February 15, 2019
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Dazzle Me Slot Machine Review

All that glitters is not gold, sometimes it’s a sapphire and sometimes a ruby. Dazzle Me slot proves that there are other valuable and precious materials that could make the player equally wealthy. Gemstones are the centrepiece of this NetEnt casino game that came out in 2015.
It is very common to see jewels and other luxurious items when playing video slots. They are, after all, a decent incentive to keep playing and tell the story of a great fortune to be had. The same goes for the Dazzle Me slot machine and its endless pool of beautiful gems such as rubies, emeralds, sapphires, and amethysts. There are also two classic symbols that you will immediately recognize, the number 7 and a bell.
The layout is a bit different than what most players would expect since there is a varying number of rows. There are 5 reels with only three rows to start with, four rows on center reels, and five rows on the final reel. This kind of layout is more commonly referred to as a 3-3-4-4-5 layout. There is a total of 76 fixed paylines that you can enjoy. Each payline begins at the leftmost reel and proceeds to the right.

How to Play Dazzle Me Free Slots


Compared to some other free online slot machines, Dazzle Me doesn’t really provide a lot of special symbols that help players throughout the course of the main game. There isn’t a single wild symbol for example. However, NetEnt makes up for it by adding an overlay reel that provides stacked wilds from time to time. Here is an overview of each feature that you should expect:

  • Dazzling Wild Reels. All reels have a chance to turn into wild ones on each one of your spins. If this feature triggers, you will recognize it by all of the symbols on that reel becoming diamonds. They represent wild symbols and replace any other, aside from the scatter symbol.
  • Free Spins. This one is quite easy to make out since it’s etched on the symbol itself. This is a scatter symbol that awards additional spins based on how many of them appear.
    Scatters Free Spins
    3 8
    4 12
    5 16
  • Linked Reels. This feature appears only during extra spins. All reels except for the last one have a chance of becoming identical in terms of symbols and their position. How this works is that reels 2 and 4 copy the results from the source left of them.

There are no bonus rounds, so extra spins are the best feature you can hope for.


Set your bet level and coin value on slot machine free play mode so that you can test these options in a no-risk environment. There are ten bet levels that you can try, and any winning combinations that you land will be multiplied by your bet level. Your bets can go as low as 0.20 per spin if your bet level is 1 and coin value 0.01. Crank it up all the way to 200 per spin with bet level 10 and a whole coin.
Everyone is secretly hoping for a jackpot of course, and if you manage to fill each of the five reels with 7s, you will receive 152,000 on max bet.

How to Win Dazzle Me Slots

Players often like to take a look at the RTP rating of a game they find enjoyable, to assess their odds and evaluate the risk. As far as winning is concerned, the RTP value is estimated to be about 96.90%, which is quite a high payout range.
An interesting question is how to make the best use of this RTP, and make it happen in your game as well. First of all, fixed paylines mean that players always use all of the available lines to achieve wins. This leaves very little room for modification, forcing players to come up with good strategies as to how much they should bet. Secondly, a lack of bonus games and features makes playing this game a fairly straightforward experience. So, here are a couple of things that you can do to improve your chances a bit:

  1. Review your strategy.
  2. A higher bet level is more important than a higher coin value.
  3. Wait for free spins or dazzling wilds.
  4. Use the autoplay feature carefully.

Of course, the final and the most important piece of advice is to try the demo, since all free slot games are there to get you acquainted with the system.

Dazzle Me Mobile Version

These days it’s quite common to do all of your gambling from a mobile device. Luckily for those who intend to play, there is a mobile version of the game called Dazzle Me Touch. It requires your device to be in a landscape mode in order to play it, but you will find that all relevant features are still there.
Some casinos will require you to register before accessing the demo game, but you can try it here without such constraints, and just play for fun before playing real money.

Dazzle Me Free Play

This is the place where Canadian players can try free slots no download no registration. The same goes for this slot, so give it a spin, no strings attached!

Sounds, Graphics, and Design in Dazzle Me Slot

The first thing that comes to mind is how appropriate the title of this game is. Gemstones are indeed dazzling. Beautiful, bright colors decorate both symbols and the blurred background of the game screen. As much as free slots Dazzle Me looks attractive, what draws even more attention are animations. Both Dazzling Wild and Linked Reels have astonishing animations when they are triggered. They become these radiant sources of energy before revealing what they have in store for players.
Sounds are calming and peaceful, reflecting how players should feel while they’re playing this masterpiece. Landing on a golden payline plays a very catchy tune evoking success and victory.

Conclusion about Dazzle Me Slot

Overall, this slot will leave a very good taste in your mouth. Incredible design and bright colors make it even more rewarding than it already is. Few symbols that this game possesses increase your chances of winning a combination, which is also the reason why there are no regular wild symbols.
All in all, both casual and professional players in Canada will find what they’re looking for in this online slot machine. It seems better suited towards casuals, however, its RTP and valuable jackpots are not to be dismissed too easily.

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