May 5, 2020
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Introduction to the Epic Heist

It’s time to step up to the plate and plan the biggest robbery of a lifetime with the Art of the Heist slot game, created by the popular provider Playson. In the Art of the Heist online, players will be enjoying a funny, wacky and action-packed adventure in the quest for their winnings through an intricate robbery. You will be planning every manoeuvre, every step, and every reward to obtain as you land combinations to get through more and more obstacles. Playson has decided to go all out with this 3D, high-definition game by including incredible visuals and stunning animations.
Watch as the symbols burst with life as you land them correctly, with each priceless artifact giving you a touch of historical significance. When you play Art of the Heist for free, the backdrops and setting is almost lifelike, creating an atmosphere that gets you all tense and excited. The demo play has also a unique style to it as you get captivated by the magic of the night sky. It makes you feel like you’re in a proper heist movie where your mission is to steal all the riches of the museum. To Playson, this is a fresh new take on gaming with a decent RTP of the Art of the Heist slot.

Art of the Heist Online Slot Description

The greatest thief who ever lived, Vincenzo, is planning the biggest heist of their thieving career. In this Art of the Heist game, players will be joining Vincenzo as he needs your help to pull off this amazing scheme. After all, thievery itself can be classed as an art-form. It takes dedicated courage to see it through, along with elegance and poise to perform it without mistakes. So much time and effort go into these heists and it’s Playson’s mission to show how much time and effort has gone into this title.
Art of the Heist slot game aims to give you an experience like no other, putting you directly into the shoes of a thief through its clever feature games and artful designs. You will be facing many oppositions in this museum, avoiding lasers and traps to land the correct symbols and place them into your treasure bag. If you unlock bonus paths, you can find new ways to win money using your incredible senses. The Art of the Heist free slot has many combinations and different choices for you to make. Playing the game is all about asking yourself “what is the best way in and the best way out?”

art of the heist reels

The Bonuses That Come with the Heist

Art of the Heist contains many bonus paths and promotion schemes to help you steal those treasures with style, either making things easier or giving you riskier but rewarding treasures to find. Here are some of the advantages you can take:

  • The Wild of the game is the golden treasure chest. This can substitute all other symbols in the game except for the bonus symbols. Use it to earn more combinations.
  • The bonus symbol is the famed painting. This painting will activate the bonus, free spins game if you earn more than three in a row.
  • The bonus game is when the player must select the variance of alarm switches. Guessing the correct one in the time limit will turn off the alarm. You must also find the correct number of keys to unlock the vault to the Super Bonus. However, be careful of guards as they will take keys away from you if you are not careful.
  • The Robber’s Pathway is a special mini-game that acts alongside the main game. Landing the space symbols will move Vincenzo along the path. Whenever he lands, different bonuses can be awarded. Make it to the end of the pathway to enjoy free spins.

Paytable of the Heist

Here is the paytable of the Art of the Heist game. Here you can look at the various payouts that will be rewarded of each winning symbol combination.

Symbols Payouts for 3 to 5 Icons of a Kind
The traditional card numbers reward the lowest pay in the game. With the space symbol coming just underneath it and the museum itself slightly above. J, Q: 0.05-0.75
A, K: 0.05-1
Museum: 0.25-1
The second tier is the symbols that affect the Robber’s pathway – either the mummy that binds Vincenzo or the guard that detains him. The statue also rewards the same. Mummy: 0.30-2
Guard: 0.3-2
The highest paying symbol with standard payout is the royal crown – a prized treasure of the museum. Royal Crown: 0.4-3

Tips to Be a Successful Thief

There are many things to keep track of in this game. The Art of the Heist slot machine contains a lot of mini rounds for you to take part in whilst you are also spinning reels to win the basic payouts. The one game that will always be in the back of your mind is the Robber’s Pathway. When you land the space symbols, shown as a small hacking device, Vincenzo will move closer across the board. Making it to the end is how you win free play spins in here. However, there are other symbols to watch out for that will halt his progress. Stepping on the guard will freeze Vincenzo for three turns. Any symbol that affects his progress on the board will have no effect. The mummy symbol will cause Vincenzo to move two spaces back out of fear.
The Bonus round is good for getting the biggest prize of the slot but requires careful planning as the player will need to fulfil two objectives. Firstly, they must select the correct alarm symbol to run off the alarms guarding the painting. Finally, they need the correct number of keys to unlock the vault to the painting whilst avoiding the guards, who take them away. These games all provide, an exciting and fun challenge that makes the game move faster and become more exhilarating with each progress that’s been made.

Play the Heist for Real Money

If you wish to play a free demo version of the game, the Art of the Heist demo can be found on the Playson site. There you can use a token to play this slot with no download time or extra processing. From then on, you can enjoy the slot to your heart’s content, learning the rules, getting acquainted with the mechanics and checking how well you are – a perfect time to get in some practice before playing the real money version.
If you wish to earn real money, then you must first register yourself with a casino operator that is partnered with Playson. Odds are, they will have the Art of the Heist slots available on their site. Once you have registered with an account, simply select your payment options and deposit real money into the game. That way you can play for real and earn big winnings.

art of the heist paytable

The Provider of Art of The Heist

Playson has become the pioneer in building connections and creating innovative games for the modern era. The titles they produce to cover all sorts of styles and can work well with many of their promotional offers and special projects. They are most known for their competitive tournaments that have a lot of different themes with games that match up to it. Players can win extra rewards by playing their titles and ranking up the leaderboard. Playson are also dedicated to teaming up with other well-known brands to produce some of the highest quality of games that are available on the market.

Slot Pros and Cons

Here is a compiled list of reasons why you may or may not wish to play Art of the Heist. A list of advantages and disadvantages that highlight some of its more unique aspects is given below.


  • A visually stunning game – the slot really pops to life with its cartoon-like style and beautiful backdrops around the museum.
  • Fun and engaging mini-games that provide a real challenge for the game whilst also being easy to learn. Very action-packed for what it’s worth.
  • Plenty of entertainment to keep players interested with new updates in each round.


  • The game has plenty of opportunities to win but difficult to gain with so many requirements.

Verdict for Art Of The Heist Game

Art of the Heist is an awe-inspiring game that really brings out the high-definition tech of modern gaming, thinking outside the box with new features that can bring out the best in online gaming. The slot is a marvel of impressive innovation in adventure gambling.

Frequently Asked Questions about Art of the Heist

❓ What Is the Slot RTP?
Art of the Heist RTP is around 96%.
✨ Is the Game Part of a Playson Tournament?
As of now, the slot is currently not in any planned event but could be in possible future.
💎 Where Can You Play the Game?
Playson has a CA site as well as other areas so it can be found in Europe, Canada and other places.
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