May 5, 2020
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Introduction to the Adventurous Archer Slot

Archer slot machine is an innovative and stylish casino game created by the technological wonders of gaming provider Playtech. Explore the medieval world of the forested English countryside as you venture into the age-old tale of Robin Hood and his thieving exploits. In this realistic and high-definition slot game, players will be enjoying the tale told through the eyes of our favoured hero as you join forces with other characters from the tale in a quest for big prizes.
When you play Archer for free, you will see it houses striking new features introduced by Playtech to this exclusive title. There can be bigger and better ways to play through its 243 paylines, decent RTP and huge grouping of spins to collect. If your aim is true, you can set forth and win the game at your own pace by strategically landing symbols in varied ways. The variance of features is introduced for a more comforting and relaxed form of gaming. Complete with old systems such as auto-spins and max betting to help complement the traditional style of online slot machine gambling. The game will be available from multiple Playtech operators and with a free play version available from the provider itself. Enjoy the demo play in Europe, Canada and many other places.

archer slot reels

Description of Archer Slot Game

Robin Hood and his merry men are one of the most famous tale characters of English literature, even going as far as to be based on an original figure. However, we all know that fiction can bring new lights and more entertainment than the real thing. The Archer free no download slots game wishes to bring forth the myth in its most visually stunning adaptation yet, with realistic-looking characters and background setting. Here, players will discover Robin Hood’s story through his most talented characteristic, archery.
Playing the Archer online game with pinpoint accuracy as you hope to aim your bow and wield better than the legendary thief himself. Aim for the most rewarding symbols and land them in successful combinations to win better rewards each time. You won’t be in this test alone, though, as many of the other famous characters from the story will be assisting you. There are friendly Friar Tuck and the dazzling princess, Maid Marian. But up against you is the rival of Robin Hood, the infamous Sheriff of Nottingham. The symbols representing these characters will aim to help in any way they can by providing various bonus games and more. All you have to do is win it for them and become the next great Robin Hood yourself.

The Bonus Features of Archer Online Slot

The game has many ways to keep you guessing and on your toes. Through the various bonus symbols and promotion schemes, you can gain a boost in becoming the next Robin Hood without having to rely too much on skill. Here are some of the features to keep a lookout for:

  • The characters in the game can win rewards, with Robin Hood being the biggest. He can net you over 1,500x your initial bet when you land up to five of him in a row.
  • The Wild symbol of the game is a bag of gold coins, the objective of any would-be thief. Grabbing these will replace any other symbol in the game and can win you even more money.
  • The Scatter of the game is the bow and arrow symbol. This special is they can expand on the reels if their adjacent slots have arrow symbols on them. This is where your aiming is put to the test to become the best Archer.
  • Landing three or more of the bow and arrow symbols will reward you with 7 extra free spins. You can re-trigger them for more spins during these bonus rounds.
  • A special ’Gamble’ feature is also added to the mix. Instead of collecting your winning, you can predict which coloured card will appear next in a pack of cards for double the amount. If you guess wrong, however, you lose all the winnings.

archer slot bonus

Paytable for Archer

If you wish to know the exact amounts of what you will be winning with each of the symbols, this paytable can show you precisely.

Symbols Payouts for 3- 5 Identical Symbols
The traditional card numbers are the lowest paying payouts. They split up among 9, 10, J, Q, K and A. 9: 5-100
10: 10-100
J, Q – 10-100
K: 15-150
A: 15-250
The second tier of payouts comes from the secondary characters in the story. This would be Friar Tuck and the Sheriff of Nottingham. Sheriff: 15-500
Friar Tuck: 20-750
The highest paying symbols are the two main characters of the tale – Maid Marian and the legendary Robin Hood. Maid Marian: 50-1,000
Robin Hood: 50-1,500

Scatters and Wilds will multiply results further but are mainly used for the bonus content.

Tips to Win in Archer Game

The way the game works is that it plays like any other traditional slot game. However, its most popular function requires one of the most fundamental concepts of the very weapon that Robin Hood wields- accuracy. When you aim at a bow, you have to aim it just right to hit your target. Not just hitting the target itself but also at the specific points that either do the most damage or score you a bullseye in a point game. Archer carries that concept over through the Scatter symbol. You can easily land the symbol by spinning the reels. However, to activate its expanding feature, you need to land the symbol next to the other symbols with arrows. This will cause them to expand, allowing you to fill up more reels for winning combinations and more free spins.
Since free spins can be re-triggered, it’s essential to keep this aim up so that you can keep landing and expanding more Scatters. This gives you more free spins and more chances to maximize your score. Combine this with the Wild symbols, which will appear more promptly during the free spins rounds, and you can win massive rewards thanks to the carefully aimed combination.

Play Archer for Real Money

Playtech offers an exclusive no download version from their official site, which lets you play the Archer demo. In the Archer free slot, you will be able to play the demo whilst not spending money from your own bank account in the process. This lets you gain some practice in the game beforehand to properly learn the game’s rules and help increase your chances of winning in the real thing.
To play the game properly for real money, you will first need to register an account with any casino operators that Playtech has partnered with. Any CA casino that has access to this game, you can play for real money through them. Register an account, select a payment method, and you can start depositing money in it.

The Pros and Cons for Archer

Here is a compiled list of some of the reasons why Archer could or could not be a suitable game for you.


  • Archer has very minimalistic rules that can help you pick up the game easily. You can aim for the top prizes with extra bonuses or play leisurely without any fuss.
  • The graphics look incredible, mixing a realistic art style to provide that touch of relativity to the characters, making you invested in the tale more than you could from reading it.
  • Gamble features give you a better opportunity to win money if you feel as though you are not earning enough.


  • The game can be challenging with aiming its Scatter symbol and activating the expansion feature.
  • Apart from the Wild and Scatter, there aren’t any other bonuses.
  • Despite the art style, some would argue it is rather stale and minimalistic.

The Provider of Archer

Playtech is a powerful company whose innovations focus heavily on the new technological developments of online casino gambling. With their network that expands globally, players will be thrilled to have their tech-advanced games available to them at no extra costs. Operators themselves highly praise the forward-thinking of this provider, as they help provide new ways for them to grant features and bonuses to their customers. Their dedication to safety and security also makes them a trustworthy and valuable ally in helping gamblers enjoy themselves as safe as possible.

Verdict for Archer Slot Game

Archer is a fresh take on the story that proves a sense of realism while also getting yourself invested through its incredible interactivity. Use these skills to help further pursue your gambling possibilities.

Frequently Asked Questions about Archer

What Is the RTP?
The Archer RTP is calculated at 94.99%.
Can the Scatter Replace Symbols?
Only the Wild can replace other symbols; however, scoring more Scatters can lead to more respins to get more Wilds.
Are There Other Ways to Win?
The Archer game can be used to win payouts left to right. Make use of the Gamble feature to gain more winnings if you need them.
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