May 14, 2020
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Mr. Cashman Online Slot Review

Have you ever played an online slot series that contains multiple bonus rounds, but you can start betting with $0.01 per spin? Winning real money without spending a lot of money, Mr. Cashman and its four slots are here for you. It is a slot series by Aristocrat with splendid features available for the players. But to make things easier, we will review all three slots – African Dusk, Jailbird, Jewel of the Enchantress and Magic Eyes.
The slot is not available online, but you can play it at any casino that serves Aristocrat games. The game series is available on smartphones and tablets, as well.

  • Mr. Cashman’s African Dusk slot machine is based on an African theme, and it is definitely one of the best on this theme by Aristocrat.
  • Jewel of the Enchantress slot game has a folklore style in it. You will travel to the old Avalon to test your fortune.
  • Or you can go deep into fairy forests to meet the Magic Eyes. You might get cold and frightened, but the magical treasure is worth it.
  • And in case, if you don’t want to play with magic, the Jailbird slot is for you. Help a cartoonish villain to escape, and he might share the loot with you.

There are multiple special symbols available in these games that can help you get a great payout. On the other hand, there are regular icons as well that can help you get decent wins if you are able to land them in a combination.
You can play Mr. Cashman slot series in most of the Aristocrat powered casinos. You need to spend real money if you want to win real cash, and there is no way around it. You will be able to enjoy a decent RTP in this slot, and you wouldn’t regret making this choice, especially if you are interested in classic free slots no download or registration games.

What Mr. Cashman Slots are All About?

Mr. Cashman slot games contain beautiful backgrounds and an interesting collection of cartoonish looking reel icons. Most of the characters are inspired by the main theme of each game, and you would love the design of these characters. Apart from the high-paying characters, you would find numerous other symbols too, including playing card icons. The overall designs of these slots are really colourful and the background music themes make the whole gameplay even more interesting.
You can win plenty of coins by spending as small as 1 cent per spin, as discussed above. Most of the combinations provide you with a chance to win 30 to 100 coins at once, but you can win up to 5,000 coins if you are able to land five of a kind of a special icon.

Playing Mr. Cashman Slot Machine

Mr. Cashman games are exclusive titles for the players who love simple gameplay along with a nice theme and sound effects. Even with unknown variance, there are multiple ways to win big in these slots, and there are special symbols involved to help you enhance the payout. The normal symbols include the playing card icons just like in many other Aristocrat games. Discussing the games and not discussing the special symbols and special features is impossible. Let’s have a look at all the special icons and what they bring for you.
Wild: The wild symbol is usually represented by the logo of each game. These icons can help you win big in this game as there are multiple special features involved as well. For instance, they can complete any regular symbol combo, and they have a payout on their own.
Scatter: These symbols pay from any spot on the reels, without a “proper” combination.
Mr. Cashman Slot Review

Mr. Cashman Slot Series Cut-through Special Features

There are different special features involved in this game series. You can find them in any Mr. Cashman featured title.
These special features do not have to be triggered by landing particular symbols on the reels. You just have to spin the reels, and you will get to know if the special feature got activated once the reels stop spinning. Here are the details of these bonuses:

  1. Respins: You would see Mr. Cashman (emoji character) on the screen on the bottom of the reels, and it would spin the reels. The combination on the screen would tell you about the respins you are getting.
  2. Selecting A Gem: In this feature, you will see a character with two gems on the screen, and you have to select one of the two in order to win a cash prize.
  3. Extra Slot: This feature can also be treated as a bonus game because you will see a mini-slot with three reels on the screen, and Mr. Cashman will run a few free spins on the reels, and the result would be the number of coins you have won. You can win 999 coins at max.
  4. Star Feature: You will see different stars on the screen with the main character of the game, and you have to choose these stars to win coins or different multipliers.
  5. Cash Bonus: You will just see a character on the screen that will help you get a win and a boost from the win section above the reels.
  6. Jackpot: There are various jackpot prizes available in the game which can be enjoyed through pick-em-game. You have to turn over the tiles in order to find out whether you have won the main jackpot or you have won one of the two minor jackpots. There are different pick-em games as well, and the value of the prize is dependent on the game you get to play.

Playing Mr. Cashman Online Slot to Win Real Money

Mr. Cashman demo cannot be played online, unfortunately. But as we know, Mr. Cashman free slot version will not help you to win real money. You have to spend real money to win real money, and for doing so, you have to visit a land-based casino to play the game.
For most Aristocrat slot machines, you can find popular Canada casino recommendations on our site. Pick a casino site with the best CA promotion and play your favourite slot to have a chance of winning money.
The most important thing is that you can withdraw your money easily after winning it. You can easily connect your bank account with the online casino account providing the game. Once your bank account is connected to the platform, you can start withdrawing your winning money. The payout is really well most of the time, even if you are landing regular combinations, and it gets better if you are able to utilize the special features.

A Bit About Aristocrat

Aristocrat has a long history of producing land-based casino slots, and finally, they have moved into the no download online casino slot business as well. The game provider has been registered in the casino slot industry since the early 1950s, and they started producing modern slots in the 60s. A few of the most popular Aristocrat slots apart from the one being discussed are mentioned below:

  1. Pompeii
  2. Moon Race
  3. Queen of Nile
  4. Silver Wolf
  5. Sahara Gold

You can test them with the free play mode on our site too.

Why Should You Play Mr. Cashman Slots?

Mr. Cashman RTP depends on the game you chose to play. But Aristocrat gaming is well known for its great winning odds. There are various reasons that could advocate for the game’s popularity and why you need to play it. We have tried to make a comparison between the merits and demerits of the game to make the decision easier for you so let’s take a look:


  • Four slot machines in one package.
  • Simple gameplay and colourful themes.
  • Multiple special features from the provider.
  • You can start from a really small bet and gradually increase your investment.


  • We don’t have a lot of information about real money bonuses of this game series.
  • Small jackpot pool.

How to Play Mr. Cashman Game Better?

In order to play these games better, you have to improve your playing strategy. Always start small and build up your game if you are on a winning streak. It is good to win big, but there is no need of losing it all in the pursuit of doing so. Each slot in the series – African Dusk, Magic Eyes, Jewel of the Enchantress and Jailbird – has 5 reels and 20 paylines in the game, so try to bet on all the paylines to increase your chances of winning a decent payout.

Final Words about Mr Cashman

Mr. Cashman game pack is a really attractive offer for the players looking for multiple special features and a jackpot in the game. You can spend small or spend big depending upon your budget, but the betting range is really flexible, which is another positive about this slot.
You would definitely enjoy the whole gameplay because it is really simple, and the themes are interesting as well. If you are able to activate the special features frequently, you can win a huge payout. It all depends on your strategy and how much you are spending on each payline.
There are many confusions regarding this game series in the minds of players who haven’t played it yet. In order to clear these confusions, we will try to answer a few questions regarding the game.

Frequently Asked Questions about Mr. Cashman

How many are slots in the series?
Mr. Cashman has four games in its standard pack: African Dusk, Jailbird, Jewel of the Enchantress and Magic Eyes. These games are pretty similar in their core.
Is there a jackpot?
Yes. All four games share a progressive jackpot. This winning pool is not as big as the famous multi-million jackpots, but a lucky player could definitely walk out with a generous prize.
Can you transfer the payout to your bank account?
Yes, it is totally legal and possible if you are of the legal age to transfer the winning prize to your bank account. But only if you are playing for real money.
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