February 3, 2021
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Introduction to the Playboy Online Slot Game

Playboy slots, inspired by the infamous Playboy magazine, is a classic casino slot with five reels, three rows, and 243 exciting ways to win.

The game lobbies the provocative heritage of playboy culture and transports players to enchanting locations with classical beauties and the promise to win big.

The Playboy slot game draws most players in the promise of a good time but hooks them with generous bonuses, diverse bet lines, 20 paylines, a high RTP, and gripping graphics.

Keep reading to see what the game looks like and tips to make big yet easy wins out the playboy online casino game.

Playboy Slot Machine Microgaming

Description of the Playboy Slots Game

Historically, the Playboy Empire has always championed exclusivity. When the Playboy Mansion show ran on television in tandem with the magazine, only the luckiest and most dedicated fans ever made it to the Mansion.

This classic trend has been recreated in the Playboy slot game. Set against a glittering black backdrop, the playboy slot game positions players in front of a five-reeled, three-rowed game and ask them to spin for a chance to not only win money but also invite to the Playboy club.

Unfortunately, winning an invite to the playboy club doesn’t equate to winning an invite to the Mansion. However, club membership does make you privy to exciting individual prizes.

Microgaming: Providers of Playboy Online Slot

Microgaming is arguably the first gaming company to produce an online casino slot. The company launched its first title back in 1994.

In 1998, it released Casino Splash, the first online casino game to feature a progressive jackpot feature. It has created over 1200 unique game titles throughout the years and is the proud author of the famous MegaMoolah slot- one of the world’s most successful progressive jackpot slots to date.

Microgaming is also responsible for creating eCORGA (e-Commerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Insurance) and IGC (International Gaming Council). Microgaming is one of the largest, most successful names in online slot gaming, and it’s only right that they partnered up with the biggest name in adult entertainment to produce a true masterpiece.

Playboy Slot Paytable

Paytable of the Playboy Online Casino Game

The Playboy free slots game has six bet sizes that range from 0.1- up to 0.25 and 5 coin sizes. Each bet is multiplied by a factor of 30x. Therefore the lowest amount a Canadian player can bet is 0.30 CAD, and the highest is 37.50 CAD.

This penny slot machine has 12 symbols that award varying rewards depending on how many reels you match. On the lowest paying symbol, which is 10, you can win a minimum of 0.30 CAD, and on the highest paying symbol, you can win up to 600 CAD.

Bonus features, Free Spins, and Symbols of the Playboy Slot Game

Playboy Slot Free Spins

The software developers at Microgaming took great liberties when they designed the bonus features of this casino game. To find a casino site that provides this gameplay with rewards, you can visit a review section to read about Villento Casino reviews and so on to get all the needed info about it.

Playing on the exclusivity of the Playboy brand, they decided to make the free spins bonus rewards tiered. Meaning, after you land your first winning combination of scatters, you get rewarded one of four bonus packages.

However, interested gamblers will have to spin and spin again to unlock the remaining three gradually.

Each tier or package is named after a stunning girl and offers a specific number of spins and special features. Some of them are:

Kimi-Free spins: It grants players ten free spins with a 5x multiplier. It is the first scatter bonus you can trigger, and it can be retriggered during your game.

Sofia-Running wild: Sofia’s bonuses grant you 15 free spins and a wild added to your reel with each spin. You will trigger Sofia’s bonus after your 5th scatter.

Ashley-Rolling Reels: You get 20 free spins with cascading rewards and a growing multiplier that caps at 5x. Ashley’s rewards will unlock after triggering the bonus five times.

Jillian-Wild Night: It grants 25 free spins and up to 5 wild reels per spin. You will trigger Jillian’s rewards after matching the scatter 15 times.

Wild Symbol: The famous playboy logo denotes the Wild symbol, and it replaces every other symbol on the screen when it’s triggered. It is the second most valuable symbol in the game, and it doubles the value of everything on the screen.
The Scatter Symbol: The iconic playboy magazines represent the scatter symbol. You trigger the symbol by getting a match of 3 or more reels.

When you trigger it, it rewards you with a massive bonus worth $600 in the game currency, and it starts the tiered bonus list.

Tips and Strategies to Win Big Playing the Playboy Free Slots

The playboy slot is for the prudent and experienced player. The game oozes with luxury and invites you to follow suit, but impulsive betting and hunt for wild symbols will only lead to catastrophe.

To win real big money as a Canadian gambler, you need to:

  • Practice the free playboy slot severally to master the game
  • Start every game with a reasonable deposit.
  • Take several smaller bets. The game is highly volatile. It does not reward risk-takers.
  • Exploit the bonus features whenever you can.

Benefits of Playboy Slot Machine by Microgaming

The Playboy free slot game offers players an inside look into the Playboy Empire and the various benefits of membership.

It’s a five-reeled, three-row game that offers you over 243 possible ways to match and win. Unfortunately, it has no progressive jackpot set up.

Instead, you have a localized jackpot setup that lets you win between 1000 coins and 1,215,000 coins with the wilds bonus on free spins.

The playboy slot game accepts bets as low as 30 coins and as high as 150, so gamblers of all means can enjoy the game.

What makes the playboy game special, aside from its suggestive graphics and sexually charged atmospherics, is its heaps of bonus features players get access to.

The scatters are real stars of the game. The Playboy magazine denotes them, and landing repeated scatters will earn you an invite to the Playboy club, which rewards you heavily with free spins and multipliers.

The free spins plus multipliers offer you a chance to win big free of charge.

The playboy slot game has an RTP of 96.75%. It’s a very fast-paced and highly volatile game that gives seasoned gamblers a new adventure to show their wits.

Playboy Slot Game Conclusion

Many words come to mind when thinking of the playboy game, but boring is not one of them.

The game is interactive, generous with its offerings and bonuses, and challenging enough to keep you engaged.

It is a dedicated gaming masterpiece that would make even Hugh Hefner proud in his grave. The game is a complete delight, and this is an excellent place to start if you are yet to try out any of Microgaming’s slot games.

Frequently Asked Questions about Playboy Slot

🤩Where can I play the Playboy slot machine game for free?
You can play the Playboy slot game on your mobile or desktop for free at any supported Microgaming casino or review website. It requires no download or offline support. All you have to do to play for free is to choose the demo version option.
🎲Which other game is powered by Microgaming?
Immortal Romance, Mega Moolah, Thunderstruck franchises are some of the most successful Microgaming slot games available online. If you'd like to test some of Microgaming's best slots, you should start with those three.
⬇️Can I download the Playboy Slot game to play?
No, you cannot. Playboy slot games and other games from Microgaming are all online games. This means they are not available offline in any capacity.
🎁What are some of the bonus features on the Playboy slot game?
The most prominent bonus feature on the game is the scatters and free spin feature. After those two, you also have the Wilds bonus feature.
❓Can I get Playboy free slots and bonuses in my region?
Yes, you can. But you must be willing to invest substantial capital and be patient enough to play the long game.
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