe and enjoyable gambling experience too, wherever you live. The casinos we review accept members from other countries either. For this reason, you can still get access to fair games. We know that expertise is needed to determine the “best,” and we have this expertise: You can trust us.

Our Team

Why Use top-canadiancasinos.com?

You may wonder why you should choose us among all other options. There are two reasons for this:

Our Professional Reviews

We are professional and objective when we prepare our reviews. Before examining a casino, one of the team members signs up with the casino and tests all the features (including bonuses). Our reviews are not just a simple list: We test how fair the bonuses and other offers really are and see if they really work. Our detailed “checklist” allows us to evaluate all the features of online casinos in the most detailed way possible.

Ask Our Visitors

Ask this question to our visitors, not us. Take a look at some of the comments our visitors made:

Ben Lemke
“There are a lot of casino review sites, but I have not found a special one for Canadian players. I know that a casino on this site accepts members from Canada – even this is enough to visit it regularly.”

Eldora McDermott
“The quality of the reviews is quite high. Every element that might come to mind is examined and scored. I have been gambling for a few years, but I have learned lots of things about casinos that I was not aware, thanks to the reviews.”

Neal Boyer
“Everybody knows about popular casinos, I do not need a review site to learn about them. I thank you for reviewing and introducing quality casinos that very few people knew. As a casual gambler, I am happy that I was able to find alternatives to big brands.”