April 3, 2020
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The King Slot Review

The King slot game is the newest creation by the talented developers at Endorphina. When you decide to play The King for free, you will get to experience a new kingdom rising as the slot welcomes anyone in the ranks of those who to build and contribute towards a more promising world. Have no fear, though, as you will find that this kingdom can reward those who work hard, provided by the blessed ruler himself. Which will you be in this exciting new land, and how will you offer your services in his majesty’s name? The King online slot will provide for you in every way possible as long as you prove your worth that is by landing winning combos.
Endorphina focuses on bringing a new kind of slot game to players by invoking more of those fantasy elements. Many of their other titles have also delved into these themes, exploring new worlds and creating memorable characters for players to get to know and love. Allowing the games to be played by multiple countries in demo play such as Canada or Europe, means that thousands of players will have access to The King slot machine, hoping to test their mantle in the ruler’s new land and take their place by his side. It’s up to you to fight alongside them and win the ruler’s favour.

Describing The King

What you will find in The King slots is more than just renovating a kingdom. The game is set in a medieval fantasy world, where myths and legends combine together into a full-fledged setting. The King will be assisted in this mission for conquest by his trusted right-hand, The Archer, and his enormous fortune. It is this fortune that will be your reward if you can guide the King and the Archer to their destined glory of conquest. The new land cannot forge itself, so it is up to you by playing this free no download slot game, will the quest be fulfilled.
The many symbols in this game can provide rewards of different variances. However, through the unique features, you can gain more power to help the King and bonus rewards may be in store for those who work harder. The ruler is all about bringing together a new age for his people to live in. All you must do is pave the way forward, igniting his banner of the lion and the crown to signify the capture of new territory. The more bonuses you gain, the higher your promotion. This means more knights for your army and more land to take hold of. It’s all up to you to start the new world order.
The King Slot Review

The Bonuses

The King online contains unique features that can prove advantageous in your journey. The many symbols that work together to form the King’s forces will be your bread and circus for this battle of a new kingdom.

  • The Wild of the game is the Crown. This Crown acts as a substitute for any other symbol in the game, proving the King’s authority in any situation. Use it to obtain more combinations. If you score two at once, this doubles your payout.
  • The Lion is the king’s banner and is the Scatter of the game. Landing three or more of these symbols will reward the player with free spins. In the Free Spins feature, you can maximise your bet at no extra cost.
  • A special Risk Game will be available to players who have won their payout. You will be given a chance to double your winnings once more up to a total of 10 times. All you must do is pick one of four cards that are faced down. If you pick a card that is higher than the dealer’s card, you win the gamble. You can repeat this the specified number of times. However, if you lose, then you will lose all the winnings. Be careful with this feature.

The King Slot Paytable

Here is a compiled list of rewards given from the game’s many different symbols. In this slot game, you can aim for any of these symbols to see what works for you and what will most likely give you the payouts. Here are the awards won with the minimum bet:

Symbols Payouts for 2-5 of a Kind
The basic paying symbols of the game are the traditional card numbers found in most casinos online. These are spelt in a royal font, fit for the King himself. 9, 10, J, Q: 0.05 – 1.00
K, A: 0.10 – 1.25
The second tier of symbols is the various items connected with royalty – artifacts that a king needs to establish his rule. The slightly lower quality symbols would be the knight and the archer – the ruler’s armoured bodyguards. The archer, the knight: 0.02 – 1.25
Shield and the helmet: 0.15 – 2.50
The highest paying symbols are the jewels, crown and Lion banner – three great treasures that belong to the ruler and signify his power of the realm (including bonuses). Treasure chest: 0.20 – 4.00
The crown: 0.10 – 90.00
Lion Banner: 0.20 – 50.00

This currency is displayed in Euros. Other versions of the game, such as the Canadian version, will display the currency in CA rather than EUR or GBP.

The King Slot Paytable

Tips to Assist The King

In this game, it’s all about using the tools the King provides in order to grant yourself better opportunities to win. Especially if you wish to score the biggest in the game. To do this, you must use both the Crown and the Lion banner in tandem with each other. The Lion is what unlocks your free spins, which is the most effective method to maximise your score with. Once the free spins are unlocked, this can grant you a better chance of scoring the Crown, which can substitute other symbols. The crowns always make things easier for you to win, so combine this with the Lion free spins feature to have yourself plenty of winnings all made with as little money lost as possible.
The gamble feature is an incredible way to earn more than you thought possible, but it does come at a greater risk. However, the fact that you can double the winnings up to ten times may be a risk worth taking. A 50 euro payout may equal over 50,000 euros if you can win all ten times. However, it is best to be careful and find a win you are most comfortable with keeping. Otherwise, you could end up losing all the money you worked so hard to gain.

How to Earn Real Money like a King

The King demo version is fully playable on the official site of Endorphina. Just visit the website, and you will be given access to the free play version where you spend tokens instead of actual money. The King free slot version will give you plenty of time to practise your skills at the demo and gain a better understanding of its workings. Once you have practised enough, you can then participate in the real thing.
To play the game for real money, you must first register with a casino that has the game available, one that has established a partnership with the provider. Once you have made an account, all you have to do next is then select the payment method. Different casinos will offer different payment options. Deposit your money into the game, and you can start playing for real rewards.

Slot Provider

Endorphina is a software provider that has focused primarily on offering games with various themes and new takes on the casino industry. From superheroes to detective thrillers, there is no field that Endorphina won’t touch when it comes to bringing in quality entertainment. They live and breathe the iGaming platform, developing games that best suit those who look for the creative and the new.
They are a team of passionate individuals who want to do nothing more than make the best there is when it comes to the world of online, modern gambling. They set themselves goals to release at least 12 games per year and have created an impressive portfolio that showcases their brightest projects, improving on all aspects that include sound, graphics, animations and mathematical calculations.

Pros and Cons

Here you can find a quick summary and what you can expect from such a title. Some of which can offer a more insightful look into whether this is the game for you:


  • The slot provides an epic setting and background, giving you the sense of a real war the scale of a great battle for a new world.
  • The symbols and artwork give you a true sense of royalty, showcasing all the best parts of being a ruler.
  • Fast-paced gameplay means you can continue playing with little to no download speed.


  • Not many bonuses for you to take part in.
  • Difficult to find the game available since the network of Endorphina still isn’t big enough to reach all areas of the industry.


If you wish to experience an epic battle, then The King game will give you exactly what you need – great gameplay to accompany grand music, a real adventure while scoring bountiful prizes, a high-risk opportunity just like a real battle.

Frequently Asked Questions about The King

What Is the Game’s RTP?
The King RTP is calculated at around 96%. RTP can change depending on bonuses.
Are the Outcomes Random?
Yes, all the results are generated using the Random Number Generator principle.
How Many Paylines Does the Game Have?
There is only a total of 10 paylines to win from. However, this makes it easier to score Wilds on.
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