Play Crazy Monkey Free Slot Game

Play Crazy Monkey Free Slot Game
Play Crazy Monkey Free Slot Game
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Play Crazy Monkey Free Slot Game
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If you are looking at a slot game that is easy to understand and while away the time, Crazy Monkey slot machine is a title that you can easily look up. The software developer is Igrosoft, and it is known to offer different kinds of casino games. If you are new to this category, this title would be an easy one to try.

Crazy Monkey slots comprise nine paylines and five reels, and RTP remains unknown. It is designed in an old-fashioned way without too much complexity in graphics and animation. It would have an appeal to casino players who have been around since the olden days, trying out the arcade slots and seeing the coins rattle below the screen.

Special characteristics of the title comprise of bonus games, wild symbols and payouts that are lucrative. There is a jackpot feature included as well to increase your wins. As one can make out from the theme name, it is all about a monkey who is wild-eyed and follows genetic code for their kin, namely shinnying up trees and gathering bananas.

The symbol of Crazy Monkey is the main icon to follow which is also high paying. It is a cheap and cheerful title to try and win since Igrosoft free slots Crazy Monkey and gameplay that is not difficult to understand.

How to Begin?

Those who are new to such titles can start the following way:

  • Log in to a casino site where this title and others from Igrosoft are available.
  • Many casino portals have bonuses offered for players who wish to try Crazy Monkey free slots for fun; they can simply use the no deposit bonuses or try a game in demo mode.
  • Once a player decides to wager they need to register for an account.
  • Upon opening the software, it is possible to check out bet options on the bottom of the screen.
  • The bet amount can be decided by using the + and – buttons for increasing or decreasing the amount they wish to bet upon the reels.
  • There are a minimum and maximum bet range within which a player needs to wager.
  • Once the paylines to spin are set, the spin button leads to the lines moving.
  • Autoplay is another option which also sets the reels moving as per a fixed number of times uninterrupted.

Symbols and Rules of This Online Slot

There are certain icons and rules that are specific to the title such as:

  • Title specific symbols are Crazy Monkey as well as other items as can be found in a tropical forest which includes bananas, lions, pineapples, monkeys, butterflies, anvils and snakes.
  • Anvil is not found in a tropical forest, but it is included here.
  • Wild symbols comprise of a golden skull which can substitute for other symbols and forms winning combinations.
  • If a golden skull is found, it transforms a golden payline to offer 2000 claims.
  • Four of the skull icon pays 500 while three pays a tonne.
  • Five icons lead to 5000 as payout and 1000 comes with four.
  • Five lion icons lead to 500 coins while five pineapple signs are equivalent to 200.

Game Appeal

There are several aspects that appeal in this old-fashioned animated Crazy Monkey slot. There are solid payouts available for grabs along with bonus games and wild symbols. Jackpot comprises of 5000 coins; the game theme is about the wild-eyed monkey and its exploits.

Design of the slot is simplistic. There are bright colours along with basic animation and icons that are sketched in a simple way. Reels are seen in the backdrop where a jungle scene is created. Grass and flowers fill the edges of the screen.

A monkey is seen in the reels below as it rolls its eyes and flails a banana. The usual buttons are found on the bottom of the screen, and a player is free to choose manual lines for spinning between one to nine.

Bonus Games

There is a bonus round included in the reels as slot machine free play. By landing three symbols of the monkey, this round is activated. Bonus round comprises of part one, where the player needs to help the monkey pull some ropes. Some are connected to bananas while others connect to anvils.

If the anvil falls on the head, the monkey and the bonus round expires. In round two all bananas need to be scooped up. In the subsequent phase, two boxes are given with monetary prize concealed in one which a player needs to guess.

Gamble Feature

This is included in this casino game just as it is found on the other free slot games. Players stand a chance to try doubling their money by the guessing game. Risk round comprises of four cards that are concealed; if the card of the gamer is of higher value than the dealer’s, then the payout is doubled.

Payline Table

Symbol 3 in a line 4 in a line 5 in a line
Lion 30 100 500
Golden skull 100 500 2000
Pineapple 20 50 200
Anvil 200 1000 5000

Mobile Slot

This title can be looked upon mobile casino sites or apps to play. The mobile browser will allow a player to try the title easily as free slots no download no registration. Many casino sites also allow a Canadian player to find the title and try it without registration.

Parting Thought

Many people like the simplicity of simple graphics and design, and that is what Crazy Monkey is all about. This particular title can be found in different casino websites among free online slot machines. Once a Canada site is found a player can try the different features and bonus rounds. There is variety to intrigue experienced slot enthusiasts while newcomers can easily pick up the different features as found on the reels.

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