January 16, 2021
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Forest Dreams Slot Review

To discover the secrets of the night forest and bag a big win, play Forest Dreams slot by Evoplay. The software developer hasn’t just created a slot but an adventure into the deepest recesses of the enchanted forest.  It has an RTP of 96%, which seems to have become the standard payout percentage for Evoplay. The game has 5 reels and 20 win lines.

If you dare to uncover all the secrets that lie in the dark, try this out.

Forest Dreams Slot Evoplay

What is the Idea behind the Forest Dreams Slots?

Evoplay creates a fantasy world where you will get to see strange creations bustling around. It is going to take you to the jungle that is wrapped around a swamp evaporating green matter. Around it, you will find several bizarre animals gathering to feed on wispy orbs of energy. It has a premise that can get quite entertaining. The game also comes with a decent payout potential.

Forest Dreams is inspired by the works of Hayao Miyazaki and popular Japanese mythology. It is going to tell you about the Wild icons in the form of Kodamas, which can awaken the Spirit of the Forest from a deep sleep, kitsune, tanuki, tengu, kappa, and the magic of nature.

On both sides of the reels, you will find animated greenery, while in the background, you will find thick woods. At times, a pair of burning eyes flash from behind. So, don’t get surprised.

The slot comes with a soundtrack that feels like it is going to take you to outer space. There is a special sound effect when you land a winning combination. All in all, to gamble on this is like getting lost in graphic design.

It has an extensive betting range of 0.1 to 500. This makes it suitable for all types of gambling enthusiasts. Since it is a medium variance slot, you can land wins more often.

Reasons to Play Forest Dreams Slot Machine

You will have great fun gambling on this free slot machine because of the following:

  • The game has two Free Spins.
  • The slot features Multipliers.
  • Medium volatility makes it suitable for all players.

Forest Dreams Slot Game Payouts

Make sure that you check the paytable to know the payout for each symbol before you place your bet.

Symbols  3 in a Line  4 in a Line  5 in a Line
Ghost 2 10 100
Fox 1.8 6 60
Racoon 1.5 5 50
Owl 1.2 3.5 25
Turtle 1 2.5 20
Heart 0.2 1 5
Spade 0.2 0.8 4
Diamond 0.1 0.7 2.5
Clubs 0.1 0.5 2

Exciting Bonus Games and Special Features in Forest Dreams Slot Game

  • Wild: The Wild is going to substitute all the other icons to form a winning combination. In the base round, if Wild is a part of the winning combo, a Re-Spin is going to be triggered. The maximum number of Re-Spins you can trigger is 4. Wild icons are only going to appear in the main game.
  • Night Re-Spins: The primary aim of the base round is to awaken the Spirit of the Forest. You can do this only during Re-Spins. The energy 4-5 Yellow Sphere is needed to awaken the Spirit of the Forest. Winning Wild icon collects the energy of the Yellow Spheres. These appear on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th reels at the start of the Re-Spin. You need winning Wild icons to activate Re-Spins. These Wilds fly to the position that is marked by the Yellow Sphere, stick on it, and then a Re-Spin is going to be triggered. In case of a winning combination with new Wild landing on the reels, Yellow Sphere is going to appear again. Wild that has taken the position with Yellow Sphere is going to remain on screen till the end of the Re-Spin.
  • Free Spins: When the Spirit of the Forest awakens, one of the 2 Free Spins can be activated.
  • Base Free Spins: An energy of 4 Spheres activates this round. You win 8 Free Spins. With every Free Spin, 1-2 Wild icons appear on the reels. This can be a regular Wild or Wild with Multipliers of 2x or 3x.
  • Advanced Free Spins: An Energy of 5 Sphere is going to activate this. You will get to win 12 Free Spins. Every Free Spin brings 1-2 Wild icons on the reels. This can be regular Wild or Wild icons with Multipliers 2x, 3x, or 5x.
  • Peekaboo: In the winning round of the main game, Wild that isn’t a part of the winning combo is sent to reserve. Hidden Wild can turn into a blue ball and might revolve around the Spirit of the Forest. The hidden icons are going to return to the reels in the Re-Spins without wins or another round, replacing a random icon. Just 1 Wild can be in reserve.

Strategies to Maximize Your Gameplay

Forest Dreams Slot EvoplayThe casino game runs on a random number generator. So, there is no way to influence the outcome. However, there are a few tricks that can help you to make the most out of gameplay. Here are a few of them.

  • Your primary aim in the game should be to awaken the Spirit of the Forest. This will help in triggering the Free Spins bonus that not only provides you with extra rounds but also some Multipliers.
  • Land a Wild, and if it is a part of the winning combination, you can win a Re-Spin.
  • Decide on your bankroll before you decide to play. Remember, you should not bet money that you cannot afford to lose. Do not start spinning the reels until you have decided the budget.
  • Be patient when you are playing slots.
  • An effective strategy is to play the demo or the free play version before investing real money. Playing for free helps in understanding the gameplay and bonus features. No download or registration is required to play the demo.
  • You can also look for a Canadian site that will provide you with a good sign-up offer or other promotion such as no deposit free spins. With this casino offer, you can play the slot for free and get a chance to win real money.

The Provider of Forest Dreams

Evoplay isn’t a newbie in the gambling industry. For quite some time now, the software provider has been expanding its portfolio and establishing brand new partnerships.

Thanks to their action-packed and high-quality video slots, they are gaining popularity fast. The reason behind their success lies in the innovative approach of the company and the full HD resolution of the games that it creates. The software developer takes slot games to a whole new level.

The most recent works by the software developer are Rise of Horus, Dungeon: Immortal Evil, and Legend of Kaan. They have developed around 100 slots until now. However, as the business is gaining momentum, you can expect to see more and more of these amazing games.

Some of the amazing games that have been developed by Evoplay are as follows:

  • Animal quest
  • Hungry Night
  • Indian’s Quest
  • Necromancer

It is already clear that you can expect great things from this software provider. The company is aiming high and is jumping ahead of its competitors.

Summary of Forest Dreams

Gamblers might find the game cute. But what is more striking than the cuteness is the Free Spin bonus round. There are two different Free Spins. You can also win Multipliers in this round. It is a truly magical slot. The backdrop and the animated reels of the forest add to the atmosphere of the game.

Frequently Asked Questions about Forest Dreams

💎 What are some of the bonus features in the Forest Dreams casino game?
There are two most exciting bonus features, the Free Spins, and Peekaboo. What’s great is you can take advantage of 2 different types of Free Spins.
🔎 Where can I play Forest Dreams slot game?
There are many online casinos in Europe and Canada that are powered by Evoplay where you can play the game for free or for real money.
📲 Should I download Forest Dreams online to play?
No download is required to play it. It is developed on the HTML5 platform. So, you can access it directly on your mobile or desktop browser. Also, you cannot play the game offline.
🔥 What are some of the tips to win big with Forest Dreams?
To win big, you should take advantage of the bonus features it has to offer. Also, make sure that you pay attention to your bankroll and make bets accordingly if you have to play for a longer time and win more.
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