February 15, 2019
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Super Joker Slot Machine Review

Whether you’re nostalgic about retro slot machines that you used to enjoy back in the day, or simply find three reels to suffice, Super Joker slots might be right for you. If you take a look at this old-school Betsoft release, you will find that it is not in fact so old. This online slot machine came out in 2014, which speaks volumes about a widespread interest that still exists for classic games from another era.
This slot machine free play no download version is an excellent way for Canadian players to familiarise themselves with its pros and cons, and make further decisions based on their own experience. As a matter of fact, classic games are not for everyone. It takes more than a small measure of patience to be able to handle the slowly-building payout. Video slots like this one are not rare, which reinforces the point that they have a steady following.
This game takes place on 3 reels and 3 rows, forming a once-ubiquitous 3×3 grid. There are 5 fixed paylines to win on, and you will usually not go wanting more on such a small grid. However, there is another 3×3 grid above the first one, but we will review it in greater detail later.

How to Play Super Joker Slot Machine


Despite the lack of features that might seem horrendous to modern punters, retro slots like this one pack a surprising punch. It just takes a lot longer to land though! Also, you can forget about using an autoplay feature, since there is none.
It’s not that hard finding what’s what on slot machines such as this one. There are only a couple of controls available, namely Collect, Bet, Max Bet, and Spin. You can also adjust the value of your coins.
Super Joker free slots tend to play in a linear way, and there isn’t much a player can do about it. All payouts are visible on your screen at all times, so you can plan accordingly.


There are no special features in this casino game, at least not in the form that we’re used to these days. This means that there are no wild or scatter symbols, and definitely no bonus rounds. However, an additional 3×3 extra grid with 5 lines comes close to what we would call a bonus game. Each time you earn money, you can either collect it or decide to try your luck on the extra grid. Here are some things you ought to know about this bonus game:

  1. Your wins need to be 20 or more to enter.
  2. You always pay the highest possible bet if you have credit available.
  3. Possible bets are 20, 40, 100, or 200.
  4. You can collect your winnings at any moment.
  5. To enjoy Joker bonuses, you must enter the extra grid with either 100 or more winnings.
  6. If you bet 100 coins, Joker will count only on the middle reel. Bet 200, and it will count on all reels.
  7. You can see your remaining coins in the Supermeter.


There are only two possible bets for you to make, 1 or 10 coins per spin. However, you can manage the value of these coins which range from 0.02 to 1. The jackpot is 2,000 coins, which amounts to 10,000 if you get it on each payline.

How to Win Free Slots Super Joker

When it comes to free online slot machines such as this one, it is very difficult to establish the payout range. RTP is unknown, and it’s probably going to remain that way.
One of the reasons for this, and also a very good tip, is the lack of features that prompts players to play more cautiously. Taking it easy is the only way to handle games such as this one. Everything besides the jackpot itself is negligible, so in order to amount to anything:

  • Play for 1 coin instead of 10. It will be much more difficult to enter the extra grid using just 1 coin, and nigh impossible to bet 200 on it. However, the payout on the regular grid is not that much worse when playing for just a single coin, and you might actually pool some wins together.
  • If you do decide to insert just one coin, make it count. Increase its value to 1, otherwise, this game is going to be that much longer and require twice as much patience.

Super Joker Mobile Version

Super Joker slot is currently not available on mobile devices. It cannot be accessed through any of the browsers, and there are no applications that you can download in order to alleviate this.

Super Joker Free Slots No Download No Registration

For players based in Canada, this game is available for free on this site if you want to play it for fun. No registration is required, and there is no download. You can jump right into it.
Make sure to try the game for free, before paying any money.

Graphics, Design, and Sounds in Super Joker Game

Free slot games such as this one focus on the design of a slot machine the most. You can see a detailed image of it, and it quite resembles those that can be found in a brick-and-mortar casino. Lightbulbs flash to let you know what you won, and also to remind you that it’s time to spin some reels.
Sounds are exactly what you would expect. Slamming that spin button makes an almost heavenly sound. It might get a tad repetitive, but you can decide that on your own. Hitting the spin button while on an extra grid makes a slightly different sound though. We would go as far as calling it festive!
Symbol choice is also similar to that of classical games, so there are fruits, 7s, bells, and of course the Joker.

Conclusion about Super Joker

There isn’t much left to be said. Games like this one tend to polarize the fan base, as players often divide into those that simply love it or hate it. The Grey area is almost non-existent. However, this is definitely a very interesting retro game with lovely graphics and it at least deserves a chance, so give the demo a spin, and hope for a golden payline.

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