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iPhone Casino Apps in Canada for 2021

The best part of using an iPhone casino app is that you can play games whenever and wherever you want. Mobile casino applications are becoming increasingly popular, and the number of players who choose to use mobile phones for gambling is increasing. Most of these players use iOS-based devices: As we’ll explain in more detail below, the iOS operating system has many benefits for gaming. The mobile gambling industry also offers several advantages for developers. You can see some of these below.

  • The size of the mobile gambling sector is $51.96 billion for 2018. This figure is expected to reach 59 billion dollars in 2020. So the sector is growing, and the developer companies are getting more revenue.
  • Adding new games to mobile applications is easy, and QA tests are completed in less time. When users launch the application, they can always use the latest version.
  • The interfaces of mobile devices give developers more freedom, and original, innovative apps can be designed, as well as new types of bonus rounds.

In short, it’s a good time to become a mobile gambler: There are numerous casino app options that iOS users can choose from. In this article, we will take a closer look at these applications and talk about the advantages of playing games on iOS-based gadgets.

Best iPhone Casino Sites in Canada

Before we begin, we want to give you a list of Canadian casinos that fully support iPhone and other iOS-based devices. The casinos that you can see below accept Canadian players as members and their websites can be viewed smoothly on iPhones (or, they offer a native application for iOS). So if you prefer to use your iPhone for gambling, you can be sure that you will get a seamless experience on all of these sites.

Don’t forget to take advantage of the bonus offers: You can make a quick start thanks to them and create a small but free budget for online gambling.

The Benefits of Using iPhone Casino Apps

Iphone Casino Apps

Choosing iOS for gambling and casino applications has many advantages, and increased security comes at the top of them. Android users have to install unsigned .apk files to gamble with real money. However, there is no such option for iOS users: they can only install tested applications and use the App Store for this. You can see the security advantages that the iOS system provides to you, especially in financial terms in the table below.

Security Feature Explanation
Secure Boot Chain iOS actively checks and makes sure that each application loaded during the bootup process is safe, secure, and signed.
System Software Authorization Attackers cannot downgrade your apps to make you open to cyber-attacks.
Secure Enclave An attacker cannot hack your password/fingerprint/Face ID. All of these processes run on an entirely independent sub-system.

In short, when you use iPhone casino apps, you don’t have to worry about your security and personal information: iOS is the safest system available, and it offers ease of use, without requiring technical knowledge. Android users are more vulnerable to cyber-attacks and need to know how their system works: Otherwise, they cannot get performance from their device.

However, iOS users:

  • Can stay safe no matter which casino application they use.
  • Since the devices have standard hardware, do not experience any performance problems.
  • Can make deposits and withdrawals easier and faster thanks to integrated features such as Apple Pay.
  • Can access more options: The App Store is the world’s largest application store and offers many more casino & gambling apps. In 2017 alone, 178 billion units of applications were installed via App Store.

Take Your Freedom back with Mobile Casino iPhone Apps!

Why Canadians Use Iphone CasinosBy using iPhone applications, you get the advantage of gambling without any restrictions. Land-based casinos appear to be fun, but even travelling to them takes days and requires a separate budget. For online casino sites, you must always have access to a PC. However, with the iPhone casino in Canada, you get the following benefits:

Access to thousands of games. No matter which casino game you like, you can be sure that there are hundreds of options available on the App Store. It will only take a few minutes to download them to your computer. From slot machines to jackpot machine games, your options are virtually limitless.

Try games for free. You can try the games for free and see if they fit your needs and expectations. Playing with real money is an option, not a must.

Pay with ease. If you decide to play with real money, the built-in features of iOS let you complete the banking process by pressing a single button or scanning your fingerprint.

Protect your payments. If you experience a problem with payment, you are entitled to apply and complain to Apple. Your only contact is not the developer of the application. Apple takes customer complaints very seriously.

Play anywhere you want, anytime you want. Using the iPhone, you decide when and where to play. You can have fun and make a profit even in a short break of 10 minutes.

Real vs Free: Which Casino iPhone Apps to Choose?

Clearly, the choice here will depend on your expectations and needs.


  • If you’re only after casual gambling, which means if you care about fun instead of winnings, you can choose to play on free casino apps for fun. The advantage of such applications is that there are no differences in terms of rules, gameplay, chances of winning, and payouts.
  • You can start playing directly without the need for an acclimation process and win easily. You can also score a winning in free apps, but as you can guess, this will be a “virtual” profit.


  • If you want to make a “real” profit, you need to choose real money apps. This type of applications still offers the option to play free, but the number of games that can be used is few.
  • If you want to reach the entire game collection and play without any restriction, you need to use real money. However, you still have an advantage over desktop users: Mobile players can use their budget more efficiently thanks to features such as additional bonuses. Most app developers make special promotions for mobile users.

Of course, you can also choose to visit the casino sites directly without using an app. To tell the truth, this is the option that gives the most choices. We’ll give you more information about this below.

Where to Find Gambling Apps for iPhone

How To Find Trustful iOS casinoiOS is a “closed” operating system compared to Android and other smartphones. This means that users cannot install applications to their devices with external methods that Apple does not allow. This means that if an app is not on the App Store, you cannot install and use it on your iPhone. The only exceptions are jailbroken devices, but this process has a large number of security risks. We recommend that you do not do the jailbreak. It is not possible to do this for the latest iOS versions anyway.

So if you want to gamble using your iPhone, your first option is to visit the App Store. Online casinos offer their own exclusive applications to their members on the App Store. You can download them to your device and do everything you can do on the site.

However, depending on your country, you may not see apps on the App Store that allow gambling with real money. Apple is a company that respects local laws and therefore does not display such apps to users who live in countries where gambling is prohibited. In this case, your only option is to use free-to-play casino applications.

So, what if you want more options or want to get rid of restrictions? Casino apps are not the only option you can use. You can take advantage of all the services and games offered by visiting casino sites with your Safari mobile browser. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Check for an App Store link on the casino site. If there is one, this means a native application is being offered. In this case, download the app from the App Store.
  • If there is no such option, and the casino site has been developed using HTML5, you can play all the games and use all the services through your internet browser. In this case, no download will be needed, all games will run through your browser (this is also called instant gaming).
  • Using casino sites through mobile browsers is a pretty fun experience if a modern code structure is used. However, if you are on a site that uses Flash platform, your iPhone may not be compatible. If you prefer the sites we recommend, you can be sure that you will have a smooth experience.

Best Casino App for iPhone: Which One Should You Choose?

The casino apps for iPhone listed below have different features, but they all have one thing in common: They offer unlimited entertainment and plenty of games. Our advice is to try all of them and choose the one that best fits your needs. As we are talking about apps and not websites, it is possible to download all of the applications below via App Store.

  1. Slotomania. One of the most popular applications with a user base of 14 million gamblers. Check it out especially if you like to play slot machines.
  2. Karamba Casino. Offers 100 free spins and 200 EUR sign up bonus to mobile users. The official app of Karamba online casino.
  3. Leo Vegas: Real Money Casino. Contains more than 800 mobile casino games (including video slots). Real money play is possible, and the app won the ‘Best Native App’ award in 2017.
  4. 888 Casino: Real Money Games. The app offers an 88 EUR no deposit bonus to mobile users. Contains 100+ slot machines you can spin and live casino games.
  5. William Hill Casino. If you like table and card games such as blackjack, roulette, and poker, this is the app you need to choose. Offers a limited number of slot machines too.

Real Money iPhone Casino App Developers

As we explained above, iOS is a popular operating system and therefore, there are lots of casino game providers that develop games for it. In the table below, you can see the best ones and their short descriptions.

Name Short Description
Microgaming One of the oldest companies in the industry. Offers more than 600 high-quality mobile casino games.
Netent Innovative, original and fun: If these are important for you, pick Netent mobile games.
Playtech Most of its games use the super-hero theme: If you like to see Spider-Man running over your reels, Playtech games are the best option.
Betsoft Old school and high quality: Betsoft is known for its amazing graphics and innovative bonus rounds.
888 Games Develops games exclusively for 888 Casino.

Play Free Casino Apps for iPhone, Learn How to Play!

Start with the free versions and continue with real money ones: That’s how you play iPhone casino games. To find out which games are best and which casinos are worth playing, visit our site: Our experienced team hand-picks the most fun and lucrative apps and casinos for you!

Frequently Asked Questions About iPhone Casino Apps

1. Can I use all iOS-based devices for mobile gambling?

Sure. In addition to iPhones, you can use tablets, such as the iPad. The iPad tablet screen size is bigger, so it may offer an easier experience.

2. Which browser is best to visit online casino sites?

To be honest, there is no need to use another browser than Safari. However, you can use any other browsers you can find on the App Store. They all use the same rendering engine, so there shouldn’t be any difference.

3. Do I need to download something to play?

If you are visiting an online casino site with your browser, no, all games can be loaded through your browser instantly. However, if you are using the App Store, yes, you need to download the app itself.

4. Can I use a VPN to “trick” the App Store?

Using a VPN to change your country of residence (and therefore, the apps you see on App Store) is not recommended. Your Apple ID may be locked by the Apple itself. Prefer casino sites for unrestricted gambling.