December 5, 2019
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Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Gamblers!
Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Gamblers!

Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Gamblers!

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The Yuletide season is here, and it is time to put a smile on the face of gambling enthusiasts. For casino operators, a Christmas gift for gamblers will improve customer loyalty, and also increase brand awareness. Not only will this make the customers feel valued, but they will also feel that they have chosen the right destination.
For those that have friends who are gamblers, the task to choose a Christmas gift can be a hectic one. So Top Canadian Casinos team have searched here and there and found the best options. Here are the top ten Christmas gift ideas for gamblers that we highly recommend.

Gift Cards

Casino_gift_cardA gambling gift card works like a physical gift card. Typically, you buy this card and give it to someone you love, and then that person can use it to buy chips to play. Online, the card is electronic. Individuals can buy it in several denominations, and then input the email address of their intended recipient. Then, the recipient will use it to deposit funds into his casino account. Examples of online casinos that have these promotions for Canadian players are: This works well because the casino that offered it has a guaranteed income. Also, it can boost member count if the card recipient is not yet a member, considering that the card will only work in a particular casino.

Slot Machine MagnetCasino Gifts Magnet

Magnets work great as a gambling gift for branding. As you distribute magnets, your players will put these on their refrigerator doors. They will always be reminded of the great time they had with your online slots. These magnets should be ideally big and should show at least the total reels. These reels must show the different symbols of the slot machine or just one symbol that has the biggest win, like the wild or scatter symbol.


Table game Casinopoly Casinopoly is a board game that is heavily based on the branded game Monopoly. It is a physical board game where players take a turn to move their pieces, and then buy real estate. The person who accumulates the most wealth wins the game. Here are the benefits of giving it away as a Christmas gift:
  • It reminds people to play their favourite games;
  • It enforces friendship among gambling enthusiasts;
  • It can be an add-on to games like Monopoly, blackjack, roulette, and others.
While this present may be expensive, it surely is going to be worth the returns from loyal customers, as recipients will never forget who they got their board game from.

Product Name Puzzle

This is relatively affordable to give away for the holidays. A great suggestion for casinos is to print branded puzzles, and these puzzles must show games people played once in their lives like slot machines, blackjack tables, roulette, tables, and so much more.Casinos Puzzle Here are some recommendations:
  • The puzzle must have the brand of the game developer and the casino;
  • Casinos must print puzzles for slots and other games;
  • Players must have an option which puzzle to get if they qualify for the freebie.
Puzzles must be easy to build, and it would be best if they come with a frame. It should serve as a memento for the player, and improve brand awareness if his friends see it posted on a wall.

Lucky 777 Cap

Lucky 777 CapThe cap is a wearable item that makes a person proud of what he does. This is best given away to slot machine lovers. The Lucky 777 is a globally recognized symbol for 777 slot machines. A cap is a great item for holiday giveaways to slot machine lovers who still have not won the jackpot. They are not meant to be worn, but rather as displays in a showcase of a gambling enthusiast’s room. Give caps to loyal players, and make it an item that is earned rather than won. This should spike the participation of slot machine players in their desire to get this cap. After all, this is a limited edition item, and they cannot buy it anywhere else.

Man’s T-Shirts or Women’s Nightshirts

slots girl nightshirtEverybody loves shirts. If you decide to distribute shirts as your gifts for casino lovers, they must be of high-quality, and they should contain a sense of humour. Here are some slogans we recommend:
  • The Queen of Slots
  • Quitters Never Win
  • Poker King
  • I Will Give Up Gaming Tomorrow
Shirts make an impact as themed gifts, and recipients would appreciate that they got an item that others will never have. Make sure it is a gift and not something they can buy from a store

Roulette Shots Drinking Game

roulette drink gameThis is a game that has a roulette wheel. The outside edge has numbered black and white shot glasses that you can fill with alcohol. The inner wheel is the actual roulette wheel that rotates. A player has to spin that wheel and must drop a ball. Once the spin is over, he has to drink the content of the glass that corresponds to the number where his ball landed. This is a great giveaway that not only gamblers would appreciate, but all people who love parties. While this game is commonly available online, what you can do is brand the roulette wheel to make it more personal.

A Game Timer

Game TimerA game timer comes in many forms. Basically, it is a device that does a countdown. Once the time is over, it will ring. This is great for individuals who want to manage their gambling habits. Timers can come in the form of an egg, a pen, a watch, a simple block, and so much more. To do this right, you must add your casino brand to remind a player that he got it from you. Those who see it, but don’t have it yet, are likely to covet the item sign up for an account, especially if it is a reward and not just randomly gifted to lucky players.

Las Vegas Christmas Cards

These are physical cards that showcase the beauty of Las Vegas. With this giveaway, your players no longer have to go to Las Vegas. All they have to do is to keep on playing online and receive these cards. Vegas Playing CardsA Las Vegas Christmas card has no monetary value. Rather, it has sentimental value. Make it humorous, and make the cards huge. Use stunning photos of the Las Vegas skyline, the iconic welcome signage, and other icons that will reinforce the experience of gaming to the card recipient.

Invite to Casino New Year’s Eve Parties

The last one on our list is to invite players to a party. Many casinos host an annual New Year celebration with their employees, and you can include one gamer to participate in this momentous night. It is a one-of-a-kind experience, and players who get a chance to participate will be talking about it for the rest of their lives. Christmas is about giving, and what better way for a casino to celebrate but to give stuff away? Out of these ten gambling gift ideas, what do you think best fits your business brand?Casino New Year Party
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