May 3, 2020
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Mermaid’s Diamond Slot Review

The Mermaid’s Diamond slot is a brand-new title produced by the ever-talented game developers at Play’n GO. In this game, you will dive into a magical world that is hidden deep within the ocean. Explore forgotten realms and discover the magical treasures that lie in wait in demo play or a real money mode. With the help of another enchanting creature, the powerful mermaid, you can use her magic and decent RTP to create more winning opportunities even if you play Mermaid’s Diamond for free. She will call her finny friends to guide you and keep you on your toes as well. You never know what you may find the deeper you go into the Mermaid Diamond slot game.
Play’n GO is excited to announce the Mermaid’s Diamond slots and their availability to countless operators they are connected to. You can play this game in many different countries, including Canada, Europe, and the US. Play’n GO has enjoyed creating a lot of new themes and adding them to more innovative gameplay features. The game is just one of the many new titles that Play’n GO hope to bring to the table during the coming year. With this slot game especially, you can see just how far they have come in adding small details into a fine system they have cultivated for years.

What to Expect from Mermaid’s Diamond Slot Game?

Hidden deep within the ocean floor, there is an enchanted kingdom that is home to the most fascinating woman in the magical realm. The game will have you meet this creature as you must help her find the precious diamond of her homeland. Finding it will be no mere feat, however, as there are many other tantalizing treasures for you to find that will keep you busy. Finding the diamond will grant you the greatest reward there is, as the mermaid will weave her magic together to give you incredible bonuses. Bonus powers can give you the chance of earning more treasures.
Why the mermaid has hidden these treasures is unknown. Perhaps she has found and collected them through the years building her own treasure trove to protect. Maybe she can use them to activate more magical rituals. Whatever the reason, she certainly has plenty to spare when you help her with her quest. So why not join her and her aquatic friends to uncover the whole ocean floor and find all the lost gems of the world. Mermaid’s Diamond online will bring you whatever you need to create your own underwater journey. Here is hoping you don’t fall deeper into the scariest depths.
Mermaid's Diamond Slot Review

Mermaids Diamond Bonuses

Mermaid’s Diamond online slot will contain a few bonus features that can help make your gaming experience a little better. Through the use of promotional offers and special symbols, you can utilise them to your heart’s content in the hopes of finding that mythical diamond.

  • The benevolent mermaid is the Wild of the game. With her powers, she can substitute any other symbol in the game and give you more opportunities to win money. She can even have the special ability to stretch out her mermaid tale and spread across the entire real if you land two of her on the same reel granting better chances of earning winnings.
  • Poseidon’s Trident will trigger more Wilds to appear on any given spin, with random divine intervention.
  • If you land five treasure chests in a row, these will open up to reveal 25 free spins for you to use. Even if you only earn four chests, Poseidon will appear to unveil the fifth chest for your victory.
  • The free spins will be where you will find the diamonds. Landing five of these will invoke the power of Poseidon even further, creating more Wilds for you to use making endless opportunities of winning big.

The Mermaids Diamond Paytable

Here is a compiled list of all the available winnings that you can receive by playing. These payouts will be listed next to the symbols and show how much you can win depending on the number of symbols you land. These payouts will show from the maximum bet available.

Symbols Payouts for 3-5 of a Kind
The first tier of symbols is the variance of different seashells and sea creatures that can fetch a few pennies if you land them. These come in different shapes and sizes – each with its own name. Brown shell and purple squid: 10 – 50
Starfish and cramp fish: 15 – 75
The second tier of symbols is the various jewels and gems that the mermaid has collected. Each one represents a different elegance and wonder that screams exploration. Emerald: 20 – 100
Sapphire: 30 – 150
Ruby: 50 – 250
The highest paying symbol is the diamond. It holds untapped power and will gain special properties during the free spins. The mermaid has no payout and only acts as the Wild. The mermaid’s diamond: 100 – 1000

The currency of the game will differ depending on the location you are playing the game. Conversion rates will be determined by CA, GPB, USD, or EUR.
Mermaid's Diamond Slot Paytable

Tips to Win the Slot

As you can see, the Mermaid’s Diamond game has plenty of different bonus symbols to find and uncover. Each of them activating its own unique feature to give you that edge you need to collect more treasures. Even divine intervention can help you if luck is on your side. Your best bet is to aim for the Wilds so that the Mermaid can take up all of the reels and give you the best chance of winning. If you want to aim for further delights, then aiming for the treasure chests is where the real money is at. Unlocking those free spins can, in turn, unlock more bountiful chances. Diamonds lead to more Wilds, and more chests lead to more free spins that can also lead to more Wilds. Keep the chain going for as long as possible until you reach the cap. That is the secret to having the endless incredible fortunes swimming right towards you. Poseidon will even give you more Wilds just for spinning. You can either wait for the opportunities to come to you or you can make them yourself.

Earn Real Money with Mermaid’s Diamond

If you wish to play the game at a leisurely pace, then you can start playing the Mermaid’s Diamond demo to become better acquainted with the game itself. The Mermaid’s Diamond free slot version allows you to make use of free play tokens so that you don’t have to use any money from your bank account to bet. This will be accessible from the official site of Play’n GO. Judge how the demo plays and become more skilled with little to no download speed.
If you wish to play the game for real money, you must first set up your account on a casino website that has this available in its roster. Preferably, you will need to find an operator that has a known partnership with Play’n GO. Once the account has been set up, you can then select your own payment methods from the options shown and start depositing. Deposit money into the game, and you can earn real payouts for winning combinations.

The Slot Provider of Mermaids Diamond

Play’n GO is a massive brand in the world of online gambling. Their developments into new and fantastic games have gained recognition across the world. They have focused a lot of their efforts recently on creating new and exciting games by exploring different themes. Aesthetics and concepts that haven’t been explored by other game developers. This provider will be working harder than ever to deliver the best quality entertainment that a software developer can offer.

The Pros and Cons of Mermaids Diamond

Below is a summarized list of different advantages and disadvantages that the game is known for. You can read these to see if you can gain any initial impressions or thoughts.


  • The animations bring out a slice of a wonderful life to the game, creating a detailed underwater world that shows off how impressive the design is.
  • Bonuses have plenty to offer, with very generous Wild offerings to help give the player a needed boost if things get too difficult.


  • Symbols don’t have much variety, so you can only gain certain payouts. The combination will also be difficult with limited paylines.

The Verdict for Mermaids Diamond

Mermaid’s Diamond has an incredible aura of great gameplay and gorgeous design. Explore this bountiful world full of wonder as you win more prizes by ranking up the bonuses. The more you uncover, the greater the rewards, so you know your hard work has been earned.

Frequently Asked Questions about Mermaid's Diamond

🤔 What Is the RTP?
Mermaid's Diamond RTP is calculated at around 96%.
🤩 How Many Paylines Are There?
The number of paylines to win money on starts at one. But can open up with more Spreading Wilds once the full mermaid takes over the reel.
⭐ Can You Control How Many Wilds You Gain?
Landing the diamonds will invoke Poseidon and offer more Wilds. However, it is relying on the RNG mechanics.
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