May 25, 2020
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Introducing Kitty Glitter Slot Game

Kitty Glitter slots is the sparkling new title among the best new slots created by software provider IGT. Cats are some of the best pets to have. They are funny, adorable, majestic creatures. This new slot machine is about to show you just how great cats really are. Using a 5×3 reel grid, players will be spinning the reels of many kinds of cats to score prizes. Use up to 30 paylines to land the right combinations and be awarded incredible cuteness as well as money, of course. When you score a big win in a slot machine Kitty Glitter, you can be given the most luxurious cat-tastic reward. Thanks to IGT, you can play the game from numerous countries such as Canada, the UK, and many more within the jurisdiction.

What to Expect from Kitty Glitter Online Casino Game?

Kitty Glitter Slot Game
Cats have all kinds of cute pictures they can give us, from being dressed in intelligent outfits to having soft fur that is smooth to the touch. The title wants to bring everything that you love about cats right into your home. Even if you don’t have a cat, it will be like having multiple of your own when you play this slot free no download. Everything is designed to give them the presentation that they deserve. The glitter in the title doesn’t come with it for the fun of it. There are so much shine and sparkle that surrounds the background. The main feline that presents the slot is fluffy and large and gives you that immediate first impression.

The reels themselves will be filled to the brim with shiny glitter. Every symbol, every corner will have a spectacle of shine that will stand out on your screen. All of the cats will be lined up with a perfect gold portrait to signify their significance in the Kitty Glitter game. Below the reels will be the bonus gauge that will fill up to signal when you will activate it. All around a red carpet that tunnels underneath it all to give you that star quality that the felines, and yourself, deserve.

What Is So Special about Playing Kitty Glitter Slots?

When you play Kitty Glitter slot machine, or any other slot game, such as the Cleopatra slot machine, for example, there are a few things to keep an eye out for. However, for the most part, everything plays exactly how it should. Spin the reels to land the required combinations and win big prizes. The higher value symbol combination you land, such as the cats, award a bigger prize. If you can land more combinations on the 30 paylines available during a single spin, you can earn multiple prizes all in one go. The bonus features have a unique gauge system, which can help make things more interactive whilst you aim for regular rewards.

The RTP stands for Return To Player. The RTP rating for this title is calculated at around 94.92%. These odds may seem lower than expected, yet the bonus systems make up for it. Volatility, however, ranges from medium to high.

The Paytable of Kitty Glitter Online

Kitty Glitter Slot Paytable
The paytable will reveal a lot of what you need to know about the payouts. If you wish to earn yourself the biggest prizes available, aim to assemble the rich cats of the plaza. Smaller paying symbols are card numbers. The paytable will reveal it all. If you change the bet, the payouts will change accordingly. If you are playing different localized versions, then the currency will also change. Canadian currency will be used in the Canadian version as an example. Here is what you are capable of winning with a bet of 1.00:

Symbol Description Symbol Value (3x to 5x)
The primary paying symbol is the traditional card numbers that are used in most casinos online. These are all laid out in shining colours, making them easy to tell apart and easy to land. 10, J, Q, K: 5 – 100

A: 10 – 125

The second tier of symbols is the different breeds of cats that will award higher prizes if you land them. These three are the most common forms that people adopt when looking for a feline companion. Siamese Cat: 20 – 300

Colico Cat: 30 – 400

Tabby Cat: 40 – 750

The final tier symbol, which awards the casino game’s highest profit, is the luxurious snow-white cat. Its magnificent fur and large presence make her almost impossible to not look at. And you wouldn’t want to miss her, to begin with. Snow-white Cat: 50 – 1,000

Kitty Glitter Slot Machine: Features and Bonus Games

There is a lot of special promotion material that can help you with your winning streak. Whatever your need, the kittens are here to offer their assistance with their special symbols and bonus rounds. All you have to do is land them in the correct order, and you can trigger chains of massive winnings from your very paws. Here is what to look out for:

  • The Wild is the very logo of the game itself. Covered in a golden border and given a good presence, the landing will grant you a substitution for any other symbol. This means it can fill in the gaps for possible combinations and help win you more money.
  • The Scatter is a luxury diamond. However, this works a little differently. Landing a diamond next to a cat will fill up the gauge next to that respective feline at the bottom of the screen. Each cat has three diamonds that need to be filled.
  • If you fill all the diamonds next to a cat, the cat becomes Wild. You can do this will all four of them, meaning five different Wilds to be used in spins.
  • Not only that, but if you land the diamonds next to the pie symbols, this will create a free spins bonus round. Fill an entire line with them, and you can earn more free spins to use up.
  • These free spins can be re-triggered repeatedly, leading up to a maximum of 225 free spins with a single bet.

How to Beat the Kitty Glitter Game?

Download Kitty Glitter slots for free by browsing it on the web or play Kitty Glitter demo version on our website. The free play version will allow you to play the game without having to spend real money on slot machines. This means you can practice the demo to your heart’s content without having to worry about wasting any money. Sometimes, it can be good to see all of the rules and figure out precisely what you need to do to create the best outcome for yourself. Once you have done practicing, you can download the real thing from an IGT-approved casino.

Grabbing as many of those diamonds as you can is the key to all of this. Creating more Wilds can mean you can be sure to earn more combinations filling in as many gaps as possible. Combine this with the free spins, and the rewards can come flowing in as one big combo chain. It will get harder to get more Wilds since the options for cats are limited. But by overcoming this hurdle, the rewards will still be higher than what you could gain previously.

The Provider for the Kittens

IGT has always worked towards improving its gaming repertoire by creating more fun and exciting concepts. This title, as an example, is unique in its own way with both gameplay and design. That is because IGT is at the forefront of modern gaming technology. After all, they stand for International Game Technology. And it is at this point, they work tirelessly to improve their work in all their future titles—games such as HexBreaker, Zodiac Lion, and Super Star Poker.

Kitty Glitter Slots Summary

A slot about felines can be just the relaxation you need to unwind and enjoy yourself with a bit of quality gambling. The gameplay style may look simple, but the effort into the details is certainly there, with new and improved mechanics and shiny visuals to look at. Kitty Glitter online slots is the one slot we need to make us feel exactly like the furry friends do, with tons of special treats along with it.

Frequently Asked Questions about Kitty Glitter

Can I play in a Kitty Glitter slot machine online for free?
Yes, there is the free version of the game, which allows you to play without risking your money.
Can Kitty Glitter slot be downloaded?
This slot game is downloadable from casinos that are approved by IGT.
What is Kitty Glitter slot jackpot?
The Jackpot combination is the snow-white cat. This offers the highest amount of payout that is possible, which is 1000 coins. 
Are there similar slots to the Kitty Glitter slot game?
Missy Kitty, Glitter Kitty, etc., are some of the similar slot machine games.
What are some of the bonus features in Kitty Glitter Slot Machine?
When you land diamonds next to the pie symbols, it activates a bonus round where you get free spins.
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