July 20, 2020
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The 7s Wild online is a fantastic slot created by the talented developers of the software provider, IGT. Their developments in bringing a slot machine that perfectly captures the style of a classic casino is what makes them the number one favourites for online gambling veterans. The 7s Wild slot machine will have everything you need in a traditional 5×3 grid, from the delicious fruits to the outstanding liberty bells, and, of course, the prize-winning lucky number 7. All of which can help you gain a big win as you continue to play 7s Wild. It is available in both Canada, the US, the UK, and many other countries connected to IGT’s stellar network.
7s Wild Slot IGT

Describing Our Lucky Number

The 7s Wild slots are all based around the fundamentals of casino gaming. The game chooses all your most beloved elements of the franchise to create stunning segments that tickle the nostalgia bone. The background itself is based around the starry night of the Las Vegas skyline, just with even more stars to view. Every symbol and every design are created so that it can replicate that classic casino feel you just love when it comes to gambling. Even when you win, you can expect to see a bunch of coins and bright lights to come out as you are congratulated for your fantastic skill on the show.
The 7s Wild casino game, however, works a lot more complex than just a singular slot machine you will find in your everyday land-based casino. Since it is a 5×3 reel grid, players will be competing on the same level as every other slot online that is produced by software providers such as IGT. This includes gaining several bonus mechanics and special promotion prizes as well. You will be placing your bets, spinning the reels, and activating these bonuses in tandem with landing the combinations needed. Both the old and the new mix well together to create a game that is suitable for all types of players.

Benefits of the Lucky Number 7

The 7s Wild slot game will have just what you would expect from a five-reel game combined with many more opportunities to win prizes. With only five paylines, you can get bonuses and great rewards. The rules of getting them are almost the same as in the Kitty Glitter slots. This includes free spins and other forms of the Wild. After all, the game is named after it, so you can expect to earn some terrific benefits from this specific feature. The RTP is calculated at around 94.04%, and the volatility is high. Just play at a leisurely pace and enjoy your pastime with the 7s Wild.

The Paytable of the Lucky 7s Wild

Here you can find a compiled list of exactly what each symbol in the game will be worth. It is important to note that although every icon has a value, this can change depending on the number of times you land that specific icon. For example, if you land five of a kind, this payout will be worth so much more than just landing three of a kind. It’s also important to know that it will also change depending on how much you bet. Here is what you capable of winning if you make an average bet:

Symbol Description Symbol Value (3x to 5x)
The basic tier of symbols is the common fruits of the table. These are the oranges and cherries that can be found in most casinos online. They will be the lowest prices but can be found the most common. Cherries: 2 – 100
Oranges: 3 – 150
The second tier of symbols is the higher paying ones: the glorious purple plum and the shining bell. You can find these as more iconic slot symbols, meaning they are worth more but are rarer. Plums: 5 – 250
Bells: 10 – 500
The highest paying symbol is, of course, the lucky number 7. The glowing red number that will be with you for the majority of the game and offers the greatest rewards. lucky 7: 20 – 1,000

The smallest bet that you can make in the 7s Wild slot is a total of 1.25. The highest bet that you can make in the game is a total of 150.00. This betting range is big, but it will change depending on the number of coins and the coin value size, which you can adjust accordingly. Simply use the setting located below the reels to change your bet. Note that the currency of the version you are playing will also change the outcome of the bets. For example, the version for Canada will use Canadian dollars, and the UK version will use GBP currency.

The Wilds and Free Spins in 7s Wild

As expected, you can find a ton of different variations that can change things up in the game to give you that extra boost to win more often. 7s Wild has just what you need starting from the very symbol that it is named after.
By landing the 7s, you can activate what it is called the special Free Spins Round. You have to land five of them in a row in order for this to be triggered, so make sure you grab them all when you can.

7s Wild Slot Free Spins
Once this is activated, the player will be rewarded free spins for them to use to maximize their score with a single bet. This can be retriggered again if you desire. What starts off as five extra free spins can eventually turn into more.
During the free spins, the lucky number 7 can transform into a flaming 7 Wild. This specialized symbol will gain new power and be able to substitute any other icon in the game. This allows gaps to be filed in possible combinations. This means that when you activate the free spins, you are given almost instant chances of winning, making the bigger prizes be won that much easier.

Tips and Strategies to Win The 7

If you wish to start practising beforehand so that you can get a good feel for the game, the free play version will be readily available so that you can get started. You can find the demo available on the official website of IGT or from their very own review site, as well as others like it. The download will work exactly the same as the original, so you can have fun enjoying everything it has to offer without risking any of your real money in slot games. Keep practising, so you can tackle the real thing in no time. It is the truth not only for this slot game; but also for many other, for example, Cleopatra free slots.
The best strategy to win the largest prize of 5,000 is to quickly gun for that Scatter. The 7s are where it’s at, so you must land all of five of them as quickly as possible. Once you have leapt over that difficult hurdle, it’s smooth sailing from here on out, as the Wilds will finally be available to you. This means that you can be granted extra special treatment with the generous winnings. Scoring the 7s another five times will net you even more extra spins, which can lead to a potential reward of over thousands of dollars.

The 7s Wild Slot Provider

IGT, also known as International Gaming Technology, is a creative conglomerate of talented people who work towards making a better community of gamers for all online fields. Whether it’s through gaming, communication, or target marketing, IGT has all its bases covered through the power of incredible designs and impressive work ethics. They have teams that work across the globe to collect some of the best intelligence out there in order to constantly improve and reimagine. Right now, they have made live gaming in over 4,000 lottery-based retailers and are hoping to improve even further their portfolios of online free slots no download.
Examples of some of their other games include products like Hexbreaker. With over 59,049 ways to win, this game has invented new systems to integrate seamless gameplay with Crystal Curve cabinets and a new and improved MultiWay interface. You can also have a go at games like Zodiac Lion. An inspiring slot that used incredible animations to bring to life incredible artwork.
In terms of recent events, IGT has already established Play Digital and Play RGS Solution, creating new solutions to problems found everywhere within the online gambling industry. They have also announced that they have made over .2 million worth of jackpots thanks to their new line of progressive jackpot games. With each new step, IGT is hoping to improve every single day, hiring more talents from all over the world and establishing a greater sense of connection.

The Verdict about 7s Wild

What you see is what you will get when it comes to this game, and what you will find may become more rewarding than you ever could have imagined. Inside this, will be simple solutions to complex conundrums, giving the player an easy understanding of what they must do for them to get themselves a big prize to walk home with. It’s all or nothing, with the bigger bets giving you a chance to become a big winner when you download 7s Wild.

Frequently Asked Questions about 7s Wild

How many free spins are rewarded?
You can gain up to five free spins every time you land a maximum of five Scatters on all five reels. These can be triggered during the activation
Are there any regular Wilds?
The only type you can get from this is from activating the special bonus round. Until then, the lucky 7s will only be active as a regular winning combination.
What is the max jackpot of the game?
The maximum amount of winnings you can gain from the basic features is 5,000. This is from triggering the five free spins and gaining the 1,000x reward every single time.
Are there any other symbols in the game other than fruits?
While you may have found card numbers in other traditional slots, the fruits, bell and 7 are what you will find in this one. This helps make things easier by giving you less to get confused with.
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