May 25, 2020
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Play Siberian Storm Free Slot Game

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Welcome to the Siberian Storm Slot Game

Have you ever wanted to prove your worth by climbing one of the most dangerous mountains alive? Well, you may not be flying there anytime soon, but you can play a slot machine that is centred around it. The Siberian Storm is a slot created by the software provider, IGT. Spin the reels on a 5×6 shaped grid in a diamond formation. The first and fifth reels have 3 segments, which extend to the middle reel, which has six. Up to 720 paylines are available to land winnings on and many daring bonuses to give you that big win to reach the top. Keep an eye out for the Siberian Tiger, as he may hold the secret to overcome this great obstacle.

First Impression of Siberian Storm Casino Game

siberian storm online slot
As you can expect, the land of Siberia can be a cold and desolate place. Especially high in the north where the mountains, caves and snowy peaks are at their worst. Storms, wind, rain, and hail can be the absolute death for the unprepared. This free online slots no download wants to capture everything that can be so exhilarating climbing a mountain this treacherous—feeling the wind on your face and the epic climb that comes with it. What’s more, is that a major focus is on the Siberian Tiger, also known as the White Tiger. This deadly mammal is the key mascot of the game and will be the centrepiece of all the symbols involved.

The reels will be shaped like a diamond. The middle reel will have six symbols to fit and will decrease in size on the outer reels. This newly formed reel grid will be set against the snowstorm that is behind it. Whenever you score yourself a win, the mountain will roar with achievement as you scale upwards to reach the summit. Scoring bonuses as well will also lead a path through to the summit and will tie in with the theme of the slot. The white tiger will be watching your endeavours closely to win the biggest treasure of them all.

Advantages of Playing Siberian Storm Slots

Play Siberian Tiger to earn yourself some incredible winnings by matching up rows of symbols using the specialized reel design. With up to 720 paylines, there are multiple kinds of combinations you can use to do this. You can certainly try and score multiple combinations on multiple paylines, earning you more than one reward during a single spin. Other special symbols will be in place so you can score that much easier. Perhaps add bigger totals to your overall winnings in general.

RTP is calculated at around 96%. This gives fair chances of winning. Volatility, however, is fairly low. But this should not be too detrimental since the RTP is average. You can win a lot through small winnings, even without the help of the bonus features. If you used to play different slots before, such as free slots Cleopatra and so on, you could try this gameplay to enjoy.

The Paytable of Siberian Storm Slot Machine

siberian storm online slot paytable
The paytable is what you must look towards for any sign of what the symbols will be worth to you. It’s important to check the paytable regularly as different factors will cause it to change accordingly. If you change how much you are betting, the potential payout size will also change according to a newly selected bet size. Localization will also be different. Canadian currency will be used if you utilize the Canada version. Here what the symbol combinations will be worth if you make a bet of 1.00:

Symbol Value Symbol Description (3x to 5x)
The basic paying symbols are the different necklaces and jewels that come with Siberian culture. This tier includes three different colored stones, a horn to signify where you are, and a golden necklace with a red outlining. The green gem, purple gem: 5 – 50

Blue gem Horn: 5 – 100

Red Necklace: 15 – 125

The second tier of symbols is the two types of tigers that can be found in the mountains. The large Siberian tiger and the rare White tiger. Both of them can offer you a bigger reward if you ever land them on the reels. White tiger: 20 – 300

Siberian tiger: 25 – 400

The final symbol that is worth the largest reward of them all is the game’s logo. With an explosive background and memorable font, it is hard to miss an icon as eye-catching as this one, as you wouldn’t want to miss the huge treasure that comes with it. Game Logo: 50 – 1,000

Bonuses and Features of Siberian Storm Online

You can utilize special promotion packages to help give you useful benefits to improve your playstyle. These bonus features are available in the game and can be activated by using the special symbols found within the reels. An exclusive feature that comes with only a few select games will also be available here as well. Here is what to look out for:

  • The Wild of the slot is the white tiger as he travels alongside the word WILD. This acts as a substitute for all other symbols and can help benefit you to gain more prizes by filling in gaps in possible combinations.
  • These Wilds can also stack on top of each other, which can fill up more segments of the reels for more chances of winning.
  • The Scatter is the Eye of the Tiger. Landing three or more of them in a row will land you up to 8 free spins as well as a bonus multiplier on top of it. The multiplier will add 50x your initial prize.
  • The free spins can be retriggered again if you land the same Scatter even more times during the free spins themselves.
  • The special feature is the MultiWay Xtra. This means that when you play, the combination can be landed from either side of the reels. It means not just from left to right, but from right to left as well.

How to Beat the Siberian Storm Game?

Nothing can beat a bit of practice first in order to get used to the game and its features. This is why players download Siberian Storm as a free version to play so that they don’t have to bet away any real money. The demo can be brought up from the official site of IGT, and it will utilize free play tokens instead of actual cash. That way, you can bet away without any risk coming to your own finances. No extra download time or registration is needed. Once you are ready, you can take on the real thing, which has no difference whatsoever.

The key to winning big amounts in this slot is all to do with the Scatters. Gaining those free spins gives a massive 50x multiplier. That can lead to over 50,000 coins for you to gain, and that is just with the small bet. The Wild can also help with this to secure yourself the winnings in the first place. As long as you collect the Wilds and stack them on top of each other, the wins can come flowing in. Make use of the special MultiWay Extra feature, too, as this can make things a little easier for you overall.

Game Developer

IGT has worked for years to develop its gaming technology to create new and exciting games. Working towards new game mechanics, creative design choices, and innovative genres help them improve the world of online gambling. They have connections to many casino establishments that help with their expansion into the global market. More recently, they have helped out North Dakota by releasing their new portfolio. The portfolio includes games like HexBreaker, Zodiac Lion, and poker products such as Super Star 2.

Summary of Siberian Storm

If you want to take part in an exhilarating trip down one of the vastest landscapes in gaming, then this is the slot title that can help you reach your highest potential. Siberian Storm has so much to offer with new and exclusive features that separate it from all the other slots out there. You can enjoy them yourself knowing you can be in for some major winnings that can lead to riches as high as the mountain.

Frequently Asked Questions about Siberian Storm

Where can I play for free?
You can download the official demo by entering the IGT site, or you can access a copy from any of the review pages like this one that covers the game.
What is the MultiWay Xtra feature?
This exclusive new mechanic allows combinations to be landed from both sides of the reels. It means not from just left to right, it covers the right to left also.
What casinos is the game available at?
Casinos that are powered by IGT offer this game to play.
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