July 16, 2020
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Introducing the Mighty King of Slots

King of Slots online is a new game created by the award-winning software provider, NetEnt. As you can expect, you can find a lot of classic gameplay from the King of Slots slots. Experience jewellery, royalty, and everything fit for a mighty king. Playing like a ruler can reward you with money and wealth beyond your wildest imaginations. King of Slots casino game has a 5×3 grid with simple mechanics to help you get started. It is suitable for players of all different skills, making it one of the friendliest free slot machines no downloads available from the provider. NetEnt can allow the game to be playable from Canada, the UK, and the US thanks to their substantial connections and global network.

Meet the Royal King

The King of Slots slot game is heavily based on aesthetics and styles. It greets you with a stage that is filled with impressive visuals and quirky animations. The ruler himself is shown as this colourful cartoon man with his purple jacket and pink sceptre. On top of his head lies the special golden crown, which signifies the highest level of status one can achieve in the royal line. This crown will represent all your goals and accomplishments, your dreams, and your admirations. All packaged into one magnificent package that can be yours for the taking. Attached to it, you will even find crystal-encrusted fruits that can be commonplace in the online gambling world. This further signifies his status as the ruler of all things in a casino.
When you play King of Slots, you are playing to win against the king himself. To do so, you must spin the reels on his glorious stage and raise the curtains on hidden prizes. Land symbols to win combinations and the jewels that come with them. Land bonus symbols to earn yourself something extra that even the king himself cannot find. It’s all a big contest to see for yourself who will come out as the true champion of slot games and everything they represent. Since this is classic casino gaming, you can enjoy elements from the most traditional video slots which can give you the fundamentals on how to play games like this.
King of Slots Review

Benefits from the King of Slots

As mentioned before, you can find some of the most standard yet exciting aspects of online gaming when you download King of Slots. The RTP is calculated at around 96.96%, meaning that there is a very fair chance for you to win prizes. The low volatility is what can add extra difficulty to the game so that veterans can be given that extra challenge whilst they are playing. For those who are just interested in fun, this can be the perfect game to start off with. 25 paylines offer a fair chance for all.

The King’s Paytable

Below you will find yourself the paytable of the King of Slots casino game. This table will showcase exactly what each symbol in the game will be worth, as well as showing variants for when you manage to land more than three. Five of a kind will be worth a lot more than just landing three. It’s important to also know that the payouts will be different if you change the bet. This applies to all symbol values. Here is what you are capable of winning when making the small bet of 0.05:

Symbol Description Payouts for 3 Icons to 5 Icons of a Kind
The basic paying symbols in the game are the traditional card numbers that can be found in most casinos online. These are shown in different colours to make them distinguishable from each other. J: 5 – 30
Q: 7 – 50
K: 10 – 75
A: 10 – 100
The higher paying symbols are the different jewel-encrusted fruits that show the path of royalty. Landing these will give you even greater rewards, but they are as rare as the gems they are made out of. Cherries: 15 – 200
Lemons: 25 – 250
Watermelons: 50 – 300
The highest paying symbol in the game is the royal crown. This is the crown that the king is wearing. Landing this will give you the biggest prize of them all and a place on the throne. Royal Crown: 50 – 1,000

The smallest bet that you can make in the game is a total of 0.01. The maximum bet that can be placed on the reels is a total of 10.00. The betting can be adjusted as you want from changing the setting located below the reels. You can choose the number of paylines you decide to bet on as well as the coin value. This allows for more distinct methods of betting and deciding how much you spend. Make sure that you are aware of the currency changes that are altered depending on which localized version you are playing. For example, the Canadian version will use Canadian currency. If you wish to view this paytable, you can do so by looking at the information page which can be found in the setting submenu.
King of Slots Paylines

The King’s Wilds and Free Spins

As this is built as a classic 5×3 reel slot machine, players can take part in the most standard bonus schemes that you can think of. This includes the popular Wild substitutions and the Free Spins bonus rounds. To add further additions, you can find a list of casinos from NetEnt that can show off special promotion offers and deals to give you more benefits. For now, here is what you can expect from the King of Slots.
The wild will be represented as the glowing blue gem with the word “Wild” written on it. If you land this, it will act as a substitute for any other symbol in the game. This means that any gaps you have in a potential combination can be automatically filled in, giving you the ability to make it valid and score a payout. It will take the place of the symbols next to it.
The Scatter of the game is a pink piece of candy. Landing a certain number of this candy will give you optional free spins. The purpose behind free spins means that it will spin the reels a set number of times without you having to bet anything else. The more of the candy you land, the more free spins are rewarded. Landing five will award 10 free spins. Keep landing the candy to get, even more, bringing you to a total maximum of 30.

Tips to Beat the King

Firstly, one of the best ways to gain some practice with something like this is by playing the free play version before starting the real thing. The demo can be available from the official site of NetEnt as well as any other review site that has it in their roster. A demo will require no real money deposits, no registration to be filled and no download speeds to put up with it. It can allow you to practice the game as much as you want without having to spend a thing or risk losing any of your real money in the process. Once you have had enough practice and got accustomed to the rules, you can start trying the real version out for yourself in the hopes of winning.
Some of the best tips to get yourself ahead is by aiming for those free spins. The free spins will maximize your winning potential because it can turn a small bet into a big win in the blink of an eye. Re-triggering them will expand these changes as much as possible, allowing you to earn much more than even the royal crown can give in a single spin. A 1,000-coin prize can turn into 30,000 if you can land the crown combination again and again. The Wilds can help with this. The more free spins you have, the more chances of the Wild will appear. Ergo, more chances of winning are in all these spins.

King of Slots Software Provider

NetEnt, also known fully as Net Entertainment, is one of the premium suppliers of gaming content for the whole online gambling industry. Their line-up of games includes incredible presentation, intuitive gameplay mechanics, and awe-inspiring animations. If you wish to experience something more complex than the King of Slots slot machine, you can enjoy more creative features like the Trollpot 5000 or Gods of Gold. Their newest title is the official Street Fighter II, based on the hit arcade fighting video game. They can take impressive ideas and turn them into a reality thanks to their inspirational team of talented developers.
It isn’t just a slot category they specialize in. NetEnt has focused heavily on its table content, creating a whole line-up of live tables like roulette, poker, and blackjack. Their aim is to provide quality entertainment in almost all fields so that everyone can enjoy the best this industry has to offer. After working for over 20 years in the business, they have found new areas to explore in digital entertainment and have made efforts to improve themselves with every release they offer to their operators. Their aim is to challenge themselves constantly so that they can push themselves further and further into new and exciting developments.

Verdict for King Of Slots

You can find simple solutions to a simple slot in this case. The game packs a lot of unique designs and creative features but makes none of them too complex so that it takes the fun out of it. A well-suited product for those that wish to have a more relaxed time gaming, instead of constantly worrying about an abundance of bonuses.

Frequently Asked Questions about King of Slots

🎁 How many free spins can be won in the game?
The initial amount of free spins that can be won is a total of 10. However, since they can be re-triggered, a maximum of 30 can be allowed at any given time.
🕹️ Are there any other bonuses?
King of Slots focuses heavily on the fact that its simplicity is its greatest feature. There are no other bonuses other than the Wilds and Free Spins, keeping things focused and relatively easy.
🎲 Can anyone play this game?
The game’s difficulty is well suited for anyone who wants to play, regardless of your skill level. Beginners can find the rules easy, and low volatility can offer a challenge for veterans.
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