May 3, 2020
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Star Joker Slot Review

The wonderful court jester and his glorious circus are coming into town and delivering its newest game, Star Joker slot by Play’n GO. The slot machine is here to bring you all kinds of fun in the form of classic casino gameplay and new and improved features. You can play Star Joker for free and enjoy everything you want about nostalgic slot machines combined with the elements of modern games that new players will enjoy also. Old and new are mixed together in perfect harmony even in a demo play version.
Play’n GO is all about bringing its players something to get excited about. New ideas explored with a critical mind and innovative foresight to see what futuristic developments can be brought into the online gambling industry. The Star Joker slot machine will have this perfect combination so that players can understand exactly what it shows and adapt even quicker to its unique bonuses and promotion offers. You can play the game in Canada, US, Europe and many other countries that Play’n GO has grown in. You can guarantee quality entertainment and market average RTP with this slot and many other titles from the provider.

Describing the Star Joker Game

Star Joker online is all about showing off the most fantasy-filled entertainment with the old casino gaming that we know and love. The ‘Star’ of this show, of course, is the stunning practical jester and his box of casino-inspired toys. The box is filled with all sorts of symbols that you recognise from classic casinos slot machines. Lucky number 7’s, fruit-filled cherries, plums and other assortments are all here ready and waiting to be picked in a rewarding combination. Sometimes you can find new symbols though, ones that can offer you some clever bonuses along the way.
The Star Joker online slot has one objective for you to fill. And that’s just to have fun. You can take part in many of the game’s activities, but sometimes just spinning the reels is enough to keep you jolly for the whole ride. What makes Star Joker slot game so enjoyable is that it is for any kind of player. Whether you a beginner at casinos who hasn’t got much experience, or a seasoned veteran that is skilled at playing these slots, Star Joker is welcome to one and all. After all, what is the point in opening a circus if it isn’t open for everyone to enjoy?
Star Joker Slot Review

The Bonuses

Star Joker slots not only have a lot to offer in terms of casino gaming, but it has a few bonus symbols as well to keep things fresh. These bonuses can help gain you bigger rewards of variance and are fairly easy to understand for new players to get stuck into.

  • Normally, slots have a Wild symbol that people can gain to earn more chances of winning. This wild symbol acts as a substitute for all other symbols and can fill in gaps for possible combinations. This is shown as the Gold Star.
  • The Scatter of the game is the Joker himself. If you land three or more of him, free spins will be a reward to the player. The Scatter will then transform the joker into the Golden Joker. This will then act as the Wild instead and will offer a massive winning if you land it in a combination.
  • Another feature will let you win even more. The Gamble Feature will let you double your winnings if you win the mini-game. If you can correctly guess the colour of the next card, the payouts you have won so far will be doubled. However, if you guess wrong, then you not only lose the game but lose all your winnings in the process.


Here is a compiled list of all of the payouts that you can win in the game. Each symbol is worth a different reward, so it’s up to you to decide which is worth getting and how much money you believe you can win from it. These are the payouts won from the minimum bet.

Symbols Payouts for 3-5 of a Kind
The basic tier of symbols is the various fruits that you can find in a lot of casinos online. There are cherries, strawberries, plums, oranges and watermelons. Fruits are the most common and found on all reels. Cherries and Strawberries: 0.05 – 1.00
Plum, Orange, Watermelon: 0.10 – 1.50
The second tier of symbols is the higher paying casino symbols. Used in many forms of prizes, you can easily recognise them. Liberty Bell: 0.05 – 2.50
Blue Diamond: 0.05 – 2.50
Red 7: 0.05 – 10.00
The highest paying symbol is the golden star. This also acts as the Wild. Its payout is transferred to the golden joker during the free spins. Gold Star: 0.10 – 50.00

The currency of the game will be rewarded depending on the version you are playing. If you are playing it in Canada, for example, you will be rewarded with CA currency.
Star Joker Slot Paytable

Tips to Win in Star Joker

Star Joker is all about winning the rounds within the game. Since it is a circus, you can expect to find a few hidden secrets for you to uncover and explore. For starters, the game you can play at first is landing the Scatter and revealing the Golden Joker. While you can use the regular Wilds, such as the gold stars, you can get bigger rewards if you unlock the free spins and transform them into the Golden Jokers. Not to mention, that if you unlock free spins, this means you can maximise your profit even further by using a single bet to win the payouts.
The Gamble Feature is another excellent use of increasing your winnings. However, this does have a big risk to it. Only if you win the card game can you guarantee a double up to your score. But if you guess wrong, you can kiss all of your winnings goodbye. This is why it’s best to wait and make sure that this is the gamble you want to take. Sometimes it’s best to keep the option on the bench if you have enough of a score that you are proud of.

Real Money Version

Star Joker demo is the fun-filled version where you can play the game with free play tokens and nothing out of your bank account. Play this demo if you wish to gain in some practice first and figure out what kind of mechanics there are before playing the real version. The Star Joker free slot version is accessible from the official site of Play’n GO or from any gaming review website. Most of these free versions will include little to no download time, so feel free to play to your heart’s content.
If you wish to play the game for real money, you must first register yourself with a casino that has this game available. If you find an operator that is partnered up with Play n’ GO, they will most likely have it. Once an account has been set up, simply select the payment method available so that you can connect your bank account with the casino. Deposit money into the game, and you can start playing the slot for actual awards.

The Provider for Play’n GO

One of the top leading providers in the online gambling industry, Play’n GO aims to be the best there is at creating top-quality games with impressive fields. You can find stellar animations, unique themes, great art styles and innovative gameplay features. All wrapped up in plenty of passionate projects that are produced by the hardworking individuals who are happy to provide. Play’n GO has recently started developing lots of top brands that show off some of the best features that the developers are most famous for.

Pros and Cons

Here is a summarised list of all of the negative and positive qualities that the slot possesses. You can take these qualities and judge for yourself to see if they are worth your time or not.


  • The game brings out what everyone loves about old-fashioned casino games and adds a new colourful twist to its mechanics.
  • The combined efforts of the Scatter and the Wild allow players equal opportunities to gain big rewards with minimal effort.
  • The bright animations give the game a lot of life, even though some of the artwork looks rather simple.


  • The game doesn’t have an impressive background, despite the animations bringing in whatever it can give.
  • Other bonuses could have been added to add more variety to the game.


Star Joker is something that anyone can enjoy, being filled with lots of laughter and unique surprises around every corner. It is packed to the brim with excitement and fun. It’s certainly a game that you can open on your mobile or desktop and just start playing with little trouble – a simple game for simple pleasures.

Frequently Asked Questions about Star Joker

💯 What Is the RTP?
Star Joker RTP is calculated at 96.25%. RTP does not change with any of the bonuses.
🎲 How Many Paylines Are There?
There is a total of 10 paylines for the player to win their combinations on.
🔥 Where Can You Land the Joker Scatter Symbols?
The Joker Scatters will land only on reels 1, 3 and 5.
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