January 26, 2021
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Introduction to the Big Easy Online Slot Game

The Big Easy is a jazz-themed slot with 20 payline, five reels, and a progressive jackpot from IGT. It is one of the gaming giant’s recent additions to their lineup, and its unique name tells you everything you need to know about this slot.

Gamblers love to play the Big Easy slot machine for many reasons. First, the game spoils players, new and old, with great free spins, bonuses, and multipliers.

Also, In theme with its jazz design aesthetic, players get to chill out to an original jazz soundtrack while they play and win jackpots.

Another reason why you want to try your luck at the big Easy is its RTP, which goes as high as 95.6%. Besides, the game boasts exciting design language, bet lines, high-paying scatter, and many bonus features.

As with most IGT games, it also has a demo/ free play mode, where you can experience the magic of the game without any deposits.

It goes without saying that Since the Big Easy free slots attract no stakes, there are also no wins to be had. Not to worry, you still get to have a taste of the pure and unadulterated brilliance of IGT’s slot masterpiece.

The Big Easy Slot Machine IGT

Description of the Big Easy Slots

The Big Easy tells a compelling story of a Jazz lover who finds himself in New Orleans, Louisiana. In the city, he finds Jazz clubs, singers, bassists, trumpet players, glasses of Sazerac (a local drink), several musical books, street signs, and of course, a Neon sign of the Big Easy logo. Even if you used to play other games like Kitty Glitter slots before, you will definitely love this one.

He ends his visit to the city with a soothing jazz performance that lasted through the night at his favourite club.

The game transports players into the city of New Orleans and has us spin and try our luck at the particular slot they’ve created featuring the city’s musical culture. The things the traveller sees are converted to symbols we spin on the slot.

The Big Easy online game is rendered tastefully drawn and coloured in a unique comic style. Some players claim that the slot is reminiscent of artworks in the golden age of Jazz. It uses beautiful glimpses of blue, purple, yellow, and red to give you a satisfying experience.

Benefits of Big Easy by IGT

The Big Easy online slot game is a five five-reel slot with 20 paylines. The high payline makes it easy for low and high risk to form different winning combos, thus increasing their winning chance.

It is a progressive jackpot game, meaning if you bide your time and play right, you could walk away with the combined earnings of all the Big Easy slots in your region.

It accepts deposits as low as 0.20 CAD and goes as high as 400 CAD, meaning gamblers of all means can try their luck with the game.

The Big Easy casino game is available on mobile app stores and PC desktops too. And players get the same beautiful experience and quality across all devices.

It comes with a free spin feature that awards up to 50 spins buffed with a 10x multiplier that boosts your winnings even further. The bonus feature is triggered when you match three or more moon scatters consecutively. If you are extremely lucky, you can reach up a 3000x multiplier by just landing 3, 4, 5 scatters alone.

The benefits of the free spin feature are potentially limitless, so that is why IGT attached one distinct limitation. You have to decide which instrument and club you prefer before you play, and that will dictate the number of spins and multipliers you get during your session.

The Big Easy slot game has an RTP of 95.3% and is a mid to high variance slot, which means you get to select the tempo at which you want the game to proceed.

Paytable of the Big Easy Online Slot Game

The Big Easy runs on a 20 paylines, five-reel system, which allows you to increase and lower the payline before you start your game and during gaming sessions.

Its variance ranges from mid to high. It comes with a minimum bet line of 0.01p, although the value may be as high as 5.0 CAD.

Bonus Features of the Big Easy Slot Game: Free Spins, and Wild Symbols.

The Big Easy Paytable ITG

The Big Easy casino game has a generous free spin system that awards you with nearly infinite winnings. It scales remarkably well according to the tables and that is one of the biggest reasons why you should play the Big Easy.

The other features of The Big Easy were engineered around this remarkable bonus system. The Moon scatter symbols, and other symbols in the game feed the spins. And the free spins increase your chances of landing multipliers and exponentially increasing your cash earnings.

Let’s quickly walk you through all the bonus features you stand to win when you play Big Easy.

Wild Symbol

This symbol is only available on the big Easy online slot machine. So, online casinos still outperform land-based casinos in yet another one.

Nevertheless, gamblers who seek their treasure at land-based casinos should not be alien to the concept.

In this game, the wild symbol is the Big Easy logo stylized in Neon. Once initiated, it clears out every symbol on the screen except the scatters, and rewards you with a massive winnings boon.

It is one of the highest paying symbols in the game, and it awards 8 points when you match two lines, 75 for three, 500 for four, and 1000 for five.

The Singer Symbol

It’s one of the special symbols that influences the scatter bonus.  It awards 3 points for two reels, 50 for three, 250 for four, and 1000 for five.

The Moon Scatter Symbol

It triggers the famous scatter bonus feature that the Big Easy slot by IGT is so famous for. It rewards players with 80 points for matching three reels, 220 for matching four, and 400 for five.

The Trumpeter symbol

The Trumpeter symbol rewards you with 2 points for matching two reels, 25 points for three, 150 for four, and 500 for five.

The Piano Symbol

The piano symbol awards you with 2 points for two reels, 25 points for three, 100 for four, and 250 for five.

The Streets symbol

It awards players with 10 points for three reels, 25 points for four, and 175 for five.

Bourbon street symbol

The symbol of the famous Bourbon Street in New Orleans awards you with 10 points for three reels, 25 points for four, and 150 points for five.

Lobster Symbol

The lobster symbol rewards you with 5 points for matching three reels, 25 points for matching four, and 100 for five.

Music Poster

The music poster is one of the two lowest paying symbols in the entire game. It rewards you with 5 points for matching three reels, 20 points for four, and 50 for five.

Sazerac Symbol

It is also one of the lower-paying symbols in the game. It awards gamblers with 5 points for matching three reels, 20 points for matching 4, and 50 for matching five.

The Big Easy Progressive Jackpot System

The Big Easy has a progressive jackpot that promises one lucky player per region (e.g. Canada) winnings in the six figures.

The system links independent Big Easy casino games in a specific region and takes a small cut of their potential losses over time to a central pot.

The number will continue to build up until one lucky winner finds the winning combination and cashes out. That could be you. But first, you need to master the strategy involved. We will show you shortly.

Playing Strategy and Tips to Win the Big Easy Casino Games

As the name suggests, The Big Easy is a relatively chill game with very little stress and bountiful rewards. But that is for those who are truly patient.

Here are a few tips you can apply to win big and possibly hit the jackpot when you play the Big Easy free and real money slots.

  • Practice the demo version until you hone your skill
  • When you’re ready to play for real money, ensure that you start every game with a large enough deposit.
  • Take several smaller bets and capitalize on the scatters whenever you match them.
  • Do not get impatient and overspend just to improve your chances of winning.

IGT: Providers of the Big Easy Slot Machine

IGT was launched in 1975 by William Reed, who was colloquially dubbed the king of slot machines.

Despite what the quirky founder’s name would suggest, the company didn’t quite get into slot game production until 1981, when it changed its name from A-1 supply to IGT. Since then, it has expanded its operation to different markets globally.

In the early 2000s, IGT transitioned from making just physical slots to online casino games. IGT is worth $4.69 billion and is responsible for over 200 casino games.

IGT games are cross-platform. With titles like the Big Easy, PC users don’t get a leg up, neither do mobile players. Everyone is served the same game with equal quality and contrast.

You don’t get to download the Big Easy. It is web-based, so all your activities and earnings are monitored in real-time. On all platforms, you can also enjoy free play on the demo versions with no download necessary.

You can access IGT games on an online casino site or the IGT official site. The Big Easy is available to gamblers in Canada, Europe, Australia, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Norway, etc.

Conclusion about The Big Easy

In many ways, the Big Easy is an outlier in the online casino betting industry. It’s not very often you find games with such mesmerizing graphics, chill atmospherics, and a truly benevolent bonus system.

By placing almost no limitation on their Game, IGT welcomes truly adventurous and thrill-seeking gamblers and invite them to try their luck and win big.

Frequently Asked Questions about The Big Easy

💡 Where can I play The Big Easy Slot for free?
You can play Big Easy slots with no real money in any of the registered online casinos with the game in the deck. There is also a free demo of the game on the IGT site. You can choose either, and you should be set to go.
💳 Can I get the Big Easy free slots and bonuses in my region?
The Big Easy casino games don’t typically give out bonuses based on locations. For example, Canadian gamblers or players don’t have it any better than Norwegian ones. However, registered casinos sometimes give out casino credit to newcomers and loyal gamblers.
✅ Which other slots are like the Big Easy from IGT?
IGT is an award-winning casino game provider with a huge collection of slot and casino games for thrill-seekers and casino enthusiasts. Some of their most successful titles are Apollo Rising, Baywatch 3D, Triple Diamond, Wheel of fortune, Lobstermania, Pharaoh's fortune, White Orchid, etc. All these games have a similar graphical and sound quality as The Big Easy.
💯 Can you win big on The Big Easy casino game?
Of course, you can. If you start out with a considerable balance and you bet wisely, you can win big.
❓ Where can I download the Big Easy slot game?
The Big Easy is not available for offline downloads. It is an online slot game with a progressive jackpot, and it needs to be connected to the internet for you to deposit your money and payout your wins.
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