July 10, 2020
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Overview of Evoplay’s Monster Lab Slot

Monster Lab Slot is another invention by Evoplay, and it is here to blow your mind off. It is a contemporary slot that features great genius from this provider, and you will be thrilled by the way the game breaks the normal bonds of the mind to give you a whole new experience. As a player, you will assume the role of Dr. Frankenstein within your Canadian neighbourhood.
A fascinating feature that will keep you on your game screen is how you get into the lab coat and perform those experiments. But take care because they will haunt you with the massive effects on your body. However, you must keep testing to establish what exactly goes wrong with the experiments and get a big win. Some feeble monsters filled in tubes will show up to help you. But this is a mind game, so you must be quick in decision-making so that you counter them.

Be an Adventurous Doctor

You will notice that the Monster Lab online slot is not your usual free play slot no download where you have several game characteristics that may include cards. It is rather professional, as you get onto your career journey as a doctor. If you are a lover of adventure, Monster Lab is for you to try out. You may just discover that medicine was the career path that you never chose.
Besides, you may have gone through your high school, doing some experiments during science lessons. This slot will draw some of your memories, and the outcome of your spins will inform you whether you were a good science student. Well, I bet you were!

Features, Theme, and Design of Monster Lab

Monster Lab Slot Paytable
Monster Lab slot machine is an intriguing game where a doctor turns into a monster during gameplay, and the gamer has to strive to spin the reels and restore the doctor who falls victim of the lab experiments. As you spin the reels, you will be eligible for more rewards. Before you start playing, it is important to understand some of the game buttons and controls.

Buttons and Controls

Each of these features will appear from the left of your game screen. The first feature includes an active line from which you can select the one to bet upon. Next is the bet per line which defines the bet numbers available on every line. An explanation of the maximum bet is also exposed on the screen before you can start gaming. You can also select when to choose when to start a fresh spin as well as the coin value that you wish to place as your bet.
Besides, there is an autoplay function where a gamer can press a button to launch the game in an automatic game, meaning you simply watch as the reels roll without doing it by yourself. Lastly is the double game function which allows you to play Monster Lab in that mode.
Before the game starts, Canadian players are treated to a brief film that narrates the ordeals that the professor went through. You can see him in his lab, devastated with his experiments, waiting for you to redeem him from the monster he is back to being a doctor. This objective is, however, very challenging due to the little monsters that come with ugly smiles.

Game Features and RTP

Monster Lab slots are built on a grid of 5 reels and 3 rows and have 20 paylines. The slot has an RTP of 94.3%. Furthermore, it comprises several monsters that represent experiments that have gone wrong in the past. You will discover the ugly monsters on the screens, some having scary tentacles, while others bear only one eye.
You may freak out if you are vulnerable, but for lovers of horror, this is a perfect platform to enjoy the game. All the monsters are suspended in a bluish fluid, all their bodies immersed as they move on the reels. The slot has a total of eleven symbols, of which eight represent creatures while two represent important equations for you to use in the game formula.
The creatures in the Monster Lab slot game could be very scary with ugly looks, but they carry some values with them. For instance, the one-eyed monster is the lowest paying icon, rewarding you 0.2 coins if you match three of them. Four and five matches will earn you 1 and 2.5 coins, respectively.
This is the reason he looks so scared during gameplay, probably because he knows he has little to offer during the lab experiments. On the contrary, the multiple-eyed monster boasts of greater value, offering the highest payout among the symbols. Unlike the one-eyed monster, this one is more confident because he knows his merit. If you land five of them, you are guaranteed 100 coins, a fortune worth saving the professor in the lab.


Numbers in the paytable are shown as coins – these amounts multiply by your bet.

Symbol For 5 For 4 For 3
One-eyed monster 100 25 2.5
Snail 50 12.5 2
Boar 25 5 1.5
Hedgehog 15 2.5 1
Octopus 7.5 2 0.5
Bird 5 1.5 0.5
Elephant, Worm 2.5 1 0.3/0.2

Why You Should Play Monster Lab

Several benefits come with playing the Monster Lab slot game. The first one is massive entertainment that comes with spinning the reels. If you subscribe to a casino offering this game, you may end up spending the whole day glued to the screens. More so, if you are a lover of horror episodes, you will make gaming your best hobby.
More benefits include the high payouts from the game symbols. Landing five multiple eyed creatures may simply change someone’s life for good. After spending the whole day placing bets while trying to save the doctor, some players have walked home with thousands of dollars.
Monster Lab casino game is one of the slots that feature jackpots, and you probably have the desire to win the highest possible amount in the game. Many players are motivated by jackpots because they pose a greater challenge to be achieved. Therefore, the jackpot for Monster Lab stands at 100 times your bet, but there are other wins that come with multipliers. They include up to x20 multiplier upon a bet. If you miss out on the jackpot, there are more opportunities for earning money from the multipliers.

Monster Lab Game Wilds and Free Spins

Monster Lab Bonus Game
The wild symbol is represented by a DNA, and it replaces other symbols except for bonus icons and the scatter. You can find the wild on the first, third and fifth reels, and it extends to cover the whole reel. If a player lands three or more scatters on the reels, they are entitled to free spins that may go as high as 25 of them. The feature requires that players select cards that include multipliers as well. For instance, if your gameplay earns you free spins, you may get 2x, 3x, or 20x worth of the spins. Remember that each of these bonus multipliers is available for a single session.
The bonus game starts when you get a combination made of bonus icons. Throw little monsters into bottles and see the winning results.

What You Need to Know About This Slot and Winning Strategies

As you log into the Canadian casino that offers this slot, you launch the Monster Lab casino game on your screen. You can use any browser that suits you. The game opens up to a video clip to give you a clue of what to expect. For instance, you will find the devastated doctor in the lab, with a prompt to have you run the spins and restore his best form.

The Game Accommodates Both Low and High Rollers

Once you have watched the clip, it is your turn to roll the spins, but first, choose the bet amount you wish to wager. Besides, you have to establish the coin value, and whether you are willing to lose the amount. You also have to keep in mind that coin value will determine the choice of your bet.
Monster Lab is quite flexible, accommodating players from all walks of life. Therefore, you do not have to worry if your bankroll is not so favourable. The minimum bet goes for 0.1 credit, but you can gradually increase your bet up to 300 credits.

High Paying Multiplies and Free Spins

You must have established that this is a game with lots of multipliers. In such games, you should always target events that will earn you the highest amount of multipliers. For example, the free spins feature has three types of multipliers if you choose the cards. Irrespective of your wager, you can wreck in a decent amount if you land a 20x multiplier. There are more multipliers under the jackpot feature, which earns you more than greater rewards. Apart from true Canada entertainment, incline your gameplay towards winning the multipliers.
Monster Lab also gives you a chance to win up to 25 free spins. If you are lucky to land all of them, it means that you will have the chance to play more rounds with a single wager. Look out for these opportunities because you can have many sets of gameplay with your little amount.
In case you are just starting out as a beginner, you should embrace the autoplay mode, which gives you the chance to explore the trends and game permutations. You will learn how the game releases the rewards before you set out to play on your own.

Evoplay Overview

Evoplay is a casino game developer that is based in Ukraine. The basic products of the company include games that are optimized to run on desktop and mobile devices. All games are RNG compliant and certified by eCogra.
Since its launch in 2003, Evoplay has focused on quality, transforming itself as a regular supplier of slot games in the iGaming industry. After 2017 rebranding, the company boasts of several releases that are proving to be game-changers in the slots world. Some of the other games provided by Evoplay include Clash of Pirates, The Emperor’s Tomb, The Great Wall Treasure, and Epic Gladiators.

Closing Word about Monster Lab

Playing Monster Lab online will not only offer a memorable gaming experience, but you will have a chance to explore some lucrative bonuses offered. The game is unique as it introduces you to a profession that you may just have wished to pursue.
Grab the chance to save the doctor from monsters as you hope to walk hope richer. If you are a beginner, you can start with the demo version on our site.

Frequently Asked Questions about Monster Lab

❓ Can I play and win real money at Monster Casino?
Yes, with a casino account, you can wager some real money and win real money depending on the outcome of the game and your promotion deal.
💸 Does the game feature a jackpot? And what is the maximum amount can I earn?
Monster Lab slots have jackpots, and lucky winners can earn a whopping 100 times of your bet.
🤩 Is there a download Monster Lab version?
No, you can only play instantly from a website without the need to download Monster Lab. The game runs on multiple browsers, as long as you have reliable internet.
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