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Best Live Dealer Casinos in Canada

Canada is often understated when it comes to gambling. This is surprising because it is one of the largest consumers of online gambling services outside Europe. Moreover, the legal framework is relatively lax and allows players to gamble a little bit freer. Canadian players are accepted in most online casinos. However, this discourse will only focus on those online casinos that have live dealer options.

Canada has some big names when it comes to live dealer casinos. The list below names casinos that accept Canadians.

Recommended Casinos with Live Dealer for Canadians in 2021

Live Casino Explained

Live Casino is a revolutionary form of gaming that allows the users of web-based casinos to enjoy a simulated version of brick and mortar casinos in the comfort of their own homes. These casinos have taken over the industry and have grown to be the mark of good casinos worldwide. As a result, establishments that offer these games have recorded an influx of new clientele and have carved a niche for themselves in the tops ranks of operators.

Live casino engages professional dealers and croupiers in online games. The dealers and croupiers preside over the games in real-time. Players can communicate with them through chat and place wagers using the controls consoles, which generally appear below the gaming screen. In addition, the events may be recorded in a studio or a well-known venue by the operator and then broadcasted to the players’ devices using high-definition cameras. The result is a perfect and almost accurate representation of the action taken if the players were to play in a local casino.

Table games like roulette, baccarat, and blackjack are more adaptable to live casinos online. This is because these games have a dealer whose professional credentials make up the basis of these games. However, some casinos are known to extend the pleasure of live games to slots and lotteries. This is but on rare occasions.
Online live dealer casino

The Mechanics Behind Online Live Casino

A casino setup consists mainly of three aspects. The first is the studio or venue where all the action is recorded. The second is the software provider who develops the technical aspects of the live online casino game and determines the features of the game. Last but not least are the analysts who analyze and compute incoming and outgoing data.

The Studio or Venue

Live dealer online casinoLive dealer casinos may be recorded from either a studio or a land-based casino. Both options have different pros and cons. Consider all these aspects before registering as a member of an online casino. Foremost, a player is supposed to consider the location where the action is recorded. If this information cannot be found, it is probably best to look for another option. Secondly, the quality of the stream is a vital indicator of the good or bad of the establishment. Problems with placing bets, lagging, and contacting the dealer should be a prelude to lousy service. Such casinos should be avoided.  Ultimately, the player should pick an attractive venue both given the above qualities and from reputable destinations.

Not all casinos accept players from Canada. Europe and Asia are among the leading destinations that strive to provide live casinos in Canada. Asia boasts of some meticulous destinations from the gambler’s paradise in Macau. Most casinos that stream from Asia do so from local casinos such as the MGM Grand, the Venetian, and other luxurious destinations in Singapore and the Philippines.

Europe plays as the headquarters of some of the largest gambling operators in the world. Moreover, the continent is primarily supportive of gambling operations. It, therefore, has some of the most advanced casinos that the industry has ever seen.  Spain, Malta, the UK, Latvia, Ireland, and the Isle of Man deserve special recognition. The primary components of a Live Studio:

  • Cameras – Cameras are essential in the process of streaming live feeds. Technology has made it possible for smaller cameras to be used in the broadcast of gaming action. The cameras are placed at different angles relative to the table of play to change the view to a preferred setting. For instance, three separate cameras are used in roulette. One is pointed towards the table while another towards the wheel. The third camera is fixed and will be used to bring out the “picture-in” display.
  • Wheel – The wheel is a device on which cameras are mounted and then used to record. New-age wheels have sensors that interface with the casino software.
  • The Dealer – Dealers are professional casino assistants. They preside over the table and may deal with the cards, reveal the game’s outcome, or compete with the players. In addition, dealers are agents of the casino and will guide the players through the game process.
  • Monitor – The monitors display other players that may be present at the studio. The casino cast these screens to the online players so that they know with whom they are playing. Sometimes, there is a TV in the casino room behind the dealer showing current news. This is to ensure that the game is not rigged or prerecorded. In addition, monitors help to identify scams from casinos with good reputations.

Software Providers

As with all other casino games, live dealer games are developed by third-party software providers. The only difference is that providers have a role to play even after the games have been licensed to casino operators. Their software will be engaged constantly since gaming events are broadcasted.

Being a large market for online casinos, Canada has a top-flight pool of live dealer software providers. Some of these are:

  • Evolution Gaming
  • NetEnt
  • Amaya
  • Playtech
  • Microgaming
  • Live Casino on TV
  • Ezugi
  • NetGaming
  • Authentic Gaming
  • Opus Gaming

Out of all the listed software providers, Evolution Gaming is the most dominant in Canadian websites. The provider specializes in table games like roulette, baccarat, and blackjack. Each of the providers has unique features. The most common variations exist in camera angles, chat, betting options, video quality, language selection, deposit methods, and other game controls.

Video Quality

The live feed can be transmitted in various video qualities. The main ones are high definition, standard definition, and low definition. High definition is the best quality. However, high-definition games require a high-speed internet connection and a device with good graphics specifications. The absence of these might lead to lagging and frequent game disruptions. A helpful tip of games that come in high definition often can reduce the quality to either standard or low quality. Therefore, players should choose video quality according to how much their device can handle.

Optical Camera Recognition: Real Camera Action

Live gaming software uses Optical Camera Recognition (OCR) to identify any signals made by the player or dealer. This technology has been successfully integrated into live dealer casinos. This technology records every tiny detail in the gaming venue or studio and allows it to be broadcasted to the players through a video link.

OCR allows all player and dealer actions to be converted into a digital format for transmission. It captures all actions such as shuffling cards, the spinning of the roulette wheel, and the distribution of hands in blackjack and baccarat.

Live Mobile Casino

Mobile live dealer casino
Live gaming is not only offered in casinos on PC. Gamers can also access such games on their phones, tablets, iPhones, or iPads. HTML-5 technology has assisted most gambling operators in optimizing their sites for mobile gaming. Sets have been adjusted to fit the smaller screens of the mobile devices. Moreover, casinos have also developed mobile apps which players can download from their respective markets.

In some versions of live mobile games, the user can switch between two screens where one is the gaming screen while the other is the control console. Each time the player wants to place a bet, they have to switch to the settings screen, place their wager, and go back to the gaming screen. Often, games give the player at least 12 seconds to place their bets. This is enough time to switch the screens back and forth.

Most of the features of the PC version are replicated in the live mobile casino. In addition, players may interact with the dealer using a chat, access different camera angles, and customize other features. The only downside to using a mobile casino is fewer games than the leading PC site.

Top Live Casino Games for Canada

Live dealer casino has become extremely popular among gamers. They provide comfort that can only be experienced in land-based casinos. However, live dealer casinos are expensive to maintain since they require constant attention and maintenance. Those casinos with the resources to maintain a live dealer portfolio will include games such as roulette, blackjack, sic bo, baccarat, and their variations. Games can be played using real money.

blackjack_icon Blackjack

Many casinos with a live dealer games portfolio will feature blackjack in their menu. Often these casinos provide Classic Blackjack with a multiplayer option. The game has seven seats and the one-to-many option. The seven-seat blackjack tables are often booked, and it may take some time before an incoming player gets a seat at the table. In many instances, Blackjack pays 3:2.


Being a single table game, roulette is an instant match with live casino games. The croupier can deal with many players in a single moment, unlike virtual roulette games. Many of the variations of roulette are covered. American and French roulette, though not familiar, are popular among a specific class of gamblers from an online review. The classic game is European Roulette, which has a broad appreciation in the gambling community. Live Roulette games eschew the same principles as the traditional game, including odds and payouts.

The advantage of playing roulette online is that it offers a better betting interface that helps the player keep track of their betting history and allows gamers to play live casino on several tables simultaneously.


Baccarat was the first game to be tested as a live dealer option. It is popular among high rollers. The original version of the game, Punto Banco, is offered in most portfolios. The game also incorporates both single and multi-seats. Some other variations that players are likely to find are:

  • Speed Baccarat
  • Baccarat Pairs
  • Bonus Baccarat
  • In-Running Baccarat
  • Super 6 Baccarat

As a seasoned gambler would know, the different variations of baccarat have different rules of the game. Therefore, it is essential to comprehend the rules before playing the game.

casino_holdem_iconCasino Hold ‘Em

Live poker pits the player against the house as opposed to traditional games, which have players competing against one another. Cards are also distributed live by the dealer. The most provided versions of Casino Hold “Em poker are those from Evolution Gaming and Playtech. In these games, the Ante Bet option gives the players a few extra cards, called pocket cards, and they can also look at the flop. When the player calls, they will be looked at the house’s cards. Your payout is correlative to the hand you have.

New Technology Same Old Feeling

Online casinos have always strived to include technology in their establishments. They have followed the latest trends in machinery, video quality, animation, coding, security, and even financial innovations such as Bitcoin, e-wallets, and others. Live casino is only but a single pursuit of the greatness that online casinos seek. However, the role they play in levelling a tipping scale is immeasurable.

For a long time, brick-and-mortar casinos have had the edge over their online counterparts because of the aura, scenic beauty, and physical presence. The named featured tag along with the element of sociability. The pilgrims that flock to the Venetian and MGM Grand in Macau are a testament to this.

Live casinos try to bring this missing element of ambiance and physical presence in online casinos. So far, it has proved to be working marvellously.

Criteria for Ranking Live Dealer Casinos

Being a relatively new and expensive trend, live gambling is a bit hard to come by, the trusted ones anyway. So while picking out the best live casinos, we consider the following:

  • The number of games offered
  • The software providers
  • The variants of the games offered
  • In-game features and bonuses
  • Video quality

The best-rated casinos will have high points in all the categories.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Live Casino Gambling

Pros Cons
They help the player keep track of gameplay It is costly to maintain
Unique gaming experience A small number of supported games
Players have complete control of the game Increased stakes
Social Aspects


What is Live Casino?

It is an internet gaming facility that allows players to wager on actual tables in real-time using their desktops, smartphones, or tablets.

Where can I find a Live Casino?

Many online casinos have this gaming option. However, good ones may be elusive. Perusing online reviews will help you find a suitable and good-quality casino.

Which games can I find in Live Casino?

Unfortunately, most live game libraries are limited to table games. However, the player can enjoy roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and a few variations of poker.