April 14, 2020
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Play The Legend of Shaolin Free Slot Game
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The Legend of Shaolin game is the legendary slot created by Evoplay. Inspired by kung-fu legends of old, players will be having a blast reliving these tales through grand adventures. Experience action-packed gameplay through exciting reel spins filled with untapped potential. You can play slots free no download or register with an operator to win real money. Use all kinds of combinations to relive the exciting legends of Chinese history and win yourself prizes while you’re at it. Evoplay promises a world full of possibilities and daring adventure for those who wish to take up the mantle and claim it.

What Is It About?

As part of an oriental series of games developed by Evoplay, The Legend of Shaolin online slot is another slot that is heavily inspired by an aspect of Chinese culture. Shaolin is a style of martial arts, also known as kung-fu, and is the largest and oldest fighting technique in its history. In this slot, the player will be using this martial art to score themselves incredible prizes. The game will take place in a temple where their symbols will be spun, and your quick reflexes will be needed to land the correct combinations. The more you train, the better your chances of winning the bigger prizes.

Special Features

The Legend of Shaolin Paytable

Here are a few of the special bonus features and promotion games that you can use to your advantage in the slot:

  • Whenever the player gains a win, they can choose to gamble this winning to double the money. Spin the fire and water disc to land on the side you choose to win the game.
  • The Yin Yang symbol can add different multipliers depending on where you land it and how many are landed.
  • Land the golden gong symbol to give yourself 10 extra free spins and enable new features during those rounds. Trigger more Wilds, add more multipliers or earn more free spins to keep the chain going.

The Legend of Shaolin Paytable

Here is a table that showcases the payouts you can receive from the different symbols.

The lower-tier symbols are all based on different weapons. Fighting sticks, knives, axes and a trident.  They are worth 5x, 25x or 100x for 3, 4, 5 of a kind you land.
The higher tier of symbols is the fighters in the temple. The blue fighter and the yellow fighter In order of the number you land, they are worth 15x, 75x or 250x for 3, 4, 5 of identical icons.
The highest symbol in the game is a monk. It awards 750x for five of a kind.

Tips on How to Beat the Game

To win successfully in this insane tournament, it’s all about biding your time and going for the perfect strike. Gambling your money with the fire and water disc is a good way to place a bet in hope of earning more money. Aiming for the Scatter symbols is your best bet at triggering a multiplier chain. Unlock the free spins to gain more multipliers and more Wilds. Once this is done, you can earn more free spins as well depending on the different symbols you land. It’s all about finding the correct symbols to trigger more bonuses to win more prizes altogether.

Play the Legend of Shaolin Slot for Free or Real Money

You can download a free demo version of the game by visiting the official site of Evoplay. From their game collection, you can select The Legend of Shaolin free demo and give their game a go. This version will use free play tokens that will let you play the game without accessing your own money. To play the game for real money, you must first register with a casino that has access to this game. Once you have made an account with this casino and have selected a payment method, you can then proceed to deposit real money into the game.

The Legend of Shaolin Provider

Evoplay is an incredible new provider that focuses on providing extensive technological improvements to creative and luxurious games. Evoplay slots are aimed mainly towards the new and the inspired, taking culture and mythology to transform them into something extraordinary. The technology used to make these games are completely mobile optimal, allowing high-definition graphics to be available to you whether your playing from your mobile or on a desktop. Whatever you want, the software supplier works towards bringing the best of both worlds by encouraging their developers to deliver visually stunning work with innovative gameplay. The “evo” part stands for evolution after all.

Become a Part of the Legend

Evoplay has worked hard to create a visually stunning game that pays homage to one of the most famous martial arts of the whole world. Respecting the culture through visual storytelling, they have added a lot of detail into this slot so that your senses will be overloaded with impressive animations and fast-paced gameplay. The high-definition quality that comes from Evoplay’s work is a great example of how they use these graphics to immerse players in a full fantasy world. The gameplay itself reflects this with many ways to use tactful strategy to keep players on their toes.

Frequently Asked Questions about The Legend of Shaolin

❓ Where can you find a free demo of the game?
You can play the game in its free version from the official website. You may be able to find a demo on review sites.
✅ Why are the symbols weapons?
Although the game is based on martial arts, there are many different weapons that use this type of fighting style. Nunchucks especially, are a common practise for Shaolin kung-fu, which is why they are worth a little bit more.
💡 Which operators can you find The Legend of Shaolin?
Search for Evoplay powered casino sites. You can also visit review sites to see the list for yourself.
🚀 How many paylines are there?
In the game, there is a total of 9 paylines for you to win combination on and earn prizes.
⭐ What is the The Legend of Shaolin RTP?
The RTP variance is calculated at around 92.7%.
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