October 15, 2020
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Introducing the Valley of the Gods 2 Slot Game

The Valley of the Gods 2 online is the highly anticipated sequel to one of the top Egyptian themed slots created by Yggdrasil. Explore a vast temple that takes you to another world. The world is full of bonuses, treasures, and the power of ancient deities. In the game, you will be sent right into the thick of it with new twists on the slot machine genre. The game has even more tricks to watch out for with expanding reels and a bunch of new features. There is always something new to find behind the stone pillars, so explore to your heart’s content.

What Is So Unique about Valley of the Gods 2 Slots?

The outer layer of the reels is invested with a thick gold coating. This is a video slot with an 8×6 grid setup. A total of eight segments will be available on the last sixth reel, with three segments being available on the first one. They will go up in size for every reel, forming the shape of a pyramid laying down. This matches both the theme of the slot as well as adds possible new paylines to win on. Every win entices the music of the gods, with sparks and flames sparkling out at the screen.

Valley of the Gods 2 slot machine sets you in deep within an Egyptian temple. There are tall pillars that surround every corner of the screen. As a sequel to the last great title, the surrounding background is bigger and better than ever. You can choose to have either a night-time theme or a dusk-filled theme. The more time you spend playing, the farther the sun will pass to fundamentally change the surrounding area. Whether the walls reflect the sun’s rays or the moonlight shines through the palm trees, you can enjoy a peaceful setting as it will be the reels that will be grabbing your attention.

Benefits of Playing Valley of the Gods 2 Casino Game

To play Valley of the Gods 2, all you must do is spin the reels in order to win certain combinations. The higher value the identical symbols have in the combination, the bigger your prize will be. It’s possible to score multiple combinations during a single spin if you land them on more than one payline. The total number of paylines is 240, but this can extend up to 20,160 lines thanks to the in-game bonus features. Players can enjoy an RTP of 96%, meaning that there is a fair chance for people to win prizes whilst they play.

While playing, you can enjoy a high-graphical slot that is filled with tons of special effects and features. You can activate bonuses with special symbols and expand the reels to create more winning opportunities. Maximum winnings can exceed over $500,000 with the correct symbols and bonuses activated. Volatility is set to a medium-high level.

Valley of the Gods 2 Online: Symbols and Payouts

Each symbol in the slot is worth something different. Below you will find a paytable that can show you exactly how much each symbol is worth. The more of a kind you can land in a combination, the bigger your prize will be. The payouts will be different depending on how much you have bet into the game. You can view this paytable from the main menu and check the payouts whenever you change your bet. Here is what every symbol is worth with the stake of €2:

Symbol Description Symbol Value for 3 – 6 of a Kind
The basic paying symbols are the traditional card numbers used in most casinos online. These are all shown in different colours so that you can differentiate them quickly. Land them to score standard prizes. 9, 10, J: 0.80 – 4.00

Q, K, A: 1.20 – 8.00

The second tier of symbols is the gods, who stand on the lower level. These can offer significant prizes but not as big as the higher ruling deities. Anubis, Horus: 2.00 – 12.00

Sobek: 3.20 – 16.00

The highest paying symbol in the game is the all-powerful ruler who sits high on her throne – the great goddess Bastet, whose cats are in the running all over to fulfil her desires. Bastet: 4.00 – 32.00

Extra Features

Valley of the Gods 2 has a lot more promotion to offer compared to its predecessor. The bonus features used in this title have more options to win than ever before. Here is a compiled list of what to expect:

  • The Wild of the game is the Scarab. Landing this symbol will let you substitute all other symbols. This gives you more opportunities to win by filling in gaps for possible combinations.
  • There are two types of scarabs, that if landed correctly, can unlock two types of bonuses for you to make use of.
  • The Red Scarab beetles give extra life to everyone you collect. This translates into free spins, which can help you win more prizes.
  • The Golden Scarab beetles activate Wild Reels. This means that you can fill up a whole entire reel with Wilds, allowing more combinations to be gained than from using a single one.
  • Free spins can be triggered automatically whenever you score a win. The Red Scrabs will enter the reels the moment all blocks have been destroyed from scoring a prize on the free spins. Only then can you use the extra lives to provide yourself with more free spins.

Tips to Win Real Money

If you want to start winning some real money, you can try having a go at the free slot version you can download on the official website of Yggdrasil. This will let you download Valley of the Gods 2 without having to invest in a casino or spend any real money. This will let you practice to your heart’s content and see if you can learn all about the rules, so you know what to expect. The free play version will work exactly the same as the original, so you have no fear of anything different happening when you are ready to play for real money.

When it comes to gaining a big win, you must aim for the scarabs and gain free lives. The extra lives can be used as free spins. You can only get these red scarabs if you clear all of the blocks away. Scoring a win, no matter how small it is, will give you a respin and clear a block away. Gain wins to get more chances of earning even more wins. This is how you chain them together and earn the biggest prizes.

The Provider of Valley of the Gods 2

Yggdrasil is one of the top software providers in the industry, with dozens of games to their name and a cool premise that resonates with all of their titles. Yggdrasil really focuses on the creativity and variety of their casino games. They go out of their way to find new themes that haven’t been explored before. New concepts that create interesting stories and backgrounds that players can enjoy whilst they play. Things such as gods, myths, literature, and other strange concepts have all been used to create slot games like no other.

This is what sets Yggdrasil apart from any other software provider and is what makes them so popular with a strong community of online players. They have worked towards bringing these fantastic themes across multiple platforms, thanks to their adaptive technology and other improvements towards gaming. This is what’s led them to win an award such as Best Innovator of the Year 2019, 2018, and 2017 three years in a row from the International Gaming Awards.

Conclusion for Valley Of The Gods 2

This new and improved sequel has so much more to offer that can bring in a lot more players than its previous instalment. With new Scarab bonuses and an unlimited amount of free spins, there can be no end to the number of big wins that can be received from hours of playing. If you want classic Egyptian fun with the blessings of new features, then Valley of the Gods 2 is where you can come to fulfil your fantasy and then some.

Frequently Asked Questions about Valley of the Gods 2

⚡ What other games are by Yggdrasil?
Other delightful games with wonderful concepts can exist as Elemental Princess, Hades and Victoria Wild.
⚡ Where can I play for free?
You can find the demo version available on the official Yggdrasil website or from an online review site such as this one.
⚡ Is there a jackpot?
There is no official jackpot in the game, but you can earn lots of winnings through the bonus mechanics.
⚡ Where can you play this game for real money?
You can play the real version on a casino website of your choice.
⚡ Where is it available?
You can play in the UK, Canada and other parts of Europe. This will switch currencies such as the Canadian dollar, for example.
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