August 25, 2020
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Introducing the Triple Double Da Vinci Diamonds

Triple Double Da Vinci Diamonds online is one of the top games presented to you by the talented provider, High 5 Games. Using incredible new features to provide an everlasting array of prizes, this 5×3 reel slot machine will entrance you into a casino filled with all kinds of jewels. Using the shine and sparkle of these gems will be your key to gaining a big win. The Triple Double Da Vinci Diamonds slot machine has all kinds of tricks hidden behind the contraptions of the famous painter. As you may have guessed from the title, the Triple Double Da Vinci Diamonds can double or triple the fun element.

Describing the Art of the Generation

Double Da Vinci DiamondsFrom the moment you download Triple Double Da Vinci Diamonds is all about sharing the latest works and paintings from the famous renaissance artist. Heralding from the Florenzi era of Italy, Leonardo da Vinci had created many working of talented beauties. The most iconic painting is the famous Mona Lisa, with her wry smile and astonishing looks. Not only is the famous painting included in the game, but also various jewels and gems that you can expect to find from the most glamourous of necklaces. These jewels represent the rewards that can be bestowed upon the player if they play their cards right to secure the most ground-breaking parts of Italian artistry.
When you play Triple Double Da Vinci Diamonds, you are playing for the right to have these no download slot paintings all to yourself so that you can win the amount of money they are probably worth in real life. The gameplay itself is based around the idea of painting an elegance using a brush to highlight some of the most fabulous prizes. Every facet of the Triple Double Da Vinci Diamonds slot game is to make all the works of art come to life in new and exciting ways. The more you win, the more you will get to see for yourself just how incredible these works of art are.

The Benefits of Da Vinci Diamonds

Being technically a sequel, you will notice right off the bat how the double in the title is crossed out with the triple sign taking its place above. That is because this is to be expected from the Triple Double Da Vinci Diamonds casino game, as you can now have the chance of tripling your winnings as well as doubling them. With a game that has a total of 40 paylines, you can be spoilt for choices with these many methods of winning. The RTP is also calculated at around 97.01%. This means that there can be a very generous prize pool to take part in. The bonuses themselves also relate to a levelling system that means you can score more and more prizes the more you play.

Triple Double da Vinci Diamonds Paytable

Triple Double Da Vinci Diamonds SlotBelow you find yourself a paytable that allows you to check exactly how much each symbol will be worth in Triple Double da Vinci Diamonds. This paytable will calculate different payouts depending on the amount you have bet and the version you are currently playing. For example, if you are playing the game in Canada, you will be paid in Canadian currency. The amount you can win is also determined by the types of symbols you have and how many you have of them. Five of a kind will be worth more than three of a kind. Here is what you can win with the small bet of 1.20.

Symbol Description Symbol Value (3x to 5x)
The lowest paying symbols are the various gems that can be found most commonly on the reels. These gems can be used to secure yourself plenty of worth before tackling big projects. Blue and white gems: 5 – 100
Yellow gem: 5 – 125
Green gem: 5 – 150
Red gem: 8 – 200
The higher tier of symbols is the few paintings created by the artist that can be worth a lot more once the bonuses have been activated. These can range from combinations up to 15 once the bonus has been applied. (3x to 15x)
Maiden: 10 – 6,000
Lord: 10 – 7,500
The highest paying symbol in the whole slot is the Mona Lisa herself. Being the most prized possession owned by the painter, it can be worth a lot more than the other two paintings. The same rules apply to the 15-icon combination. Mona Lisa: 15 – 10,000

The minimum amount that you can bet into the slot is a total of 0.40. The max total that you can bet is up to 80.00. The max bet win offers the most in terms of payouts. Betting can be adjusted accordingly by using the settings located on the bottom right half of the screen. Changing the bet will, of course, change the payouts. You can view more information on the payouts by looking at the information page found under the plus button on the top right side of the screen.

Wilds and Free Spins in Triple Double da Vinci Diamonds

Here is where things get exciting about the Triple Double Da Vinci Diamonds slots. The titles of double and triple actually apply to the Wilds, since they can offer even more ways of substituting symbols so that players can win even more money.
The Wild is represented as the game logo. Upon looking at it, you can tell which one it is from the bright font of the title. This can substitute not only the different jewels, worth the lowest prices but also the Painting. Not only that, but they can also be substituted for double or three of these paintings.
The reason for this is because the paintings themselves can come into both double form and triple form, showing their faces that a number of times. If this happens, that means they can be accounted for twice the worth of the original, meaning they can replace the added number of other symbols in the potential combination. For example, the triple Mona Lisa can be worth three Mona Lisa’s in the combination. This lets you scoreless for more, so to speak.
If you wish to get a hold of some free spins so that you can take advantage of these, the Scatter is where you got to focus on landing. By landing just one of these Scatters, you will unlock the Free Games bonus. Once this is activated, players will be able to enjoy the double and triple Wilds more prominently. Meaning that it is only through this special promotion will the players be able to gain the biggest prizes of them all.

Tips and Strategy to Beat Da Vinci

It’s always best to try and gain some practice first before you start playing the game for real money. The free play version will allow you to play without having to worry about any risk to your finances. It also works exactly the same as the original, meaning you can truly get a taste of what you are playing before the real rewards start flowing. You can find this demo available on the official site of High 5 Games as well as from any review site. There will be no download or registration required of you.
Once you have enough experience, the real version will take some getting used to, as you will need to start looking for the double and triple artworks to get some seriously big winnings. The main strategy would be to get a hold of the Scatter first, as that can guarantee more chances of these types of bonuses appearing. Chain them together so that you can get the most out of a single bet. Sometimes an online casino will have special offers like more free spins to help you out when you start playing. These can come in very handy, so choose your online operator carefully before you start playing for real money.

Triple Double da Vinci Diamonds Provider

High 5 Games is a promising, fresh provider of creative content. They have already started selling games to providers in over six different continents, developing both online and land-based products for a whole range of official brands and companies. Their online portfolio is exceptionally proud of their developments in online gaming, creating other games like Secrets of the Forests or Golden Vault Pharaohs. Over 150 games are at their disposal and are being custom made for multiple different benefactors that suit their own unique themes and tastes. This helps increase that adaptability at providing for everyone’s needs and establishing a bigger network than ever seen before.
High 5 Games is always on the lookout for fresh talent. Calling them their “High fivers,” they employ people with many types of skills, providing a safe space for people to let their ideas shine through.

Appraisal of Da Vinci Diamonds

Triple Double Da Vinci Diamonds is worth every bit of the jewels, as you can guess. The crowning achievement of a game that introduces multiple ways of winning by employing just a simple added feature that can change everything. It is because of this new addition that the game becomes so much more fun to play and a whole lot easier for players to gain a win than from its previous predecessors.

Frequently Asked Questions about Triple Double Da Vinci Diamonds

What is the highest jackpot you can win?
The highest amount that can be won is from the Mona Lisa symbols, using a combination of 15 of them to gain a total of 800,000. This is with the max bet made.
How many free spins can you gain?
All you need is just one Scatter so that you can acquire the Free Games feature. A total of 10 will be rewarded regardless of how many you land.
What are the official titles of the paintings?
The most famous painting is the Mona Lisa. The other portraits are named “The Lady with an Ermine” and “The Portrait of a Musician.”
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