January 13, 2021
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Play Sea of Spins Free Slot Game

Play Sea of Spins Free Slot Game
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Sea of Spins slot game is an innovative attempt by Evoplay to relive the Caribbean Sea adventure. Here you find clear skies and clear blue waters. Interestingly, the reels disappear in the sparkling seawater in this slot machine. All that you find here are the different theme-based icons and a huge pirate ship.

Released in July 2020, this aqua adventure-themed game is worth trying as free play if not with money wagers. Visuals and animation effects are a pleasure to behold in this 3D video slot. The software spins on 40 paylines, RTP is 96%, and volatility is medium. Hence, it is not too hard to strive for the big win here with modest wagers.

First Impression of Sea of Spins Casino Game

Sea of Spins Slot EvoplayThe theme here is a ship that has set sail in the Caribbean, captained by Lady Fortuna. Her aim is to cross the Caribbean Sea to lay claim on territories beyond. However, on the way, her ship can encounter Morgan the Undead, Jonathan Sticky and Samuel Soaring. Their aim is to capsize her boat. However, in terms of the slot game, these translate into Free Spins of different kinds, allowing players to enjoy more winning opportunities. Hence, it is the journey and what the ship encounters in the waters that define treasures and wins in this game.

As the slot opens, the different reel symbols such as a captain’s hat, a treasure chest, a steering wheel, bottles, a compass, a treasure map, a pearl and barrels. A skull head acts as the Wild while a pirate’s head acts as the Scatter. It is easy to identify them since the words Scatter and Wild are attached to these icons.

There are three types of bonus games that the Scatters activate. Also, there are three random events that can occur during the base rounds. These events usually bring in more Wilds to the game, or they can trigger Re-Spins. The visuals change with pirate ships coming into view and introducing new symbols in the waters.

Why Play Sea of Spins

Visual delight and gaming ease are qualities that set this casino game apart from others. This modern video slot flaunts high definition and three-dimensional visuals and effects. Normal reels disappear, and the symbols simply float in the water, highlighted by a bolt of electric lightning every time a gambler lands a win. The full HD game is a pleasure to play on a desktop as well as on a mobile device. There is no need to download Sea of Spins since it is designed for optimal gaming on small as well as larger computer screens.

Paytable: Sea of Spins Slots

High paying symbols and their values are the following:

Symbols Payout 5 of a Kind 4 of a Kind 3 of a Kind
Wild/Treasure Map 20 3 0.8
Treasure Chest 15 2.5 0.7
Compass 12 2 0.5
Pearl 10 1.2 0.3

Sea of Spins Bonus Features

Sea of Spins includes special symbols, unique bonus games and random events such as:

  1. Wild: Skull head with the word Wild becomes apparent whenever it comes on the reels. It can appear anywhere on the main reels as well as during bonus rounds. It is also capable of forming win combinations. Furthermore, it is the highest paying icon here.
  2. Scatter: The pirate symbol with the word Scatter appears on 1st, 3rd and 5th reels. Whenever 3 of the Scatter symbols appear, they help activate Free Spins. These can be of three types.
  3. Free Spins: There can be any of the following three kinds of free games activated by the Scatters:
  • Undead: Here 4 symbols at random are replaced by Wilds after every free round.
  • Flying: In this kind, all barrel symbols on the paylines are replaced by Wilds.
  • Imperial: Here, Wilds become sticky. They stick on till the Free Spins bonus round ends.
  1. Random Events: These are events that can come about during the base game. For instance:
  • Morgan the Undead: Here 4 symbols maximum are replaced with Wilds.
  • Samuel Soaring: Barrel symbols get replaced by Wilds when this event occurs.
  • John Sticky: If Wilds are on the reels, then this event is triggered. It introduces a Re-Spin. During this additional turn, Wild symbols stay and remain in place.

Before the bonus rounds begin, players get to see the type of bonus rounds that are about to commence. The type occurs in a random manner. Gamblers do not need to place additional wagers but get to enjoy the free rounds as a bonus.

Two ships appear during the bonus games. Each has a health meter with 7 points that they can accumulate each. With every turn, either the hero’s or the opponent’s health bar decreases by one. If a Scatter appears during the additional rounds, then the health bar of the enemy decreases. Otherwise, the health of the hero decreases by one for each turn. When the health meter of either of the ships becomes zero, free rounds come to an end. All these features are fantastic to explore in this mobile casino game, especially with bonus money. It might not work offline, but it is easy to access on a Canadian casino site or Evoplay website.

How to Play Sea of Spins Slot Machine? Tips and Strategies

Sea of Spins Slot EvoplayThe setup of this matrix is an interesting one, especially since the usual square slots and boundaries are not found. However, the symbols line up as you would expect in a 5-reel, 40-payline matrix. Steps to play it are as follows:

  • Buttons to place bets are found below the symbols. There are two transparent windows that showcase balance and bet amount.
  • If you click on a bet, you are taken to a separate panel. Here you can set bets per turn between 0.1 and 300 in accepted currencies.
  • Since paylines are fixed, there is no need to choose the same. You can press on the ‘Play’ button, large and evident by the side of the reels to see different symbol combinations line up.
  • Try to put the game in auto mode; all you need to do is hold the Play button for a long time. This will showcase the auto turn options. You can choose between 5 as a minimum to 100 as maximum rounds.
  • You also have the turbo mode button to turn on. If you do so, the turns will happen faster.
  • If the enemy ship is defeated, then three treasure chests appear on the lines. One would show a type of bonus game while the others can hold random Multipliers such as x2 or x3. If all enemy captains are defeated, then only Multipliers show up in the treasure chests. If you come across Multipliers in a free demo version, know that in a paid online version without download all your wins during the bonus rounds will get multiplied by the accumulated multiplier value.
  • If a chest reveals a battle, then it will trigger another type of bonus round of free games. The maximum number that you can get here are two types. Once all captains are defeated in these bonus rounds chests would contain Multiplier effects on your wins. These can be x2, x2 and x3 or x3, x3 and x2.

Sea of Spins Software Provider

Evoplay offers a small collection of unique themed slots among other casino games as well. The software of this provider is usually of no download, built of HTML5 technology. Hence, they stream instantly and smoothly, even on mobile. All their software is licensed and publishes necessary information such as RTP for the convenience of players.

Summary of Sea Of Spins

If you play Sea of Spins, you will realize that it has unique gameplay features. The visual appeal and three-dimensional high definition slot make it a pleasure to play on both mobile and desktop devices. At the same time, the software can award generously those who try it with real money wagers. Indeed, there are many Evoplay powered casino websites, in Canada and other countries, that offer exciting promotion and bonus offers to try the game.

Frequently Asked Questions about Sea of Spins

How likely is it to win real money with Sea of Spins?
This gaming software offers a fair RTP of 96% along with medium volatility.
Which other slots are powered by Evoplay?
There are several popular and new releases of Evoplay that you can try your hands on. For instance, Rise of Horus, Western Reels, and Rocket Stars are new and diverse themed casino games of their stable.
What are some of the tips to win big with Sea of Spins?
To win big here, you need to get Free Spins as much as possible. That is where you can land Wilds, Sticky Wilds, Re-Spins and Multiplier effects on your payout.
What are some of the bonus features in Sea of Spins?
Unique bonus features here include three kinds of random events and three types of bonus games that can be activated by the Scatter.
Should I download the Sea of Spins to play?
There is no need to download the software since it streams instantly on your desktop or mobile browsers.
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