February 13, 2019
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Lost Vegas Online Slot Review

Lost Vegas slot is an upbeat video slot game produced by the Microgaming software platform for all zombies and scary movie lovers. It a free slot online game that would send shivers running down your spines. Its storyline is based on a zombie apocalypse that might bring mankind to its end, the free online slot machines game gives its players the choice to play as a mindless zombie or as a survivor. Which would you prefer? Being a part of the world’s survivors or bringing the world to its knees.
The slot machine free play has a total number of 5 reels with 3 rows with 243 paylines. The Microgaming Company didn’t offer players any wild or scatter symbols in slot machines, but the frightening zombie adventure is not one you would like to miss on. The Lost Vegas casino game has its adventure written around the city of Las Vegas with free slots no download no registration feature.
The free slot games comprise of a lot of zombie symbols, and few letters are also used to represent specific symbols. The symbol in the Lost Vegas slot machine wholly depends on the mode you are playing with that is either the survival of the zombie. If playing the free slot game as the survival, you get to experience the thrill of a dimly lit Lost Vegas casino while if playing as a zombie, you would end up in an empty street in Lost Vegas.


The Lost Vegas slot didn’t fall short in providing amazing features to its players.

  • Fistful of cash: This is a Lost Vegas feature that can be activated by only those in zombie mode. This feature offers a lot of cash prize to This feature can be triggered when 3 scatter symbols appear on the screen.
  • Blackout bonus: In the same way the fistful of cash is restricted to the zombies so is the blackout bonus feature restricted to the survivors. It is also triggered by 3 or more scatter symbols and offers cash payout to Canadian players. The neutral ground between both features is the ability to trigger free spins when the scatter symbol appears on the reel.
  • Infection feature: This feature is available to those playing like zombies, it offers the zombies to become wild and contaminate any reel they come in contact with which offers numerous bonuses such as free spins and cash wins when an uncontaminated appears on the reel.
  • Stash feature: This feature is available to survivors, and it replaces the lowest values that the zombies have infected in a reel with higher ones giving the survivors numerous cash prize bonus and free spins.

Lost Vegas Bonuses

The Lost Vegas slots offer so many exciting features that trigger a bonus opportunity for its players, so you can be sure that you would never run out of the bonus. There are also free spins bonus and jackpot opportunity for players. The maximum bonus you can accumulate in a golden payline is 2155x the maximum spin. You can bet from a minimum of $0.30 to $45.

Play to Win

Winning in Lost Vegas is not an easy feat to attain. The adventure might blow away your mind that you would forget you are staking real money, but it still is very possible to make the best profit from this casino game.

  • Chose which mode you want to play wisely, depending on your preference or mode to enjoy the best gameplay.
  • Be very mindful of the bonus opportunity that the slot offers
  • Master gameplay before staking real money.

Lost Vegas Slot Mobile Version

Lost Vegas video slot supports mobile versions. With its online presence, you would be able to access casinos in Canada that provide the game with good sound and graphics via a smartphone. It does require a flash player to play via smartphone or computer.

Lost Vegas Slot Free Play

The free slots Lost Vegas has a demo version at most sites. In case you are not yet acquainted with the basics of the game, it would be wise to play the demo game on our website before proceeding to play with real cash. You can play the demo version on the Microgaming site for fun.

Design and Graphics of Lost Vegas Slot

Microgaming software platform did a very good job in the Lost Vegas game graphics. A lot of high rating and reviews has been gotten from players all over the world as to the good job done on the design of the game. It also has a scary theme song that got most players shivering throughout the gaming experience.
Lost Vegas free slots might be lacking in wild scatter symbols, but that for sure cannot wipe out all the other intriguing features it offers. It’s a job well done on the path of the Microgaming software platform and a must-play for all slots lovers.

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