May 22, 2020
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Super Hot Fruits Slot Review

Super Hot Fruits slot is the newest slot created by the developers at Inspired Gaming. The slot game is created with the mindset of the classic casino gamer, mixed together with those that want more out of it. This means that they wish to have the slot games free no download of old but have newer gameplay features such as Wilds, Scatters, bonus games, good RTP and so much more. The game is made to cater to this kind of audience.
Inspired Gaming hopes that the Super Hot Fruits slot machine will deliver on this promise and impress their audiences with its more creative functions. Inspired Gaming has produced similar slots that focus on the older types of gambling, including themes that have been with the industry for many decades the past. Thanks to Inspired Gaming’s impressive network, the Super Hot Fruits game will be available in multiple countries, including Canada, the US, and most parts of Europe. A demo play will be available as well for players to gain a taste at this flaming new title. So, anyone can play Super Hot Fruits for free.

What is Super Hot Fruits?

As mentioned before, the Super Hot Fruits slot is all about giving players that chance to play the classic slot machines of Las Vegas without having to make any trips or jumps in time. However, due to how drastically the world of gambling has changed, it isn’t fair to not give the game an exciting modern feature or two. This helps keep the fresh aspect of modern gambling into the slot but still retains the presence of traditional gambling at its core. When playing the game, you will notice how every sound and every animation is built on this premise to keep up the designation of true slot gaming.
Fruits have always been the most memorable part of an old-fashioned slot machine. But the modern twist with this is that these fruits will be flaming hot. The flames of these fruits will get bigger and hotter with every win that the player earns. This slot can offer the biggest reward in the game once the fruits indeed get Super Hot. While it may sound like a lot of pressure, the cartoonish style and artwork will help give you an easy impression to show that this is indeed a fun game to take part in.
Super Hot Fruits Slot Review

The Bonuses of Super Hot Fruits Online

Here, players will be given plenty of opportunities to gain bigger rewards with every spin. To list them, here are a few options for you to learn from so you better yourself and see what awaits you. The bonuses and promotion offers have exactly what you may need:

  • The Wild of the game is a staple for any slot machine in the modern world. This will substitute any other symbol in the game so it can fill in the gaps for possible combinations. This will certainly help in granting you more chances of winning untold treasures.
  • The Hot Spin round is what you should aim for getting, as this will grant you a lot more features to utilise. To activate this round, simply score a win with a net worth of 4x your initial bet. Once activated, this 4x multiplier will apply to any win you have scored during this round, letting you score big wins as you keep the Hot Spin rounds going. When you activate it, these will count as free spins but with your initial bet made. You can decide to not activate this round by declining the wager when the game gives it to you.
  • During the Hot Spin round, you can also gain access to the Stacked Wild. This appears only in the middle reel, and it acts as a Wild that can fill up the whole reel entirely. This means you can essentially have one Wild act as multiple, giving you the chance to earn more combinations by having many slots filled at once.

Super Hot Fruits Slot Game Paytable

Here is a compiled list of what all the symbols in the Super Hot Fruits online slot are worth. Different tiers of symbols will be worth different variance.

Symbols and Their Description Payouts for 3-5 of a Kind
The first tier of symbols is the many different fruits that make up the game’s delicious theme. All of these fruits are worth the same. Blueberries, lemon, orange, and cherries are all worth 10-150.
The Purple plum is worth slightly higher at 20-200.
The second tier of symbols pays up slightly higher than the basic symbols, enough to score big wins but not the wins needed for larger rewards. Watermelon and bells are all worth between 50-400
The highest paying symbols in the slot are the lucky number 7’s and the priceless crown that sits atop the game’s title. This crown and 7 symbols will be enough to earn you the Hot spin round. Lucky number 7: 75-500
Crown: 100-2,500

Different currencies and payouts will be determined by location. CA currency will be handled by the Canadian version of the game, for example.
Super Hot Fruits Slot Paytable

Tips to Be Good at Super Hot Fruits Slots

The Hot Spin round is activated if you score a prize that is equal to 4x what your initial amount was. Once this has been activated, the next round will depend on your choice. You can choose to wager your initial bet in the free Hot Spin rounds or decline the offer and wait for another chance to get it.
This is where the strategy will come into play. Not only can you gain bonus winnings, but you can gain more through the Stacked Wild in the middle reel. However, you can choose to wait until you have scored 4x or more with an even bigger bet you have made. That way, you can use this bet instead to wager in the Hot Spin rounds and gain bigger rewards than what you could have won with a smaller bet. Regardless, you will still need to meet the 4x requirement, so earning this with a bigger bet will mean you need higher paying combinations to get them.

Super Hot Fruits Demo and Real Money Version

The trial version is available on the official site of Inspired Gaming. This demo will let you gain enough practice by playing the game with free tokens used instead of your actual bank account. This money will let you win play without the fear of losing anything real, letting you be relaxed as you learn the game’s rules, how it plays and what is the best way for you to win. You can find the Super Hot Fruits free slot version on game review websites as well.
To play the slot for real money, you will first need to find the casino that has the game available in its roster, preferably an operator that has a connection to Inspired Gaming. Once an account has been made on this casino, you can then select a payment method and deposit real money into the game with no download speed. After that, it’s up to you to score a win and see how well you do.

The Provider of Super Hot Fruits

Inspired Gaming, also known as Inspired Entertainment, is a company that focuses entirely on bringing quality entertainment to players from all around the world. Over 146 years of experience leading this name, being a provider for not only the online gaming industry but for land-based projects as well. It taps into all sorts of technological wonders, such as virtual sports, 3D gaming, sophisticated slot machine and much more on offer. Even their leisure products are created with the ease of their audience and helping bring complete satisfaction with how they present their ideas. Mobile gaming, especially, owes a lot to the hard-worked efforts of Inspired Gaming advancements.

Pros and Cons of Super Hot Fruits

Here is a list of advantages and disadvantages that the game shows. This list will give you the summarised impression of what is to be expected in the game itself.


  • The game delivers a classic experience for players who are major fans of the old games, giving you new features to take part in as well.
  • The hot fire aesthetic is a joy to look at and really captures the essence of old casino games with its designs and artwork.


  • Apart from the Hot Spin round, there really isn’t any more bonuses to take advantage of.

Verdict for Super Hot Fruits Game

This slot is everything you want for those that enjoyed the simpler times back then, where fruits offered amazing winnings with bells and Lucky 7’s. With a new feature to carry on the excitement, you can play the game with burning eyes and a fiery passion.

Frequently Asked Questions about Super Hot Fruits

What Is the RTP?
Super Hot Fruits RTP is calculated at around 94%.
How Do I Get the Stacked Wild?
You must activate the Hot Spin round in order to gain access to the Stacked Wild.
Where Can You Find the Game?
You can play the free play version on the Inspired Gaming site or play for real money through a casino that has it thanks to the partnership.
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