July 13, 2020
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About The Great Conflict Slot

Many gamers look for an action-packed slot that will engage them in their period of play. Evoplay, through its resourcefulness, launched the Great Conflict slot which has taken the gaming world by storm.f
It is one of the slots that will have you spend the whole day before your screens and still want more. During gameplay, you are prompted to battle your way to the top. This means that you have to keep battling, and whenever you fail, you have to rise again because higher levels offer more thrill and excitement.
The Great Conflict online slot introduces you to a battleground. You take up the role of humans who battle orcs until they are no more. The spinning activity is full of action as you run the reels towards various rewards. Do not forget about the massive bonuses and big wins that make the game even more infectious. What else can you look for in a game, other than lucrative bonuses and great ecstasy?
The Great Conflict Slot Game Evoplay

Features, Payout, and RTP

The Great Conflict slots are among the newest releases by Evoplay, and it features a matrix of 3 rows and 5 reels. With 20 paylines, gamers have a variety of options to place bets. The game is built with high precision, providing a touch of gambling and gaming in one setup.
The provider created some explosive visuals that complement HD graphics putting the free slot above the rest. The HTML5 technology used for programming is just but the icing on the cake.
The Great Conflict slot game ranks at medium volatility, with an RTP of 93.17%. This means that your total returns, in the long run, will be 93.17%, which is quite fair.
The minimum bet amount is 0.1 coins, but you can go as high as 500 coins if you do not mind the impact on your bankroll.
This slot has a free play mode where you can play for mere entertainment. This mode does not require you to open an account. Instead, you simply log into the game site and play instantly. However, for you who need the adrenaline rush and the buzz of winning cash rewards, you must create an account in a Canadian casino and deposit money. No need to worry, because the game is loaded with some mouth-watering prizes.

The Gameplay and Theme

As the title suggests, this slot is great, and there is no other way we can define greatness without mentioning the epic soundscape and drama that the game offers. Game symbols appear on the reels in the form of orcs and humans.
The first impression will tell you that they are almost similar, but the initial step is for you to distinguish these characters. While orcs have human-like features, they are rather ugly with evil intentions. Therefore they are the agents of aggression that you have to fight in the game. Players can also find more other symbols that include makeshift homes for the orcs as well as fortresses. However, the game lacks the alphanumeric symbols that are common in other slots.
While creating this slot, the provider was focused on the pictorial value. As you play, you could be tempted to imagine that it is an entire process in which the earth was built. This is about the complicated nature in which the slot is layered. Players love these details, as characters keep popping up along the game session.


The Great Conflict Paytable Evoplay
Each side has its own symbols as shown below

Human Symbols

  • A blue watchtower
  • Yellow dragon
  • Blue shield
  • Brown giant
  • Frost creature
  • Skull
  • Human

Orc Symbols

  • A red watchtower
  • Green dragon
  • Red shield
  • Purple giant
  • Fire creature
  • Skull
  • Orc
Symbol For 5 For 4 For 3
Blue watchtower/ Red watchtower 3.5 1.2 0.5
Yellow dragon/Blue dragon 4 1.7 0.6
Blue shield/ Red shield 5 2.5 0.8
Blue shield/ Purple shield 12.5 5 1
Frost creature/ Fire creature 20 10 1.5
Skull 20 10 1.5
Human/Orc 20 10 1.5

Why You Should Play the Great Conflict Slot Machine

Gamers are treated to massive benefits that occur in the form of bonuses. The first one includes free spins. Unlike other slots, the Great Conflict slot machine features three types of free spins, each for orcs, humans, and battles. Those of orcs and humans bear 5 free spins, and you also earn some random wilds upon the reels.
However, battle free spins are triggered if the player wins a human, orc, and portal wild. In this feature, you enter into a mini-battle where the game presents some enemies. The player needs to select your side and hit the enemy to earn some points. While it is loaded with fun, the feature appears randomly.

Variety of Wild Symbols

The Great Conflict online slot is also unique in the sense that it features four different types of wilds. This number is quite ideal because it increases the chances of creating winning combinations.

The human and orc Wilds

The human and orc wilds show up on reels two and four, respectively. However, they do not appear during the game’s special feature.

The portal wild

The portal wild is the one that triggers the special feature when it combines with other forms of wilds. This is the point at which the battle wild is introduced.

Battle wild

The shield symbol acts as the battle wild, and it acts just like the normal wild symbol where it substitutes all other symbols.

Orc wilds

Orc wilds have even more functions. For instance, during the game, some of them turn into expanding wilds to give you more chances of winning through increased combinations. You will receive all payments from wins, starting from left to right. In this case, the line with the highest reward will be paid as you receive more combinations that are multiplied by each line bet.

Winning Strategies for Both New and Ardent Players

The Great Conflict gameplay is quite simple, because the rules are conventional, just like other slots. Remember that the game is optimized to play on all devices. Therefore, once you visit the game site, you need to create an account where you will deposit your bet amount. This is only when you want to play the game for real money. In case you want to play just for fun, you can ignore the registration process. All players from Canada can play this slot directly from our site – no registration, no download, and free from all charges.
The next step is for you to adjust the bet limits. The Great Conflict casino game is quite flexible, where you can select a minimum bet limit of 0.10 coins, or you can bet a maximum of 500 coins. Once you are done with the bet amounts, you are good to go. Simply press the spin button and watch out for the results. Any player is said to have won if they match three or more symbols on the reels.
The game variance is medium, meaning you will earn a few rewards as you advance in the game. However, some huge prizes will also come up occasionally. This slot has both low and high-value symbols. The highest payout that you can derive from five symbols of a kind is 20x upon your bet. On the contrary, the least payout that you can get from three symbols of a kind is 0.5x the bet amount.

About Evoplay Slot Provider

Evoplay happens to be the provider for the Great Conflict slot. The company came into the gaming market to fill the innovative gap that existed in many aspects. You will find the finest experts that generate instant games, table games as well as slots.
Evoplay was launched in 2003, but it now records more than 60 varieties of games. It poses great competition to pioneer companies with its latest designs that suit the modern gamer. Although it is headquartered in Ukraine, the management has established working relationships across the world, building partnerships in Europe, Asia, and other parts of the world.
There is another branch in Malta that specifically offers licenses under the Malta Gaming Authority. To reinforce security for its customers, the company has held plans to add another licensing program under the UK Gambling Commission to take care of the overseas markets. With all these precautions, the company has guaranteed safety and security to its consumers. More features include HTML5 technology and RNG certifications, which imply that all personal and bank details for players in every game are safe from third-party interference.
Some other popular games offered by Evoplay include Egyptian Gods featuring a theme about Egyptian history and beliefs, FruitBlast which is a reincarnation of the fruit machine, Journey to the West which tells the story of a novel with the game’s name, and lastly is Necromancer featuring various types of ghouls appearing in 3D version.

Closing Word

If you are interested in themes that explore the conflict between half-humans, half-monsters, then the Great Conflict online slot is the best slot for you. The game features an impressive 93.17% RTP, and you stand a chance to win the spoils of their war. Be sure to check out the demo version on our page to test if the MMORPG genre suits your gaming preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions about The Great Conflict

✔️ What are some of the benefits available while playing the Great Conflict slot?
This game has many bonuses in the form of free spins and wilds. There are four types of wilds that boost your chances of creating winning combinations. Free spins will give you more gaming chances with just a little bet amount. And if you’re playing with real money, you can grab some generous promotions from your casino too.
🎰 Can I play the Great Conflict slot game on mobile?
Absolutely. The Great Conflict casino game is designed to be mobile compatible, and you don’t need to download the Great Conflict slot. You can play the slot using your mobile browser, and the features are designed to fit and remain functional in all screen sizes.
💸 What is the highest payout offered by the Great Conflict slot machine?
The maximum payout of the Great Conflict slot game is obtained when you land five symbols of a kind, where you will be awarded up to 400x your initial wager.
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