July 16, 2020
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Introducing Your Very Own Pachinko 3D

Pachinko 3D online is introducing your very own pachinko game right onto your doorstep. From the talented software provider, Salsa Technology, a new kind of bingo gaming is brought for the players to aim for that big win and have fun. With the help of the friendly Pachinko cat, he will guide you to all the right numbers. Unlike a slot machine, these 5×5 cards hold the key to even more insane prizes as you keep rolling those balls to discover more opportunities. This isn’t a Pachinko 3D slot game, but you can find just as many winnings as any other casino slot out there, just with better 3D graphics.

What to Expect from the Pachinko 3D?

The Pachinko 3D casino game holds a lot to offer when it comes to its visual appeal. For starters, the first thing you will notice is the adorable Pachinko Cats. PA, CHIN, and KO are known as the three guardians of the ancient Japanese garden. With their white fur, adorable eyes, and big mouth, they are very hard to miss. Every time you score a win, these incredible felines will come around and begin to congratulate you with their gorgeous 3-dimensional animations. Even the text will pop out at you in this colourful and bold font. The purple backdrops create a fun and creative field for you to enjoy your gaming. The whole screen is just a treat for the eyes and has proven to be the best-selling factor for Salsa Technology.
When you play Pachinko 3D, this run-of-the-mill game is anything but that. You can expect a lot of twists and turns from the four available bingo cards that you can use for yourself or between three other players. The Pachinko cat’s job in the game is to grant extra chances of winning by filling in the places of other lines. This represented their powers of luck in the mythology. However, instead of scoring lines, your job is to spell out any letter in the word “Pachinko” to reveal yourself prizes. Other shapes can be used as well, which can result in the biggest rewards of them all.
Pachinko 3D Slot Review

Benefits of the Beloved Pachinko

The best part of when you play Pachinko 3D is that it brings together the bingo-style game you love whilst also adding these creative steps so that you can score in more exciting ways. Anyone can try and form a line, but by making out letters; instead, this adds a whole extra layer of strategy and creativity. Not to mention that there a bonus mechanics as well that you can take advantage of. Although there is no RTP calculated, the bonuses can make up for it. Promotion schemes from casinos can also come in handy as these can apply the moment that you download Pachinko 3D.

Pachinko 3d Slot Game Paytable

Since this isn’t the Pachinko 3D slot machine, the paytable will work a little differently. Below you will see that the prizes are dished out for when you form letters and shapes from the numbers you cross out on your board. The letter must be from the word Pachinko as well as other shapes. The game still works with bets, so these will also affect the payouts you will receive if you decide to change it. Here is that you can win when you make a total bet of 12. This bet is divided between the four bingo cards, so each is worth 3:

Letter or Shape Value
The lowest paying awards come from the smaller shapes that you can form by crossing out the numbers. These will be from the four corners, the two bottom lines, or the innermost square in the center. Four corners: 9
Two bottom lines: 27
Centre squares: 27
The second tier of payments will come from the letters in the word “Pachinko.” From K, all the way to P. Some of the letters will be worth the same, with P being the highest of all of them. K: 27
N, I, H: 90
C: 150
A: 300
P: 450
The highest paying shapes involve filling in a majority of the squares. This includes every square filled in, as well as just most of them apart from the one square above, across (left and right), and below. Doing so will reward you big time but requires the longest play. Every square apart from the center four: 4,500
Every square filled: 9,000

Sometimes it can be hard to remember what you can get, that is why this paytable can be found directly above the cards. If you wish to adjust your bets, you can do so by using the setting located below. Remember that your bet will be divided between all four cards. If you make a bet of 20, this will be 5 for each card. The currency in which you are paid also differs depending on which localized version you are playing. For example, playing the game version for Canada will result in being awarded Canadian currency.
Pachinko 3D Slot Paytable

Pachinko 3d Wilds and Free Spins

Even the power of Wilds and Free Spins can still be introduced to a simple pachinko game. They may come in handier than you think, with the twists and turns that come with trying to win prizes. The concepts will work similarly but be adjusted in order to make it still pachinko.
For starters, there is a chance of winning a jackpot if you score the first 44 balls on any of your cards. This can be a great start to your gaming as it doesn’t matter if any of them don’t form any shapes.
As for the Wilds, the cats are what you need to keep an eye out for. If you find them on the board, they can offer you a free extra ball that could have any winning number on it. You can choose to use this ball now, or you can save it for later, allowing you to fill in that extra space you need to get a payout. If you do use these balls, they can increase your winning and multiply your bet by a total of x3,000. The words BINGO will appear once this has been done.
Free spins are also added into the game for extra chances of winning. By activating the special feature, you can spin the ball counter for a few extra balls without having to use up a bet. This means that it can give you more to create a shape on your card without having to sacrifice any more money.

Tips to Be the Best at Pachinko 3D

Just like with regular slot machines, the Pachinko 3D game will also come in a free play version from the official site of Salsa Technology. You can also find this demo from the most available review sites. The demo will allow you to play the game without having to use up any of your real money. Using tokens instead, you can collect as many balls as you wish without any risk coming to your finances. No deposits and no registrations mean no worries, meaning you can practice all you like. And focus on being the best player you can be.
Once you have done practicing, you can start playing for real and experience true gambling. What makes this particular game special is the use of its bonus features. The best strategy is, of course, the lucky Pachinko ball. Once you have it, it’s best to save until it’s absolutely necessary. The 3,000 times bonus will only affect your winnings if you are able to score a win. So only use it if you know for sure that you are about to form any of the shapes mentioned in the paytable. That way, you can come home with the best chance of massive winnings.

Pachinko 3d Slot Game Provider

Salsa Technology has been a rising star in the online gambling industry. Their main focus has always been providing new and incredible technology to make the most out of your gaming experience.
What they are most passionate about is their efforts in collaboration. They create common goals that work in tandem with many other online businesses, granting them access to some of the world’s most leading ideas and developments. By achieving so much more together than they could separate, it allows for better download content to be made. By visiting their website, you can find out more about their incredible partners.
In January 2020, they went under an official re-brand from their original moniker as Patagonia Entertainment. This new identity gives them a better way of showing how they are mainly focused on localization and globalization. Being based in Latin America, they wish to incorporate their culture into all their games. Games like ShowBall+ and Halloween Groove use many facets of their own culture to create fun and exciting games. They also borrow elements from other cultures that they have worked with, like Japan, to make games like Super Pachinko and Super Zodiac Bingo. You will notice that they mostly specialize in bingo, but they have moved their efforts towards other genres as well.

Conclusion for Pachinko 3d

If you wish to play a bingo kind of game that is more fun, stylish, and has a lot more involved, you will find no greater example than with the Pachinko 3D slots. Everything about the artistry just pops out at you and is even more so every time you are on the verge of winning. The bonuses as well give you better chances and can add a touch more excitement towards your experience with greater skill and planning.

Frequently Asked Questions about Pachinko 3D

⚜️ What is the game based on?
Pachinko is actually based on the mechanical game created in Japan. It is used as both a recreational arcade game and as a form of gambling.
⭐ Can casinos offer bonuses for this game?
You can find a list of operators from the review site, which can tell you which offers the best bonus packages. Some can have more free spins or cashback safety nets.
🎰 What is the highest jackpot?
Excluding the jackpot you can gain from the 44 spaces filled, the highest payout can come from filling all squares, plus the extra ball. This results in a total of 27,000,000.
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