February 15, 2019
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Keks Slot Machine Review

Well, this is a game that you don’t see every day. Keks slot machine is a very unusual and peculiar game that was developed by a Russian company called Igrosoft. It came out in 2009, and it has been very popular ever since. Whether this popularity comes from the sheer quality of the features or a very unique design, is difficult to say.
It is not clear where the inspiration for this video slot came from. Fairy tales obviously played a big part at the time of their conception, but this character is so distinguishable and unique that it’s very hard to explain. While most other free slot games usually pick an existing character to be the protagonist of the story, this yellow blob is something out of the ordinary. It is one of the nice food game variations, such as the Fruit Cocktail slot machine, etc.
There are 5 reels and 3 rows for players to bet on. The number of paylines isn’t all that great, but these 9 lines that exist are accessible from both directions, not just left to right. This review will focus on different features that are available in the game, but we’ll also mention its original design and symbols.

How to Play Keks Slots


As we have already mentioned, paylines are bidirectional. Each payline can also land a combination going right to left. You can let these silly characters play on their own with the help of an autoplay feature. Use the retro interface to set your bet per line. When you get a winning combination, your line bet will be multiplied a fixed number of times, based on the symbol that you got and how many of them there are.


There is an interesting selection of features in the slot machine free play no download version. What draws the most attention is the fact that there are no free spins.

  • Keks itself is a wild symbol that substitutes for almost every other symbol. The exceptions are a stove, which leads to a bonus round, and a black cat which is the highest paying symbol.
  • It is represented by the stove. Finding three of these will trigger a bonus game. The player gets to choose from five stoves. Some of them have food, but others contain only smoke. If you manage to avoid the empty ones and just get all the food, you’ll be taken to a forest. Beware of the wolf though, or your bonus round might be over!
  • Each time you receive your wins, you can try and double them immediately. A single card will be revealed, while four cards remain top-down. Pick one of them, and if you beat the revealed card, your winnings are doubled. Lose, however, and your entire stake is forfeit.


What might come off as strange about Keks free slots is that there is no coin value. In fact, all of your money is shown as credits, and all you can do is just choose how much you would like to bet. Your bet per line can range from 1 to 25, resulting in a maximum bet of 225.
There is an enormous jackpot to be had, 675,000 credits. That is more than what most players hope for. All you need are some golden paylines!

How to Win Free Slots Keks

Unfortunately, the RTP rating is not known. The payout range hasn’t been established yet, and it’s not likely going to happen at all.
Some things that you should consider if you want to be more successful are:

  1. Activate all paylines. You don’t want any missed opportunities, do you?
  2. Set the bet accordingly. Lower it if it’s too heavy on your bankroll. Lines are more important than a high stake.
  3. Wait for the bonus round. It’s highly rewarding, so it would do you well to play more patiently.

Keks Mobile Version

Free online slot machines often have their mobile counterparts as well. If it’s not a dedicated application, then you can usually at least access it from a browser. This one hasn’t been published as a standalone app, however, you can play it from a browser of your choice. It’s equally quirky and unusual on phones, so make sure to try it if that is your preferred device.

Keks Free Slots no Download no Registration

Canadian players looking to try the demo version shouldn’t worry. This site has it available for immediate access, so go ahead and give it a spin. Again, there is:

  • No download.
  • No registration
  • A lot to do for fun.

Sounds, Graphics, and Design in Keks Slot Game

Now, this is an area where this casino game excels at. It’s incomparable to any online slot machine that you’ve probably ever seen. The majority of this game takes place on a massive stove. The Colour palette used for the purposes of this game is special, to say the least. Bright, pastel colors dominate every symbol there is. These symbols are stoves, black cats, balalaikas, and rolling pins.
While the design is quite original, graphics are fairly outdated now. Since a lot of players have been spoiled by smooth animations and lightning, Keks might come off as a relic from a different era. Even if it is, it’s still a worthy game.
Despite being incredibly unique in almost every other aspect, sounds are ubiquitous slot machine sounds that don’t really add anything to this imaginative creation.

Conclusion about Keks Slot

Finally, it’s safe to say that the Keks slot has a lot to offer, both in terms of payouts and design. There are similarities to other slots, there are also many differences. Players from Canada have no reason not to try it, as it is quite an unexpected occurrence in an otherwise uniform industry.