May 5, 2020
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Play Baker’s Treat Free Slot Game

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Introducing the Bakery

There is always delicious food to be made, and you can find none other more amazing than at the fine establishment of Baker’s Treat slot produced by the talented developers at Play’n GO. The demo play creates a fantastical world in which you can enjoy some of the most scrumptious baked goods on this side of the market thanks to the game’s decent RTP. When you play Baker’s Treat for free, your mission is to line up slot symbols to create unique combinations and bake your own cakes and cookies to your heart’s content. The higher the symbols are, the more amazing the treat will be. You may even find bonus treats within the combinations, creating a more sophisticated flavour than ever before.
Play’n GO is delighted to present such new slot games like this, which takes place in the distinct British countryside. You can sit back and enjoy a peaceful garden, embracing the tranquillity as you partake in the delightful confections that exist before you. Many of the foods in the Baker’s Treat free slot no download are all taken inspiration from many well-known cakes and biscuits. Play’n GO have done everything they can to make sure the food looks good and the game itself is entertaining. Many gamblers playing this game will enjoy the food from around the world, including Canada, the USA and the rest of Europe.

Slot Description

Baker’s Treat slot machine will be held within a grant contest of chefs and bakers that come from across the country. Here they will battle it out to see who can come up with the best-baked goods in the competition. The concept is heavily based on the famous TV that shows in Britain. A contest to see who the best baker in our year is. As the player, you will be participating in this contest by landing symbols and coming up with your own tasty recipes. As your promotion grows, you can find more bonus ingredients to include and unlock more cakes as the game progresses.
You may find that some of these confections are based off many real-life recipes. Berry cake, blueberry pie, strawberry sponge and many more treats can be represented as symbols or the results of certain combinations. The game will capture what it is like to be a real bake-off TV show, with different bonuses granting you more time to bake or giving you extra ingredients to produce the best goods. The main feature will come from the amount of flour you add through Flour Power or by winning Bake-Off spins to earn stacks of desserts. Use every tool at your disposal to cook the big treats.

bakers treat slot reels

The Bonuses of the Baker’s Treat Online Slot

Here is a list of bonus features and special promotion campaigns that you can use to give yourself an edge in Baker’s Treat. That extra push you need to become the top baker in the contest.

  • You can win combinations of three or more from either side of the reels. This gives you more chances to win with little accuracy needed.
  • The Wild of the game is the Triple Berry Layer Cake, the prize staple food and substitute for all other symbols in the game.
  • Collect tokens for the stack of three desserts you land. These tokens can be spent to unlock the five Flour Power features. The Flour Power bonuses allow you to gain more spins, give you bigger rewards or add more Wild symbols.
  • If you wish to carry over multiple Flour Power bonuses, the Bake-Off round can be activated from the Scatter. It will grant an extra spin for every Flour Power feature you have access to. Not only that, but the features will carry over with every spin, giving you maximum winning potential.
  • You can get a maximum total of 10 free spins with the Bake-Off. This gives you plenty of time to gain the full five features but also grants you time to utilize those features for an extra five turns.

Slot Paytable

Here is the paytable that shows what all the symbols are worth. The range shows how much you can earn from that symbol depending on how many you land. The payouts represented below are based on the max bet.

Symbols and Their Description Payouts for 3 -5 Icons of a Kind
The small desserts in the game are the basic paying symbols. They come in five different colours and flavours. All of them are worth the same, so this gives you more chances to win. Plus, it is these different cakes that when landed on the entire reel, grant the Flour Power features. The blueberry cake, green avocado cake, orange cake, lemon cake and strawberry cake:
30.00 – 150.00
The Triple Berry Layer Cake not only is the Wild of the game but is worth the highest-paid rewards as well. Triple Berry Layer Cake: 150.00 – 3,000.00
The desserts can be found in the game which upgrades from the basic cake symbols. However, they are still worth the same. Desserts: 30.00-150.00

The paytable shows that there are not that many symbols that offer varied rewards. The variance itself mainly comes from bonuses of the five-coloured cakes. Different currencies will be represented depending on the location of the player, from GBP to CA.

baker's treat slot paytable

Tips to Use

As you have guessed from the paytable, there are not that many symbols to gain different payouts from. While the options are limited, the key to winning is all about collecting the Flour Power features. Flour Power is what grants you the unique abilities in gaining more winnings. Sometimes you can try and aim for more specific results by landing the correct-coloured cake you want. All the desserts can grant you free spins, but each of them grants their own reward. For example, the Lemon Cheesecake power can give you free spins with Wilds that expand across the reels. The Carrot Cake power can grant free spins and upgrade the orange cakes into Wilds.
The Bake-Off rounds are where things get interesting. Collecting your dessert tokens and unlocking these Bake-Off rounds allow you to combine multiple bonuses into one. It is very difficult to collect all of them. So, it’s best to aim for a double combination that works best in the long run. For example, using the Carrot Cake’s extra Wilds combined with the Lemon Cheesecakes expanding Wilds give you plenty of opportunities to earn winnings all over the place. No matter what, focus on gaining the Flour Power to provide you with the best chances of winning the Baker’s Treat game.

Earn Real Money at the Bakery

The Baker’s Treat free slot is an option you can take with no download time and risk to your actual money account. The demo version can be accessed directly from the Play’n GO site. To play the slot for free, simply visit the provider’s game selection and select the Baker’s Treat demo form there. You can now play the title using free play tokens and learn the game’s rules without any chance of losing real money.
If you wish to play the game for real money, this must be done by registering with a casino that has this title available, thanks to a partnership from Play’n GO. Once you have found the title at this operator, sign up with your personal financial details to be given access to the payment methods. Select a method and deposit money into your casino account to start playing for the real big winnings.

The Provider

Play’n GO has become a rising star in the online gambling industry. Their whole purpose is to provide stunning entertainment through improved gameplay mechanics and excellent modern development. They truly are a software provider for the modern online world, creating a rich tapestry of new content every month. Each new game they bring out, like the Baker’s Treat slot game, is equipped with unique features, more incredible animations, and bigger brands to work with. They have even designed slot machines that have been inspired by famous rock bands and performers.
Since their founding, they have won countless awards and global growth. Becoming one of the fastest-growing developers in the field, proving they are willing to improve with every step. This lets them establish powerful connections with companies that give them better access to technology and devices. All in the best interest of their customers and networkers.

Pros and Cons

Here is a list of the advantages and disadvantages of playing this game.


  • A game with stunning animations. Many of the artworks used in this title give every cake a unique style.
  • The bonuses allow tons of combinations and different styles of playing.


  • The paytable doesn’t offer many winnings or different variations for winning.
  • Despite great artwork, the backdrops for the game are not particularly detailed.

The Verdict

Baker’s Treat online is a delightful game that captures that majestic joy you feel when baking or eating baked goods. It gives you detailed, delicious treats and plenty of different ways to bake what you want and in your own way.

Frequently Asked Questions about Baker’s Treat

🎰 What Is the Game’s RTP?
Baker’s Treat RTP is calculated at around 96%.
❓ Where Can You Find More Info on the Game?
The game itself has a detailed information page you can access from the bottom. The Play’n GO webpage also has information for you.
💰 Does the Game Contain More Payouts?
The worth of the symbols will come from how many bonuses you obtain. Otherwise, all cake symbols and the Wild symbol will be worth the same throughout.
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