March 11, 2021
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Microgaming is well known for developing slot games with interesting features. Similarly, the Big Kahuna by the provider Microgaming has rocked the slot gaming world with Wild and Scatter symbols as well as mind-blowing bonuses. Moreover, the slot also has a high RTP value of 96.16%. Therefore, it is one of the best online slot games where you can easily secure big wins.

Big Kahuna means a shaman or a person who performs mystic rituals. Similarly, the Big Kahuna casino game is based on a tribal theme with mystic symbols. Moreover, you can try the free play no download of the slot on many sites. Furthermore, the Big Kahuna slot machine has loads of bonus games. You can play the game from Canada and all other parts of the world. Further, there is no need to download Big Kahuna slots as you can easily play them in online mode.

Big Kahuna Slot Machine

What Are the Benefits of Playing the Big Kahuna Slot Game?

Microgaming has combined both the fun element and generous payouts in the Big Kahuna slot. So if you play the slot, you can have both a lot of fun and rewards.

Moreover, the tribal theme is an uncommon one. There are very few slot games that have this theme. So the Big Kahuna slot is a lot different from other slot games. Furthermore, many Canadian players have won a lot of big fortune from the Big Kahuna online slot. Thus you can also join them in the big leagues.

Paytable of Big Kahuna Game

Big Kahuna Slot Paytable

Since the Big Kahuna slot features a tribal shaman theme, you will find many symbols that are related to village shaman practices. There are also other tribal items like masks. The symbols and the winning combinations are given below:

Symbols 5 of a Kind 4 of a Kind 3 of a Kind 2 of a Kind
Volcano 100 – 2500 50 – 1000 25 – 625
Tribal Mask 14 – 4375 14 – 2900 14 – 1650
Big Kahuna Logo 8000 1000 200 10
Shaman 500 150 25 10
Iguana 500 150 25 5
Orange 250 80 20
Kiwi 150 20 15
Watermelon 150 20 10
Pineapple 100 20 10
Raspberry 100 20 10

Big Kahuna Slot Special Features and Bonus Rounds

Big Kahuna by Microgaming is fully loaded with many bonus rounds, Wild and Scatter symbols, and both of them pay a lot of coins. There are so many special features that any player can get confused about how to utilise them. You will find all the special bonuses of the slot listed below:

Wild Symbol

The Big Kahuna logo is the Wild symbol. It completes fruit wins only. Thus it will not substitute the Scatter symbol or the bonus symbols. Moreover, it creates its wins when several Wild symbols appear beside each other on any payline. However, one of the Wild symbols has to be displayed on the first slot reel. The regular win rules apply to the Wild wins.

Scatter Symbol

The monkey face is the Scatter symbol. It does not have to appear next to each other on the payline for a win. Moreover, Scatter wins are created whenever there are two or more Scatter symbols anywhere on the reels. However, it is not substituted by the Wild symbol. The Scatter win values are displayed as a multiplier value on the paytable. This is because they are calculated by multiplying the amount on the paytable with the total number of coins bet.

Pick a Mask Bonus Round

If you can land three or more bonus symbols next to each other on a payline, then the ‘Pick a Mask’ bonus round is activated. However, one of the bonus symbols has to appear on the first reel slot. There is no payout value for the bonus symbol.

In this round, you have to choose Tiki Masks until you find a Collect symbol. After you find the Collect symbol, the remaining Tiki Mask bonus values are shown. For each of the remaining Tiki Masks, you will be given a consolation prize. It will be double the bet on each payline.

Volcano Bonus

The Volcano bonus round activates if you can get three or more volcano bonus symbols next to each other on the paylines. Moreover, one symbol has to appear on the first slot reel. You have to choose one fruit, and it will reveal a random bonus win amount. Here also, the wins displayed are already multiplied by the bet per payline.

Big Kahuna Slot: Tips to Improve Gameplay

Since the Big Kahuna slot game is full of bonus rounds and high-paying symbols, you have a lot of opportunities to win real money. There are a few simple tips to have a better gameplay, and they are as follows:

  • You can play the Big Kahuna slot game in the demo version without paying any money. In this way, you will know how the bonus rounds work without paying any money. It can help you a lot when you play the game with real money.
  • If you want to play quickly, then use the Quick Spin option. It will spin the reels rapidly, and it does not affect the result of your spin.
  • You can also change your balance, and bet amounts into coins or credits. Just click on the Coin option, and it will be changed.

Other Famous Slots Designed by Microgaming

Microgaming has been developing slot games for a long time, and the Big Kahuna is just one of their beautifully designed slots. Other famous slots designed by Microgaming are:

  • Mega Moolah
  • Hot as Hades
  • Scrooge
  • Avalon 2
  • Thunderstruck 2

Big Kahuna Slot Game Summary

The Big Kahuna by Microgaming is based on tribal shamans who perform various kinds of mysterious rituals with masks and other items. The slot lived up to the name of a fun yet profitable slot game. It has several high-paying symbols along with two bonus rounds where you can win a lot of real money. The slot has high-quality graphics along with immersing sound effects.

Moreover, the slot has a high RTP value of 96.16%. Thus there are a lot of opportunities to win big prizes. If you are looking for a slot that is fun yet lucrative, then the Big Kahuna has it all.

Frequently Asked Questions about Big Kahuna

✔️ Can I play the Big Kahuna slot for free?
Yes, you can play the demo version of Big Kahuna for free.
🔶 Are there free coins on the Big Kahuna slot machine?
Unfortunately, there are no free coins on the Big Kahuna slot machine. However, many online casinos give promotions where you can get free coins.
🤑 Can I use cheats in the game on Big Kahuna slots?
No, you cannot use cheats in the Big Kahuna slots.
💎 Are there free coins on the Big Kahuna slot?
No, there are no free coins on the Big Kahuna slot.
📲 How to download the Big Kahuna slot game?
There is no need to download the Big Kahuna slot game. You can easily play Big Kahuna in the online mode.
💸 Is it possible to win real money on Big Kahuna slots?
Yes, you can win a lot of real money in Big Kahuna slots.
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